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How to develop a bravery

Become honest and truthful. Always start with the truth. To tell the truth is not easy. Required inner strength and courage to go beyond own systems and conventions.Be always ready. This is the motto of scouts. If you take for a rule this simple motto, you will be, not to seem bold.
And, finally, act with courage and conscience. Courage is an inner state, not an outcome. Over time you will see that courage is like a muscle, grows stronger the more you train it.Psychological training. The training of self-confidence will help a person among other positive qualities to bring up and resolve. B) B) B)

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How to develop a bravery

Good night, my dear. Courage, this is very good. And I do not know how to find it if you do not have it. It is difficult to answer in your case. I myself can not say the same thing you do about yourself. I'm a fighter and to me it's unlikely that any of the homophobes will want to come to talk))) I look like a confident man, who is ignorant of fear. Apparently important is how you behave, sometimes this is enough that a person would understand whether to attack you or your boyfriend or not.

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How to develop bravery

I think that the first thing you should do is to admit that you're scared. Bravery doesn't mean that you're never afraid — it means that you're afraid, but you move forward anyway, even in the scariest moments. When you try to push emotions away, they often just become stronger. Instead, acknowledge that you feel the way you feel. You will be able to better deal with your emotions when you’re honest about them. Say it out loud. Verbalizing what you're afraid of can bring it out into the open and make it seem more ordinary. You don't have to say it to anyone else, just to yourself. You can also try journaling. Write privately, but honestly, about what you’re feeling. Stay away from judging yourself -- it isn’t helpful to say things like, “I’m such a coward.” Focus on what you are feeling in the moment without judging it: “I am feeling afraid of the surgery I have to have tomorrow.”

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first of all you just have to

first of all you just have to try to cope with your fear psychologically. From time to time, we just do not fully understand the reason for our fear. If I understand your question, you just feel the fear, when someone starts to insult you and your partner, or perhaps trying to beat both of you.

I think that this situation is absolutely normal to feel fear. In addition, it is really difficult to find someone who will not feel fear in such situations. The main thing to learn to deal with it and control your fear. All the rest will come with time. In addition, you can begin to train in the gym to get more confidence in your abilities.

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 In addition, I also think

 In addition, I also think that you just have to try to find a thing that is really good for you. You should try to find a way to develop your courage, which will be convenient for you. I think this is the best option to deal with your problem.

In addition, I also think that maybe you should try to change your thinking about this a little bit. From time to time, we may re-evaluate everything that happens around us in this world every day. And then we can understand that many things are temporary. Good and bad are also temporary. Therefore, you should not have a fear of something.

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If you already know and have

If you already know and have decided what you want, start practicing. After all, the very word "courage" has a very simple meaning. Courage in simple words is what a person can dare to do to himself, and the more he can afford, the bolder he is. For example, a brave person can ask the seller how to deal with it, ask about products etc., which a less brave person can not do. It's also easier for a bold person to seduce a girl. In this there is only one reason for "fear". It is fear that moves man, it is he who prevents a person from developing and becomes bold. But not everything is as sad as you think. Fear can be very easily overcome. This requires practice.

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Learn to deal with conflicts.

Learn to deal with conflicts.
Read books or take courses on conflict management, negotiation, influence, self-confidence, building feedback, etc. Then practice until it works.
Make sure you are seen.The presence in the team gives you internal confidence that you are really the commander on board your company. But you must be present not only formally (somewhere out there, in the office or on the phone), but be physically among colleagues. Like it or not, but more often be among the staff, ask questions. Do not limit yourself to presence only for 30 seconds, for example, during morning greetings and handshakes (by the way, let your hand not be a "dead fish").

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I can not and will not claim

I can not and will not claim that every person should strive for something great, he must want to realize himself fully, he must live by higher values ​​and ultimately become a sage. This is a question of personal preferences, and maybe of a person's destiny.

Life often shows us that everyone should be in their place. I know many people who are not interested in anything in life, except what is associated with their everyday life. They eat, drink, sleep, have fun, enjoy simple things and they do not need anything else, nothing at all. They are happy from the limited way of life they have.

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And do not hold on to the old

And do not hold on to the old, believing that nothing better than what you already have, in your life can not be. You can improve everything and always, even if you are satisfied with everything. Not to mention the fact that there is always something superfluous in our busy life, which must be abandoned to facilitate and simplify it, leaving only the most important and valuable for us in it, which we need to pay maximum attention to. For example, you can give up a hard and unpromising job that takes too much time and energy from you, depriving you of the opportunity to develop, communicate with your family and simply enjoy life.

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With the help of a good

With the help of a good scandal, you can distract people's attention from the really important problems for them and direct their discontent in the right provocateur side. To the scandal, most people are interested because their cultural environment is full of scandals of all kinds. Many people in conflict situations slip into a scandal, because they are not trained to another way of resolving these situations.

Therefore, for them, this is an attractive incentive. On television, this method of provocation is very popular. All sorts of talk shows, where there are always scandals, attract the attention of many people.

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