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How to be a responsible pet owner

Hello, guys! Nice day, isn't it? Are you ready to have a small talk about our little friends? I want to talk about pets. Do you like pets? Do you have a pet? Which one? What's it name? I wonder how do you take care about it. You see, I want to have a pet, but I don't really know how to take care about pets correctly, or it's just my fear, I don't know. One way or another, I would like you to tell me how to be a good, responsible pet owner, I want to be the best one. I really hope that you would help me)))))))

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How to be a responsible pet owner

Hello. Not bad, I feel a day today))) I have a cat and a dog at home. I also have a child. Usually children always want some kind of pet. And in order for them to learn responsibility, I gave my son such an opportunity, we first got a cat, and then a puppy. He first tried to take care of them, cleaned the toilet for the cat, but after a while got tired of doing such a thing and now our cleaner does it. He only plays with them) Therefore, animals in the house, it's very responsible!

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You took adecision to buy a

You took adecision to buy a dog, enlisted the support of all family members. You clearly understood that your life will now change seriously - early ascension, walks, day regimen, training-upbringing, hiking to the vet. A good pet is not raised by itself, no matter how much money you pay for a puppy!To the choice of the breed, you approached, of course, responsibly. We studied and studied the mountains of literature, registered on many specialized Internet resources, you know the advantages and disadvantages of dog breeds, their way of life, characteristics and habits. Put all this work on your working rhythm: will the dog of the chosen breed fit organically into your lifestyle? Or something has to be radically changed, and you are not ready for this?

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I have a cat and i know that

I have a cat and i know that kittens younger than six months are best suited for training, and most of the behavioral skills the baby takes up to three months. But this does not mean that a kitten will not be able to instill good manners. In your power to raise a pet and fix any undesirable behavior. The main thing is to understand the peculiarities of perception of the world in your crumbs.For kittens need to constantly look after - just like for young children. They must learn from the very beginning what can and should not be done, for example, to spoil furniture, wallpaper and house plants. But punishment is a bad decision, because cats do not associate punishment with perfect actions. They have a weak short-term memory, and only 10 seconds after the misconduct the kitten will not understand what you are so unhappy with.

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I think all depends on

I think all depends on whether you'll like your pet or not. Several years ago I used to have two dogs. They were just simple dogs, not pedegree ones. I've deliberately chosen simple dogs as I know that pedegree dogs do need quite a lot of care. You have to give them special food and bring them to vet regularly. I didn't want to do neither of these. I fed them mostly with simple food like meat, cereal and added some vegetables. As for ready-made dog food, I don't like it at all. I think it's the main reason why some dogs die in a very young age, so you need to be very careful with it. I would advise to think what exactly pet would you like to have, study some infromation about it and only then have it.


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Clean rooms, as well as

Clean rooms, as well as aquariums, feeders, cages, bedding and much more. Play an important role in the care and maintenance of your pet. After all, it's not pleasant when the cage with rodents will smell. For an animal, dirt is dangerous, for example, in the litter where your animal sleeps, difficult-to-exclude insects that will bother your pet can start from dirt. a bowl from which one can eat harmful bacteria, from which your animal can get sick, in different cells, in which sawdust or hay, worms are built up from dirt. You need to clean every day, no matter what your animal is.
It is necessary to visit a veterinarian and do all the necessary vaccinations. At the first vaccination you will be issued a veterinary passport, where all the vaccinations and examinations are recorded. Animals as well as people get sick, get injured, all kinds of infections. so for any symptom of the disease, contact the veterinarian, remember many animal diseases are dangerous for people

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