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How to get rid of him

Hello there, my dear readers! Nice to be here and have the ability to talk to you even about some intimate themes and private relations... Well, this day I would like to hear an advice regarding the relations which does not interesting to me anymore. I feel exhausted near this person and really feel like literally there is nothing I can do about it. But, it is not the usual case when you just dump a man..! He is really in love and does not want to go without the fight... How can I get rid of him?! Is it possible to get rid of the loving man...? what is your point of view? Maybe you have been through the same some time ago?! 

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How to get rid of him

Hello, Marcus...! It is honestly a little bit sad for me to hear... it really sounded that you have to interests in the man who really loves you.. but trust me, there is going to be the time, when you will just be lovely or ever with some other man around, but you will not receive the same kind of love from him. Actually, I believe that it is important to see the difference between the reality and what you have created in your mind. And the reality is that you have not been interested in your partner, while he is ready to fight to the the end, until you will say "yes" and will be near. It worth of a lot! 

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How to get rid of him

Happy to see you here, guys... is it true that in the community we have the ability to share and discuss the variety of interesting themes of the way, you have to admit that there is the point when you can not cope with your personal problems alone, but you just want to have an advice from the side, like, it may be easier to have the point and make the better decision out of it from the other side..well honestly speaking, I am not interested i it, I  just dump people, I leave them behind and not afraid of it at all...that is life and we have to get all out of it . But on the other hand there is of course the possibility to see the true love in your partner who is trying to fight for the best to have you back..and maybe this is true affection?!

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How to get rid of him

My best regards to all people here. that is a pleasure to be here, guys! Honestly saying I am so tired of talking about such kind of topics, because literally a few day ago I have been listening to the very same problem from my close friend (she is a woman)...and the same trouble..! And here what my advice was for her...after thinking it through I said that she has really to take some free time, to be apart of him and more to say, I said that she has to leave him alone...after some time, if he really loves her, this guy will tell you it and will try to make at least the attempt to have you back and you will see whether it is convenient for you or not. 

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i do not even know, i have

i do not even know, i have never been in such a situation and that is why i can tell you that it would be really very hard for me to tell you something about it, i think that it would be even impossible and i think that you realise me. it is life and i think that everything happens in the life and you shall not be against of it. but how you can  get rid of him i do not know, i think that if he loves   you then he would fight for your love and i think that  you understand it and maybe you shall look on your relations from the other side and  you will understand that  you are  happy person and you are able to be happy with him. i advise  you to try it. thank you for your attention.

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How to get rid of him

Look here... your problem is kind of interesting for me, because I experienced the same or almost same in the lat year and here I saw a lot of similar comments that you have to consider your partner as a man who really loves you and has the true affection..! And here is why I agree to this particular point of a matter of fact, I am happy to see that you are not very strict in the question, because, either way you just let the man out of your life, or you are living him the path to, I bet that later on you will see how different he is to you and you will value the attitude..enlightened

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How to get rid of him

Good afternoon friends! It is always hard to say goodbye to person who loves you very much. In general breaking up is very hard thing. There are always fight and tears and pain. Even if you break up without fight, tge pain and tears are still there. I can only recommend you to have a peaceful talk with him, explain all situation to him. I hope it will help you.

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Maurizio San
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How to get rid of him

Hello friends. I think this is possible in the life of every person, not always love is two-sided, it's sad when one person suffers from love for someone who does not care for you. But on the other hand, if a person is not interested in you anymore, if you do not like him, if you feel stuck with him, and life rushes past you and you can not get out, then you should not continue the relationship, but you can decide for yourself and tell your partner, and do not feel sorry for him, because pity does not lead to good. In this case, it is better sooner than later.

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How to get rid of him

frownHello my friends. Well, I can advise you in this situation, run without looking back on ... yes, I'm just kidding))))) Well, I can say that I would do in your situation, and even tell you from private life. There was one man in my life, a wonderful person, caring and kind ... but for me it was too much, at first everything suited me, but the further, the worse, for me too much care does not like at all, and I was sorry to throw it, so good, but the further it got worse, so I just decided to explain everything to him as it is and we parted. Therefore, it is better not to waste time, because it has so little left for us in life.

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You just need to tell him

You just need to tell him frankly that feelings went away, and the relationship should be stoped. The guy will hear the reasons why you wants to part from him, analyze your behavior and, perhaps, work on the mistakes. If a person is willing to change for the sake of his lover,  he cherishes you. It is worth giving him  a second chance. Another thing is that you annoys any action of a man.  if you do not see yourself  next to this guy in future,  do not waste time on outdated relationships. Continuing the relationships with a guy who is already does not like you, you are in the risk of missing the chance to meet real love, the future husband and the father of your children.

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If the relationship is over,

If the relationship is over, it means that they are over. It will not be easier for anyone if you delay the moment of separation. The principle "better sooner than later" works here ironically.Do not make mutual accusations! Tell me honestly what led you to the idea of ​​parting. Do not keep silent or lie - it's better to say everything frankly, but so that you do not offend your partner.The worst thing you can do is, without parting with it, to make a romance with another. If it's really unbearable, you should not show yourself with a new guy in public until you part with your today's officially. Maybe your new love will think that you can do the same with him.

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