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How to do office yoga

Hello guys. I work in the office. I like my work, but sometimes it can be really hard and sometimes I need to have a rest at least for several minutes. Today's professional life in the office is notably pressured––relentless noise, constant sitting, many interruptions and urgent deadlines all lend themselves to stress and strain. While you may dream of escaping for good, a more realistic approach is to find ways to cope that ease your feelings of stress and allow you to feel happier in the workplace. And one such way of achieving this is to perform Office Yoga, a way to preserve your health and increase your inner happiness, all while at the office. I've heard about it but I don't know what it is and hw to do it. Can you help me? Do you know how to do office yoga?

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How to do office yoga

Hi guys. I myself have such a profession, which all the time requires physical tension and activity. And I would not sometimes rest a little during my work))) But nevertheless, I believe that you can organize yoga in office work all the same))) For example, you can find at a lunch break not a crowded place, a step or balcony, excellent, when a separate office)))) And there are some exercises to do, ideally you need to warm up every hour and do not sit too long, just as you can do some exercises from the sitting position at the table

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Any employee experiences

Any employee experiences stress at work, the strength and frequency of attacks, of course, vary. According to statistics, on average, two out of five office workers are in a state of severe stress . But this can be resisted - working days can be made more healthy, and for this 15 minutes a day is enough.Stress is sometimes a sudden, but solvable problem, worrying almost everyone. The complex of exercises, developed by instructors in yoga, is aimed at eliminating the daily manifestations of stress - and, as a result, helps to combat its chronic manifestations. Time for it you need very little  to perform exercises, you only need a chair which certainly is for every office worker.

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I know that exercises in the

I know that exercises in the office is a convenient variant of the movement in all senses. You will remove nervous and muscular tension, activate blood circulation and brain work, develop body flexibility and increase concentration and productivity. In this case, such a mini-lesson does not require much time, space and equipment. You do not confuse colleagues with complex positions, and you do not even need a rug. All exercises can be performed directly at the workplace. Special training is not needed: the complex is suitable, and for those who have never practiced yoga.

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