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i think that almost every

i think that almost every couple face with this problem. and my family is not exception. My husband does not kiss me, does not hug me, does not ask how i am, he is not interested in how I live, he does not talk about himself. Also, he do not want to talk about what he dissatisfied with. I'm not a child and must understand everything by myself.  I said to him  that  all normal people say that they do not like something. If he did not take out the garbage, I will not keep silent for three days, but just remind him. And he sits at the computer, and just ignores my questions. i also do not know what to do with my man. i love him very much. we have a child, but our relationship is awful, as i think.

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i want to say that it is not

i want to say that it is not good that you are in such situation. i agree that you shoul talk with your man about this. it is very important. as for me i had such experience in my last relationship. the first tree months of our living together everything was perfect, but then my men changed. i did not like that and i broke up with him. it was impossible to bear it. he understood that there is some pronlems, but do nothing. so, i desided that i do not need this man in my life. if man do not want to change for you he is not your man. believe me. your life will be worse if you continue living together with him. i wish you good luck and to be strong.

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Hi, OP! I think your beloved

Hi, OP! I think your beloved may act in such way because he sees that you are doing everything by yourself. I know it from personal experience, believe me. Maybe, you are so active and energetic person that you don't givw him an opportunity to do anything by himself. The best you can do in this situation is to talk with him about this problems. Just ask him why he doesn't want to do household chores. His answer will certainly clear up the situation!!!

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 my greeting to all of you

 my greeting to all of you here guys... what a pleasure to be here ad have the opportunity to share my personal point of view on some details...! Well, actually I am relly interested in this problem that you have...

because it seems to me that my personal life is going through the same stages all over again....Gosh, that is sooo difficult to be honest, I am tired of the constant misunderstanding from his side... it really feels like the game for some person - the relations can not be taken like this for sure..! So, my opinion is pretty clear here - you have to overcome it

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It is very interesting, Good

It is very interesting, Good night friends and visitors to the site. Your situation is not simple.

But if understand it, then I think there is a solution. You can try to interest your partner to do something together, or ask him if something needs to be done and then praised, just like a child, just do not replay it, say that no one will do it like him, most likely he will want to hear it again and will try to do something else for that) But if any methods do not affect, then most likely he does not care about your relationship and you, then draw a conclusion as to be further.

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However, if the sexual

However, if the sexual difficulties can still be attributed to the mismatch of temperaments, the inexperience of a man or even to your own intimate difficulties, then with care this number does not work: you just need to be in a difficult situation once to understand why this man stays with you . And it's not about some kind of tragedy: it's enough just to catch a cold. He calls and asks, how do you feel? He is wondering if you need medicine? After work, he goes to you and brings a ready meal and some nice movie? If yes, congratulations: he loves you. If not, alas: he does not feel any feelings for you, he just kills with you time.

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My husband does not kiss me,

My husband does not kiss me, does not hug me, does not ask how things are, he is not interested in what I live, he does not talk about himself. All this was, but now it's closed. Also, he refuses to talk, what is dissatisfied with, they say, I'm not a child and must understand everything myself. To this I reply that it's not a sorceress and all normal people say that they do not like them, ask their spouses for something. If he did not take out the garbage, I will not play silently for three days, but just remind him. And he sits, staring at the computer, and even ignores my questions.Do not get me wrong, I'm not a talkative person and do not ship it from morning till night. But that for a day and ten minutes not to talk? I in fact sit at home and practically anybody I do not see any more! It's just inhuman! Relatives live in another city. Friends and friends are both real and online, but I need to communicate with my husband, with a friend, with a man whom I love and for whom I married. And it seems not.

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 And it's not about

 And it's not about productivity, it's about doing the kind of work that many other people can not do, and also in the ability to replay other people in the struggle for a place in the sun. And all this is supported by qualitative and extensive knowledge.

So knowledge opens the door to a person in a beautiful, happy, rich and bright life. And if you are interested in such a life, if you need it, then you need knowledge. But knowledge is needed not all, but only those that can be applied in life with the benefit for themselves. Let's see what kind of knowledge this is.

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Betrayal is a violation of

Betrayal is a violation of loyalty to someone or failure to fulfill a duty to someone. Moral and moral laws of society, betrayal and traitors are condemned, and like most religions, consider treacherous acts a sin, a violation of taboos. Traitors really do great evil when someone betrays someone, because by their treacherous actions they destroy the moral and moral foundations on which our society is built. They destroy the phenomenon of people's trust in each other. After all, in any society, we adhere to certain rules and norms for a reason, not because we just want to observe some rules that limit us in our actions, but in order for this society to exist. If we do not follow certain rules, all order in our society will be violated and there will be all-destructive chaos.

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Assessing your abilities and

Assessing your abilities and abilities of your interlocutor, should be objective, in each specific case you should really evaluate your capabilities and the maximum that can be extracted from them. But only you need to be aware of this information, your interlocutor should see your opportunities in a slightly more elevated version, just do not bend the stick. But you need to know the capabilities of your interlocutor in their true version, what they are more obvious for you, the more opportunities you have. And in order to see these opportunities, it is necessary to understand the interlocutor, to hear it, to obtain from it specifics, confidence, a sense of calmness. The more it opens before you, the more you will know about it, and when you have all the cards on hand, what prevents you from playing the part you need? So keep your egoism on a chain, let it work only in limited limits, not harming you or your interests.

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