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how to be at home in a new place?

I always communicate with the space where you are or live. The space is alive, it breathes, it contains a lot of information. Any space that contains internal part, which is much wider and deeper than the external. Any space where people live, has its own soul or your spirit, whatever you want. Has its own energy that is affecting those who live in it. And this energy, the spirit of the apartment, needs collaboration, respect and recognition to those who are in this space Giverola before we were to travel, we had lots of rooms, houses, rooms in hotels, over the last 4 years of travel we changed a lot of spaces. They were all vibrant and very different. Of course, it is difficult to love from the heart the place where u lived for only 1-2 days, but to treat it with the respect necessary.

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Maurizio San
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How to feel at home in a new place?

Hi guys. As for me, I relatively quickly adapt to a new place and almost does not make the labor feel comfortable. Words can say that I feel at home, but I know that nowhere will never be just like at home. I often lived in debt in different countries, and I can say with confidence that everywhere even clouds such not as at home, honestly. You can just adapt and get used to a new place. To do this, make new friends, love the surrounding area and find some place that you will love. And try not to get too hung up on what you can not adopt. And then everything will turn out!

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how to be at home in a new place

Hello. Oh, that's just the topic for me. I have always traveled as long as I can remember, I have not stayed in any place for more than two years. I do not even know where I was born, I'm joking, of course I know))) laughTravel probably passed to me by inheritance, and I in turn gave it to my son) I did not have such problems either with guys of my age or with a place of temporary residence, I'm used to that we often moved, did not bother about this. I made friends, I missed them after parting, then I found new ones. The child is more difficult, but I taught my son to be strong and do not fear anything. Nothing can be done about it, I'm a fighter myself.wink

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The most important is to

The most important is to understand what causes homesickness. This feeling is conditioned by man's need for relationships with others, in love and safety. Despite its name, homesickness may not have a connection with the room itself. Everything that seems familiar, stable, convenient and pleasant, can cause this feeling if you find yourself far from it.  The results of the studies even indicate that homesickness is similar to anguish as a result of losing a partner due to parting or death. 
A person may even experience an advanced longing, that is, a feeling of anxiety, loss and obsession with home before leaving because of waiting.

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i think that you mast

i think that you must understand that your trip and your hotel are  not for all life. i think that for feeling yourself comfortable in every new place you can take some things from your home which make you fell happy or calm. i understand you because i also do not like hotels or strange places in general. in that time i try to spend all my time in different interesting places. for me it is a wonderful decision. try not to think about your home, think about you trip. that is fantastic that you have an opportunity to travel and sometimes it is useful to rest from you house. you must think positively. also you can chose a place which looks like yourown home. it is hard but what you must to do if you need it?

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