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Someone is   absolutely   not

Someone is   absolutely   not suitable for the upbringing of an adopted child, someone in the presence of his bloody child takes on education and someone else's. To some, even the thought of a surrogate mother is disgusting. And some well-known people on this are even having the opportunity to give birth to themselves. I know a family that does not have and will not have children of its own. But her nephews are native for her. Only that they do not live with them. And they bring up and take care of the rest, and they help financially, and when small children were, the parents took hospital patients as much as possible. And someone is a bird-dog-cat and leads to her as a native child is.

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we have not only thought

we have not only thought about baby but what  is more we have decided to have a baby  and i think that it is really a very important step in our life and i think that  you understand what i am talking about.

but  we have not finished our journey yet, we are still waiting for our child and  I can tell you that very soon we would be the parents of a wonderful  daughter and that is why i am really very happy because of it. i think that  you shall not be afraid of becoming parents, i think that it would  be able to make  you the best people in the world and you would never regret about this decision in your life. 

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If you do not know how to

If you do not know how to influence the behavior of your child, do not despair. Just relax, watch your baby and in no case lose confidence. Do not jump to conclusions, analyze the situation and only then make a decision.
Before you get control of the situation, you should learn about how not to own the situation at all. So, if it happened that you lost control over what is happening, then let it all go on as usual.
Do not focus on the behavior that irritates you, try to pay more attention to the behavior that you like. After all, everyone has their own positive and negative sides

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When to have children, it's

When to have children, it's when you have already become a wealthy, wealthy person who can feed his family and make it free of money independent. To do this, you also need to develop yourself from the very childhood, changing your way of thinking for a rich person. And then you will be strong and protected and can also protect your family. You can boldly have children without thinking and fearing how to feed them. You can also teach your children, like you, to become a rich, wealthy and free person. It's not so simple, but the result that awaits you will give you an unforgettable success in life and in the family.

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 If these tasks are not

 If these tasks are not solved by them, or are partially resolved, the backlog in development becomes inevitable. A newly born child must learn one, by the half-year, he must learn another, by three years the third and so on.

Nature itself induces man to solve various problems, so that he develops. If, however, to feed a person with a spoon all his life, keeping him in a greenhouse, then he most likely will remain a child. And it does not matter who will feed him with this spoon - parents, spouse, state. The result will always be the same - it's an adult child.

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And in general, to engage in

And in general, to engage in self-development - very interesting. Friends, I want to admit to you that to people who show interest in such things as self-development, self-improvement, self-knowledge, self-education, self-education, self-discipline and other similar topics, I have deep respect. I am pleased to work with such people and for such people. Because I want to be better than I am now. I always wanted this, and I always worked in this direction. Let's do it together now. And for this, let's see how it is possible and how to do self-development in order to receive from this process not only benefits, but also great pleasure.

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Understanding of jealousy,

Understanding of jealousy, allows us to competently manage it. It is clear that fear is hidden behind jealousy, but this fear can and should be put to the service, and not suffer from it. Fear allows us to remain vigilant and not relax, when everything is good, he forces a woman, that is called - not to throw himself. From nature, a woman tends to, firstly - attract the attention of a man, secondly - to interest him in himself, that is, to seduce in order to mate with him, thirdly - to tie him to himself, and fourthly - keep him close to him, so that he cared for her and her offspring, and in some cases, fifthly - to subdue a man, to suppress his will, to make a man his servant. If any of this, except for the fifth, optional item for some women, make a woman fail - she feels uncomfortable.

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I forgave and took revenge in

I forgave and took revenge in my life, and I do not regret anything. I do what I think is necessary to do, as I am an adult, aware of my actions and ready to bear responsibility for them. I advise you to adhere to the same position. The main thing is not to forgive just because you can not take revenge. 

And if you do not want to forgive, and do not want to take revenge, then you, dear friend, kill yourself, you paint your own hand in your own impotence, take the position of a weak person, and this will not give you rest all your life. 

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 Hello there! Glad for you.

 Hello there! Glad for you. All of us one day or another hear a little bell inside. And when we hear it dingling does not depend on our current life conditions. You said you were not married, but do you have a partner or you want to have a child on your own? As for what way is better... I dont like using the word ''easier'' here, it is not fair to the kids. But. Each path has its good sides. For example surrogacy baby will have your DNA, it will literaly be a part of you in all senses. Adopting a child is also something very beautiful. There are so many little pure souls that were left by their parents and now have nothing but hope. Adopting a baby is giving it a new life, doing something really great. Think about it well and weight all + and -.

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Have you thought about a baby?

The first when the idea to have a baby came to me a couple of years. At that period of time, I had a serious relationship, it seemed that I would be great to have a child with this person. Unfortunately, we broke up, but I still think that I want to have a baby in the future. Unfortunately, I don't have a certain answer to the last question "what to choose: surrogacy or adoption?" but I would rather choose adoption. I think that there are too many children that live without parents and their love. However, there is one nuance, I don't want to adopt a child, who is older than 3-years-old. I think for an older child it can be a problem to accept that to live in a gay family is a normal thing. Hopefully, one day everything will be as I have written here.

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