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How to come to agreement?

Hi guys, I have such a question for everyone. And I would very much like you to write what you think about this. I now have such a problem. I, with my current partner, can not decide how to have a child, that is, to adopt or resort to the help of a surrogate motherhood agency. I tend to surrogate motherhood, but my partner wants to adopt a child, since he does not tell me, but says that he has bad genes and maybe will give them to the child. How to be? Maybe in the future we'll have a second child, but I'm not sure. And then the second we would adopt, but he is against, how to come to an agreement ?!

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How to come to agreement?

Hello. How are you. Hi Mauro. I see that your business is not going well. Perhaps by this point you have already reached agreement and agreed. Since making a decision to have a child is very responsible and it is right that this matter cares you about this. I do not know how to help you, my friend. Someone will have to compromise. Otherwise, I do not see any other option. Is that really listen to your partner and so to say to enter into his position and try to understand.))

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How to come to agreement?

If to be honest, I don't consider it to be a problem at all. If you want to have a chield with the help of the surrogacy programm, the father of your future baby can become not only your partner but you as well. But if you want him to be the father of your chield, than you should have a talk with him and get to know the reason of his refusal. If he really has bad genes, but I don't think that he knows that for sure, than you may go t the hospital and to make the analysis. Don't be affraid of that. But if your partner just don't want to have children, so than it is a bigger problem and you should solve it together. Dn't be upset even if the genes of yur partner are really bad, you can always adopt a little chield and be happy.

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How to come to agreement?

Well, if your partner doesn't want to be the biological father, than you can become the biological father of the chield. I don't think that it is aproblem. Or if you want him to be the father, than first of all you should talk to him. Make him explane what a desease his relative has and why he thinks that he has it also. I think that you should go to a doctor to make analysis. Tha fact that his relative has this desease, doesn't meen that he has it also.

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I don't see a problem here at

I don't see a problem here at all. if your partner has bad genes, you may just use your sperm to fertilize a donor egg. As for surrogate, yeah ... you should try your best to find a good agency or a good woman who will agree to help you become fathers. Adoption is also a good variant, but it will be better for you if you adopt a newborn baby or a toddler. Teens may not agree to live with homosexual couple. If I were you, I would certainly try surrogacy as I want to become a real father. I would offer my beloved to have two children and use sperm of me and him to concieve these children. I think you should stop quarreling and start talking only in such way you'll be able to solve this problem...

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True, sometimes some people,

True, sometimes some people, trying to please others, do not understand why they do it, because they do not realize their motives and in some cases can not control them. This is a separate topic, which we will discuss. Here it is important to understand that selfishness is part of our nature. To be selfish is normal. Abnormal can only be a form of expression of selfishness, in terms of its effectiveness.

There are also fanatics who can be altruists for some of their beliefs. I have not touched them in this article, since this is also a separate topic. 

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 And then your knowledge can

 And then your knowledge can be very useful to you. Well, let's say you are learning a foreign language, without an obvious goal to go somewhere, where you can communicate with other people on it. But one day you can see in the newspaper an ad that says that a very large company for high-paying jobs requires a specialist who, in addition to a good knowledge of his profession, also owns the language that you have studied. And at that moment your knowledge can be very useful for you. That is, I want to say that it does not always make sense to get some knowledge to achieve a certain goal, you can, on the contrary, act - customize your knowledge for some interesting purpose that you have recently learned about. Therefore, the main thing after all, I believe that you had an interest in self-development, so that you will spend enough time on it, and you will benefit from what you have learned with pleasure, mastered, developed in yourself - you can always find an opportunity.

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Having suffered a thousand

Having suffered a thousand failures to the series, what can actually deter you from the first thousand attempts, its meaninglessness, or perhaps an alternative to it? Senseless can only be the desire to surrender and climb into the bushes, with its tail tucked, but this will not fix anything, and in some cases there are no alternatives. Of course there is always a choice, but this choice is limited to two positions, indenting and surrendering positions or continuing the struggle. If you want to live well, a decent life, then you will have to struggle, there is no other way out, so this world works, and no matter how much you start from the beginning, you will do it simply because you need it.

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Do you think that other

Do you think that other people were born in order to please you only to adjust to your desires? No matter how it is. It would, of course, be great if each of us had ten servants ready and most importantly able to do everything for us, as we just ask. But this is not, in any case, for most of us, so there is nothing to rely on other people - do everything yourself, make your own way to success. 

Do not take offense at the fact that you did not receive something or did not pay attention to you, do you take the child yourself, what do you need? 

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Also with her husband - he

Also with her husband - he needs to be interested in his wife, her deeds, hobbies and especially herself, so that she felt her worth in his life. Spouses should be best friends for each other if they want to have a strong family. Is it possible to be a good friend for your husband or wife? I believe that completely, regardless of the fact that male and female interests can vary greatly. To show interest in the daily life of a husband, wife, is not so difficult. Well, it is all the more useful to engage in a common work for both spouses, for all joint work brings people together. The husband and wife should live on one planet, and not everyone with their own lives, then they will understand each other better and their views on many things will inevitably coincide, and they will indeed become one whole and unbreakable. So at this point in your family life, too, pay your attention, for according to my experience, many decaying marriages were closely related to the problem of the spouses lack of attention to each other's lives.

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Sex helps relieve stress,

Sex helps relieve stress, reduces depression, relaxes. During sexual contact, the brain as it switches, adjusts to another wave. This condition can be compared to a reboot, which helps to get rid of the negative and get a charge of positive emotions. Produced hormones increase mental activity, make a person confident in their abilities, etc., and a lot of hormones are thrown out - it is oxytocin, and prolactin, and adrenaline, and dopamine, and serotonin. The cocktail is very serious.

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