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Homophobe who attacked a gay couple

You may be bot pretty satisfied, but for today I have the sad, unpleasant theme for the conversation and it is kind of important to me to put it on the general discussion, therefore, you will have the fair chance of leaving the comment here about the whole stuff... A few days ago I encountered this article from the only one LGBT-oriented news website - and I was basically speechless while reading all of it... A homophobe who attacked a gay couple in Florida offered TO HUG his victims in court after being sentenced to imprisonment.!!! this is the most scandalous ending from all possible I could even imagine..! the actual misunderstanding was the cause of the incident.

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hello. It is so sad news. I don't understand, where people get so much cruelty, hatred. Why they do such aggressive acts? Do we deserve it? There are so many people, who don't understand that we are simple people, with the sane wishes, desires, hobbys. We do not need people approvel we ned that people perceive us as common. I think our world can become better, but firstly, peopke should change their minds.

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Excuse me, if that. But I laughed out loud when I read this news. It's just ridiculous. What in the hell is a hug? How people can behave? Why so ridiculous to make excuses? If you did a bad thing, answer it, take responsibility. I'm glad no one was hurt seriously. But I'll never understand why offend people who did nothing to you. Why take your anger and frustrations on strangers? No one deserve such treatment. Such things make me angry, but I feel helpless. frown

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Maurizio San
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Homophobe who attacked a gay couple

Greetings to all the guys and I wish you a good mood, despite the sad news. Of course, there is a minority in the world, but this does not mean that we are not people. We are the same people as the rest, and how horrible that some of the heterosexual society believe that they are entitled to judge gays. This is absolutely not fair and does not give them any right to attack and try to inflict injuries on gays. I generally do not care what other people look like or do, who sleeps in their bed or what they do, I'm neither cold nor hot ... but homophobic, apparently it's very exciting. They were, are and will be.angryfrown

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Homophobe who attacked a gay couple

Have a nice evening, my friends. In truth, I have not heard about this news, but I know perfectly well that such cases occur very much all over the world. There are always those who are not pleased with gay people so much that they are ready to kill them, if only they do not prevent homophobes from living their peaceful lives, although in essence gays do not interfere. In short, I will say so, thanks to my status of the MMA champion coaches, I can safely walk around without fear of attack, but such as I am not so much, and not everyone can protect themselves and their partner. So guys, go in for sports. But the news is absolutely awful.surprisesad

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I do not know what to say

I do not know what to say about this. it is awful! I know that in England there is an uncompromising struggle against homophobia. For example, the 72-year-old member of the Bournemouth City Council, in response to a letter asking how many bureaucratic preachers should overcome Noah today, answered that Noah would have to explain why there were no homosexuals on his ark. This joke was considered an insult to the Bournemouth gourmet community, and the politician lost his post.  The UK government also plans to reduce financial assistance to countries that stigmatize their LGBT citizens. Homophobia is a big problem in our world but i hope that one day all people will understand each other.

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People who openly oppose the

People who openly oppose the representatives of sex minorities may themselves be latent gays and lesbians, according to American researchers.

They claim that homophobes are attracted to people of their own sex, but they replace this feeling with hatred.This is because most homophobes were raised in families where homosexuality was considered unacceptable.According to scientists, these people are used to suppress their true sexual inclinations. And their internal conflict with time begins to go out in the form of aggression against homosexuals.

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And at the same time we

And at the same time we believe in the fact that we need to adhere to a certain behavior so that later, after death, this life can be found. Therefore, we consider some of us that there is right and wrong behavior, the correctness and incorrectness of which depends not on its effectiveness, but on its conformity to those requirements, in response to which we can find life in paradise after we die. That is, it turns out that the goal in which we believe determines our behavior in the present. But at the same time, this our behavior in the present may not meet our current interests. So think how much such beliefs that are expressed in a person's striving for unclear distant goals, at the expense of closer and tangible goals, can be considered conscious and reasonable. 

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In this case you can, of

In this case you can, of course, use the knowledge of psychology and to impose on people what they really do not need, manipulating people's desires, which we, incidentally, observe today in our society of consumer insanity, when people are stimulated to consumption in various ways .

But this is not the best way to organize your life, because all sorts of deceptions undermine people's confidence in you when they learn about it, and without trust in the long-term stable position in society will not work. 

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We must try to somehow

We must try to somehow modernize our lives, so that something new will appear in it. You can not constantly enjoy the same achievements, from the same life, from the same things. And even our habits that help us stay in our comfort zone do not save us from the disappointment that we experience when nothing qualitatively changes in our lives.

 You see that a person, after gaining something, ceases to appreciate this and ceases to enjoy it. Even in cases when he has everything - he is bored and not interested in living the same life. 

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But understand - in

But understand - in everything you need to know the measure. The more frank your appearance, the less serious you will be treated by men. Involve men not only with their sexuality, but with their mystery and their mind. In general, the main advantage of a woman is her mind. It is unfortunate that many women do not even know about this, in large part because of the narrow-minded men who, except for appearance, do not see anything more in a woman.
So, let's summarize all the above. First of all, I want to support all women who want to get acquainted with a man - under no circumstances do not abandon this venture and you will necessarily succeed, you will find your man, for who searches, he always finds.

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