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i think that almost every

i think that almost every couple face with this problem. and my family is not exception. My husband does not kiss me, does not hug me, does not ask how i am, he is not interested in how I live, he does not talk about himself. Also, he do not want to talk about what he dissatisfied with. I'm not a child and must understand everything by myself.  I said to him  that  all normal people say that they do not like something. If he did not take out the garbage, I will not keep silent for three days, but just remind him. And he sits at the computer, and just ignores my questions. i also do not know what to do with my man. i love him very much. we have a child, but our relationship is awful, as i think.

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i want to say that it is not

i want to say that it is not good that you are in such situation. i agree that you shoul talk with your man about this. it is very important. as for me i had such experience in my last relationship. the first tree months of our living together everything was perfect, but then my men changed. i did not like that and i broke up with him. it was impossible to bear it. he understood that there is some pronlems, but do nothing. so, i desided that i do not need this man in my life. if man do not want to change for you he is not your man. believe me. your life will be worse if you continue living together with him. i wish you good luck and to be strong.

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