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How to plan a vacation?

Look, learn, explore. For inspiration you can visit websites to view photos and reports of other travelers, their reviews about different places. Be sure to record the time of departure and return!will predelete the overall schedule, which will take into account the desires of each family member, whatever he wanted to do during the trip. Gather together the whole family so everyone can Express their expectations. You may have to argue, but everyone should be prepared to compromise.
Assemble a first aid kit in case of unforeseen health complications, because you never know what can happen in transit. Make sure its location is known to everyone.

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How to plan a vacation?

Hello to all lovers of traveling. I am also one of those people who carefully plan their vacation. Of course, spontaneous trips sometimes happen, and I like them too, but more often than not, I carefully plan them! starting from the choice of the place where I want to go, the further hotels in which I will live, how many days I will be there, find out possible holidays at this time, sights, different. Then I feel comfortable. I also try to go to the places where my friends live, whom I have not seen for a long time, and I have seen and rested friends at the same timesmiley

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How to plan a vacation?

Hey, everybody's greeted! How are you doing? As for me, everything is always planned for me, but not by me but by my manager and the company I work for, or rather the company with which the contract is signed))) Depending on where the fights will be held, I will go there, train hard and I'm getting ready for competitions, even when I arrive at the competition, I get ready for them and there's no time to relax around the city or nightclubs, after the competition there are a couple of days to rest in this or that city, that's how my vacation planning goes))))

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You know, travelling is my

You know, travelling is my passion. I know every thing about it. First of all you need to look for discounts. If you travel by car, take a card.
Calculate the time for the journey. Include stops for rest and lunch, especially if you travel with young children.Before you collect things, look at the weather channels and sites on the Internet. Take some clothes in case something changes and the weather differs from the planned one. Start planning as early as possible.If a direct message is missing and a transfer is required, take a transit ticket that allows a stop on the way. In this case, even if unforeseen circumstances arise, you will be calm, that everything will go fine.

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I will try to help you. The

I will try to help you. The first thing to do is determine the direction of the trip. In addition to sightseeing, Europe offers a lot of options for holidays: beaches, resorts, cruises, wine and culinary tours, skiing, golf, hiking and sports activities. Decide what type of vacation abroad you are most interested in, it will help to plan a trip so that every day was interesting and unforgettable.You can go to one city or region, and you can travel all over the country. For example, if you are a connoisseur of good wine, even the label on the bottle of your favorite wine will serve as your inspiration. Find on it a wine-making city, first you can plan a visit to this winery,

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