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How to help a friend?

Hello, I am listening to you very attentively... and you know, is not it a little bit too intimate theme?! having gas problems is really not good.. maybe i get you wrong but who knows.. I will try to explain you my opinion regarding the conversation we have here... and you know, it is vital to have the point here..! I would rather tell you that it is essential to have the opportunity of making your life better and here is the point - you have to stay always in the close contact with the family doctor.. you may ask me, whether it is possible at all?! and here is the answer - yes, it is really feasible to achieve if you have the good ad reliable, highly qualified family doctor, whom you can call in ay time of the day and night. 

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Very useful. If your child

Very useful. If your child has gas pain after having milk products, talk to your doctor about lactose intolerance. Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to their diet and avoid foods that contribute to gas. Reduce the amount of air your child swallows by asking him to eating more slowly.

Teach your child to chew food thoroughly before swallowing. Have your child lay down on his left side to help ease gaspain. Gently hold your child’’s feet up for a few minutes to help expel stomach gas. Avoid solid foods for a few hours. Give your child small amounts of mild and bland foods like rice, applesauce or crackers.

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You know there may be a

You know there may be a particular food or a habit in general that triggers your child’s gas. The trouble starts when your child starts to experience pain and other symptoms associated with the condition. Use of certain antibiotic medications.

If your child is affected by some infection, the medications that you have been giving him may trigger excess formation of gas. Lactose intolerance. Your baby may be intolerant to lactose, which is commonly found in milk and most milk products. Diet changes. You may have introduced your kid to some new foods which may be causing excess formation of gas.

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In response to the behavior

In response to the behavior of your child, you can respond very aggressively.
In order that this does not happen, try not to rush in making decisions. Let your emotions cool down and only then make a decision. The more you hurry, the greater the likelihood that you will drive yourself insane.
Never pressure your children to make decisions or fulfill your requests. Undoubtedly, you will not really like that your children react very slowly to your demands, or they do not react at all. But if you press on them and adjust, the result will not please you at all.

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It reduces the pressure by

It reduces the pressure by combining the bubbles in stomach into larger ones which can be passed out more easily. Simethicone usually contains synthetic ingredients such as artificial colors and flavors.

However, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so it’s considered relatively safe. Simethicone drops are not recommended for newborns because of one of the inactive ingredients. The drug’s efficacy is not proven scientifically. Do consult your doctor if your baby is suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, fever, too much and too long cries or other symptoms that you consider worrying.

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 Most likely they will break

 Most likely they will break it and turn into a passive, weak-willed creature, to whom it will be all the same what will happen to it. Not for nothing that people develop in stages, mastering such things, which correspond to their age opportunities. Nature can not be fooled, at least in this moment, trying to catch up in one fell swoop.

Infantilism, I believe, should be treated if a person recognizes this problem. Simply if we do not do this, with ourselves or with someone else who suffers from this ailment, then life itself can do it, only by a more rigid method.

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But in any case, these

But in any case, these desires need to be supported in yourself, you need to reinforce your motivation with right, conscious thoughts, energizing words, bright images, strong desires, all sorts of external stimuli that cause you, both positive and negative, but together with that and inducing to activity, emotions. Let's say you want to get rich and for this you need to do something concrete - to learn something, to do some work, to negotiate something with someone and so on. So that this desire does not disappear, so that the motivation in you is maintained at a sufficient level to perform the necessary actions, you can compare yourself with other people more successful than you in the business in which you want to succeed.

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While this is all I can

While this is all I can advise you on this topic. Follow all the above recommendations, and you will certainly cope with their jealousy. In the future, we, dear readers, will definitely return to the subject of jealousy so that you can study it along and across.

In the meantime, please draw conclusions from what I have already said in this article, in order to begin with at least to understand what your jealousy is related to, or the jealousy of that person who does not give you peace because of her. When you understand, where the problem grows the legs, it is easier to solve.

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And this is not surprising.

And this is not surprising. After all, the energy potential of a person is very high, so it is natural for him to strive for maximum action, after which, depending on the capabilities of each individual person, the world can change a lot, both for the better and for the worse.

In general, friends, nature and the essence of a person are knowable through careful observation of different people, studying their culture and history, traditions and laws, and also through introspection, because some part of human nature is manifested in each of us. 

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