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He has to accept it

Good time of the day, guys! What a nice time I am having by only preparing and posting new questions for you...I feel a great help from all of you, guys, thank you in advance..! You know, even if to take into account that I am not a married man, I started to think more and more often that I have to become a father, I even started to look for more relative information and have even found the clinic "Panax center" -   and here what I have - my partner does not want to have kids! ever in his life! He says it right into my face. How to persuade him to change his mind?! Or is it worthy of trying at all?! 

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He has to accept it

Good evening, it is nice to see you here again, Romio! I am really sorry to hear your sad situation, but you can deal with it for have find out whether your partner does not want to have kids at all, ever in the life, or he just does not want it with you in particular... for that matter, you have to be able to tell me whether it is really the time for you to become a father..?! Maybe you can not persuade him to this only because you do not sincerely want it.? ohh, well, anyway, I wish you to have the serious conversation with your man and figure out, whether it is necessary for you guys to stay together...

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He has to accept it

Maybe you are pushing him too much..?! have you thought about it at all...?! I am utterly convinced that you have to get the right image of all of it here... like, maybe he has take the time before, let's say, "growing" to the level of becoming father...anyway, if to speak about the possibility to persuade your man somehow, just imagine for a second, maybe it does not worth trying at all no you know, back to the time when my husband was trying to force me to agree to have a baby. I just did not have the realization that I AM ready for it, just was scared to admit it...see my point?! 

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He has to accept it

Wait, wait for a second.... it is not clear o me why are you angry and so thrilled because of his refusal to have mutual kids..?! In my personal point of view, if he is not your actual husband, he does not have to be obliged to take your desire as his personal... and, in addition to what I have said, this is the best time for you to decide whether this man will go with you in the future?! Does he fit the image of the man who will take your path in the life?! Because I doubt it is going to be so....therefore, I highly recommend you to think the current situation through and have the deepest look at your partner...

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He has to accept it

Good morning, everyone who is here today. Okay, if you want to hear the honest answer, I will tell you one thing here - I would be shocked and depressed if my partner started to persuade me to have mutual you have to realize that not everyone wants children in this world and of course, if to speak about the possibility to have the other chance here - I would not be able to accept the person how is pushing on me that the way, you have mentioned the agency -  Panax center gay surrogacy clinic. so you are saying that it is one of the best?! I will keep it in my mind. 

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Maurizio San
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He has to accept it

Hello my dear friends, I'm happy to be here and find the answers to the questions that interest me, I hope I also helped someone with advice or their opinion. I agree with you on the issue of paternity. Thanks for the information about the clinic, I'm now collecting various information on this issue. To tell the truth, unlike you, I'm going to become a father and have children, regardless of whether my partner wants this or not. If he is not ready or against, then as it is sung in one song - goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend ...))))) and myself will be paternal))wink

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He has to accept it

Hello people, how are you? O my goddesses !!! I did not think that in life there are people who are 100% likely to assert that they would not want to have children at all ... How is it, people? If he said that now does not want to, then you can still understand, but how it does not want to have children ever, I do not understand. surpriseAlthough all sorts of people in life can meet, and you the guy on the move was not lucky with the choice of partner. I do not remember what clinic my partner was applying, but thank God that happened as it happened.yes

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He has t accept it

I think that it is a great problem. You know, there are such people who don't like children, they don't want to be parents and they don't want to have kids, to raise them, to take care of them. It seems to me, that your partner is just such person. If to be honest, I don't even know whether it is possible to persuade such person. But I think that you should try to do that. Children is the biggest happiness which can be in our lives, so don't even think to give up, but you should be ready, that he can try to make you to choose whether you'll choose the baby or him. So that's why I think that you should deside it before the serious talk with your partner, whether you can to broke up with him and to have a baby with someone else or to stay with him without a baby.

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it is very hard situation

it is very hard situation when you want children and your partner does not. it is awful. i think that you should talk with him and if he does not change his opinion you should say goodbye to him and forget. children are very important in our lives. so, you have to find another man who will be glad to have children with you. and this guy is not your man.because it is very serious to think about children. believe me, i also have a man who did not want children but i did not broke up with him. i thought that he will change his mind, but he did not. and i understood that i just wasted time on this man. That is my personal opinion. as for clinic that you mantioned i want to say that it is good one. My friends told me about it. 

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When a husband without

When a husband without special reasons does not agree to acquire offspring, then behind this circumstance, probably, something is hidden: from unpleasant life experience to his doubts in his feelings for you. And if you, in spite of everything, love this man and very much want a child from him, before you start persuading, you need to find out why, in fact, he is against the continuation of the family. Only after understanding that frightens your man, you can choose the right tactics of behavior and persuade him to his side. My observations have shown that there are quite a lot of reasons that lead men to such a categorical decision.

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In addition, children in

In addition, children in comparison with adults use cholesterol much more actively. It is extremely important for health, it is the main component of the membrane that surrounds the cells of the whole organism. A child grows, and he has many new cells.

An important nuance is the fat cells that make up the "fat" for the most part are formed during the first years of life. In the future, they increase and grow in size. Consequently, the way an adult looks is largely related to nutrition in childhood.

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