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How many serious relationships you had in your life?

Hello guys. Today I came up with the idea that I even wanted to share with you and ask how you are about this. I do not know whether you have thought about how many relationships you had, namely full-fledged relationships and not sexual partners. Only such that everything was serious. And how old were you when you had your first relationship, how long they lasted. Do you keep in touch with your ex-boyfriends? I had three guys in my life. I do not communicate with anyone now, the first relationship lasted 3 months and I was about 17 years old))

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How many serious relationships you had in your life?

Hi Mauro, is it okay if I call you that ?! I will have to remember for a long time and strain my brain to answer your question. If we talk about a really long and serious relationship, then in my lifetime there were as many as five. I mean, I took them seriously, but as it turned out, not all of these partners believed so))) Well, they did not have any happiness, nothing terrible, they got experience and live on. I'm more of a wandering loner))) First love in 16 years))) and lasted a year. I do not communicate with ex-boyfriends

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