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How to develop a bravery

Become honest and truthful. Always start with the truth. To tell the truth is not easy. Required inner strength and courage to go beyond own systems and conventions.Be always ready. This is the motto of scouts. If you take for a rule this simple motto, you will be, not to seem bold.
And, finally, act with courage and conscience. Courage is an inner state, not an outcome. Over time you will see that courage is like a muscle, grows stronger the more you train it.Psychological training. The training of self-confidence will help a person among other positive qualities to bring up and resolve. B) B) B)

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How to develop a bravery

Good night, my dear. Courage, this is very good. And I do not know how to find it if you do not have it. It is difficult to answer in your case. I myself can not say the same thing you do about yourself. I'm a fighter and to me it's unlikely that any of the homophobes will want to come to talk))) I look like a confident man, who is ignorant of fear. Apparently important is how you behave, sometimes this is enough that a person would understand whether to attack you or your boyfriend or not.

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