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How to do office yoga

Hello guys. I work in the office. I like my work, but sometimes it can be really hard and sometimes I need to have a rest at least for several minutes. Today's professional life in the office is notably pressured––relentless noise, constant sitting, many interruptions and urgent deadlines all lend themselves to stress and strain. While you may dream of escaping for good, a more realistic approach is to find ways to cope that ease your feelings of stress and allow you to feel happier in the workplace. And one such way of achieving this is to perform Office Yoga, a way to preserve your health and increase your inner happiness, all while at the office. I've heard about it but I don't know what it is and hw to do it. Can you help me? Do you know how to do office yoga?

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How to do office yoga

Hi guys. I myself have such a profession, which all the time requires physical tension and activity. And I would not sometimes rest a little during my work))) But nevertheless, I believe that you can organize yoga in office work all the same))) For example, you can find at a lunch break not a crowded place, a step or balcony, excellent, when a separate office)))) And there are some exercises to do, ideally you need to warm up every hour and do not sit too long, just as you can do some exercises from the sitting position at the table

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Any employee experiences

Any employee experiences stress at work, the strength and frequency of attacks, of course, vary. According to statistics, on average, two out of five office workers are in a state of severe stress . But this can be resisted - working days can be made more healthy, and for this 15 minutes a day is enough.Stress is sometimes a sudden, but solvable problem, worrying almost everyone. The complex of exercises, developed by instructors in yoga, is aimed at eliminating the daily manifestations of stress - and, as a result, helps to combat its chronic manifestations. Time for it you need very little  to perform exercises, you only need a chair which certainly is for every office worker.

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I know that exercises in the

I know that exercises in the office is a convenient variant of the movement in all senses. You will remove nervous and muscular tension, activate blood circulation and brain work, develop body flexibility and increase concentration and productivity. In this case, such a mini-lesson does not require much time, space and equipment. You do not confuse colleagues with complex positions, and you do not even need a rug. All exercises can be performed directly at the workplace. Special training is not needed: the complex is suitable, and for those who have never practiced yoga.

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Oh, I also work from Monday

Oh, I also work from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m till 6 p.m, and it really takes quite a lot energy from me. I have to spend nearly all the time sitting in front of the computer. This is the main reason why I have some loose weight))) In addition, I feel that my back aches very much. Unfortunately, we don't have an office yogha. We have a small gym and a ping pong table, but I'm too lazy to play ping pong oe exercise in the gymsad 

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For most people, the word

For most people, the word "yoga" simply means a kind of fitness, based on the lotus posture and the headstand. But in reality this is not so. Yoga is a philosophical system developing for thousands of years, combining physical and spiritual practices, the ultimate goal of which is to leave samsara by merging with the Supreme Brahman. There is a huge number of yogic styles and directions. Many of them arose in the extreme antiquity, but there are also those that took shape in individual schools no more than a century ago. And they are all sides of a single philosophical doctrine, have a common tradition and are based on similar principles.

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Infantiles are children, and

Infantiles are children, and children love miracles, like when something or someone appears out of nowhere and satisfies all their desires. Therefore, they can, for example, take a loan from a bank, in order to realize some "one's" momentary desire, completely without thinking about how they will return it. And the subsequent problems because of this will be to some extent a surprise. Or they can invest their money, let's say, in the financial pyramid, no matter how much they position themselves, which promises them big interest, without asking how their funds will be used to provide such profitability.

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Therefore, they only surround

Therefore, they only surround themselves with flatterers, not tolerating those who in some way will contradict them and reproach them in some way. In this case, vanity makes flattery not just sweet for the vainglorious person, but the only true form of communication for other people with him. After all, there are people in our society who have a certain power and authority, who want to live and live in their own worlds, and in these worlds they do not want to see anything wrong, nothing that contradicts their beliefs. And the more they do not want to see their weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes.

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hello Michael! This is a good

hello Michael! This is a good question. You are right, if we do not change our day at work we will end up with quite a few health issues. And back problem would be the first to appear as we do indeed sit all day in one position. I try to take small breakes every hour or so, just to get up and move around a little. I take little trips to have a glass of water or simply walk around the office to stretch. It helps, i have to admit. Then of course i have an hour break at lunch time, i try to eat at different places every time. Taking a new road helps my mind to wake up as well as to rest a little from the routine tasks. And i walk to each place, that helps my muscles to recover from a stoned feeling lol Here is the website with office yoga that will not freak out your coworkers, you might take a look, hope it helps you

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Of course, any, even the most

Of course, any, even the most kind and honest name can be frowned, blackened, discredited. But, you know, friends, when you personally know a person who has dealt with many times and who has never let you down, did not deceive, did not use, and, on the contrary, helped you, you will never believe in any kind of muck that will be spread about him by his detractors. Therefore, if you regret someone, someone who really needed it and deserved it, then be sure - he will probably start thinking about you very well and will never believe someone who will say bad about you. 

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And in this case it will be

And in this case it will be possible to select the most necessary words for a competent statement of one's position. Difference agree to eat between watching the communication of other people and their own participation in such communication? And if you notice such a feature, then you understand other people better, then, when you see them from the side. This is because you do not concentrate solely on yourself and your interests, but simply observe, calmly and at ease. So try to be relaxed and relaxed in conversation, just listen to another person and you will hear him. But when you hear it, then you will understand what and how to do, because there are always mutually beneficial interests from any side, they should just be looked for.


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