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How many serious relationships you had in your life?

Hello guys. Today I came up with the idea that I even wanted to share with you and ask how you are about this. I do not know whether you have thought about how many relationships you had, namely full-fledged relationships and not sexual partners. Only such that everything was serious. And how old were you when you had your first relationship, how long they lasted. Do you keep in touch with your ex-boyfriends? I had three guys in my life. I do not communicate with anyone now, the first relationship lasted 3 months and I was about 17 years old))

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How many serious relationships you had in your life?

Hi Mauro, is it okay if I call you that ?! I will have to remember for a long time and strain my brain to answer your question. If we talk about a really long and serious relationship, then in my lifetime there were as many as five. I mean, I took them seriously, but as it turned out, not all of these partners believed so))) Well, they did not have any happiness, nothing terrible, they got experience and live on. I'm more of a wandering loner))) First love in 16 years))) and lasted a year. I do not communicate with ex-boyfriends

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Good afternoon. I'm 23 years

Good afternoon. I'm 23 years old, I have never had a serious relationship, it worries me a lot, I think it's me. Although I'm not ugly, the figure is also all right. But the relationship somehow does not add up. Recently, in an environment I constantly hear "when to marry?", Etc. ... On this basis I moved to another city - I changed my place of work. There was a guy, they started dating and then he suddenly disappeared without any explanation. So while nothing develops, the question is whether it's worth to go home. Now I am completely at a loss.Try to ask yourself questions and answer frankly. What does "serious relationship" mean to you and why do you need them? What is the most painful in their absence? What will help you return to your hometown? What can you rely on in a state of confusion?

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I think it took me some time

I think it took me some time to understand that I like dating men. At first I was hesitating whether I like girls or boys. I even dated several girls, and finally I understood that I'm much into men then women. My first long-term relationships started when I was nearly 23 year old. I met this man on the dating site. We had several datings after which I understood that I really liked this man and wanted to live with him together. We lived together for nearly 4 years and even thought of getting married, but he had different life goals and we had quite a lot of disgareements because of this. Finally, there were too little things in common between us and finally we decided to split up...crying

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Signs of the seriousness of

Signs of the seriousness of the relationship for each their own - someone determines this by the duration of the relationship, someone judges the seriousness of having or not having sex in them, someone is considering getting to know relatives or living together as a sure sign of a serious relationship.But one can hardly argue with the fact that a serious relationship is a relationship based on mutual understanding, common values ​​and interests, a sense of stability and reliability.Age can also play a role. If young people are characterized by impetuosity in decisions, passionate love and readiness to give themselves completely to feeling, then by the age of thirty men and women are beginning to look for stability and a partner to rely on.

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Avoid routine and try to

Avoid routine and try to always maintain the illusion of the fragility of your relationship. Be different for him and unpredictable. Even if you are together for several years, you will surely find something to surprise him: in the kitchen or in bed.
Constantly inspire in him the idea that you alone know that he is the best in the world. You believe in him like no other, and appreciate him as a person. But while unlike others, you do not encroach on his freedom. Do not forget to talk to him, to be interested in what worries him and worries him. Do not be shy to take care, but do not be persistent. Including do not insist on the imminent wedding - a serious relationship without registering a marriage also have the right to exist.

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 On foreign websites, the

 On foreign websites, the opportunity to find the second half is very high. At the same time, you will not only arrange a personal life, but also learn (or pull up) a foreign language, get a good practice of speaking and broaden your horizons.

If you are purposefully looking for a serious relationship with the prospect of marriage, you can contact the agency. The advantage of this choice will be an analysis of your psychological characteristics and its comparison with a possible partner. This approach significantly increases the chances of meeting a person with similar interests, which will positively affect future relations.

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More knowledge can be worldly

More knowledge can be worldly and scientific. Everyday knowledge is a concrete knowledge of something that is based on accidental reflections and spontaneous observations. They are often intuitive and can strongly depend on the opinions of others. This knowledge is often irrational, that is, not amenable to explanation and full understanding. They can not be applied to all situations, despite the fact that a person has received this knowledge due to his experience, because this experience is incomplete, it only partially reflects the patterns of certain situations. But scientific knowledge is already more generalized, rational, thoughtful and grounded in professional observation and experimentation knowledge.

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To some people who have

To some people who have experienced the pain of betrayal in their own shoes, it is very difficult to understand why people generally betray each other, why they treat others as they would not want to be treated. On the other hand, those people who have themselves betrayed someone, sometimes they seek excuses for their treacherous deed, and, as a rule, find it. You can understand, and I believe that it is necessary, and both. After all, we are all people, which means that everything is not without sin. But in order to understand another person, even a devotee, though betrayed, one must try to see in himself himself. I tried to reveal the topic of betrayal in the most detail, given its importance, and I am sure that I managed to do it.

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The only problem is that you

The only problem is that you do not know how to do it, you just can guess about it, but if you often have conflicts with other people, you do not understand them. If I tell you that it would not hurt you to dialogue with other people, to put yourself in their place more often, this will certainly be the right statement, but it is not easy to achieve this, here you need to have certain mental and psychological characteristics that you need to develop . And therefore I recommend that you think about what you want from your interlocutor, and that he is not going to give you away so simply. 

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Well, my first ever

Well, my first ever relationship was with a girl. And a few further ones as well. How long my first relationship with a man lasted i do not remember. Only remember it was not very long since the boy i was dating was embarrsed of being a gay. So unfortunately.. Of course growing up i considered every relationship as serious, because everytime you think this is it, this is my man. But we make mistakes. Sometimes too many of them. My longest relationship was eight years and i consider that very long and very serious. I am very good friends with that man these days. We have a big mutual past behind us, many stories and expirience. We have gone through so much together. It would be very sad to cross out that person out of my life completely.

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