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Have you thought about a baby?

Hello, all guests who are here! Lately, I started to notice that I am more and more inclined to think about parenting... and this is honestly a little bit unexpected for me, because I have never thought that this moment is going to happen...taking into account that I am still not married, I do not feel the urgency of dealing with this theme. But in the futureб I will be deciding what way to choose... What is your point of view?! And tell me what is your preference?! Is surrogacy better to do than the adoption...?! I always thought that adoption is really way much easier to this so?!

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Have you thought about a baby?

Dear friend, happy to see you here and I am honestly ready to share my life experience regarding the topic of parenthood! Yeah, as you might guess, I  ma father and I ordered the procedure in the gay surrogacy clinic...(here is the link of it - for your information, you can easily check it out and read the information regarding the surrogacy. It will be easier for you to get to know the process, than I will describe for the adoption - this is really not that easy way indeed, moreover, it is difficult to obtain all necessary documents quickly, so keep it in mind. 

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Have you thought about a baby?

Okay, so good afternoon to all of you sincere greetings and of course, I am crazy happy to be here and greet everyone...just to be clear I m always ready to share my thoughts..but you know there is the feeling when you have the person who thinks i the same way and has the same point of view regarding some life situations ad you just feel like wooow he is like me I am not alone with my thoughts...! and today I feel exactly the same, guys..but for the sake of not putting it far far awayI will say too that it is not the time for me and I do not even know when it is going be the time...surprise

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Have you thought about a baby?

Good late evening, that is for sure not the usual theme for me...I am not inclined to talk about it but recently, more and more frequently I started to feel like everyone around is talking only about this and nothing else...that is a shame for me to realize that I will have to make the difficult choice in my life, because my personal attitude to both ways of becoming a parent is positive! And I see the tendency that more and more couples are trying to sign for the surrogacy program and chose this gay surrogacy clinic - thus I will concentrate my attention on the BioDads agency. 

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i will tell you honestly

i will tell you honestly about it that we have not only thought about baby but what  is more we have decided to have a baby  and i think that it is really a very important step in our life and i think that  you understand what i am talking about. but  we have not finished our journey yet, we are still waiting for our child and  I can tell you that very soon we would be the parents of a wonderful  daughter and that is why i am really very happy because of it. i think that  you shall not be afraid of becoming parents, i think that it would  be able to make  you the best people in the world and you would never regret about this decision in your life. thank you for your attention.

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Have you thought about a baby?

Well, okay, I see that you have been sincere there and I have no right to lie or something, but...on the other hand, I do not see the need to become more or less hoenst..I will tell you the real thing of it all..! in my personal point of view, the adoption is a nice and generous way, it is a good opportunity to become a father..but I know people very well, and can tell you straight ahead that there is the reality and there is the choice between the need and desire..! thus, more and more couples are let the gay surrogacy program to win the competition and they are going to this one - one of the most respectful! 

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Hello and good evening

Hello and good evening everyone ! How are you today? Everything is fine? Hmmm....maybe it's time to have a baby or I really don't know? The conditions for this are ideal, salary, apartment, relatives, who will always be happy to help. In addition, I have a big age difference with parents, and I understand that the sooner I give birth to a child, the more time they can spend with him. On the other hand, I do not feel that I really want children badly. And I'm afraid that I will not cope, I will not be able to give the child the necessary attention, or life will collapse.. So I want to ask: is it so important to feel this everyday? Is it too early for me to plan a child? What is your opinion about this? Do you really want it? 

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Have you thought about a baby?

Hello my friends. What a serious topoc you have touched. Parenting is the most wonderful thing in our life. It brings to us happiness, love and the feeling that everything is in order. Parenting helps us to understand what we exactly need. I begin to think about children. I begin to notice pregnant women and women with baby carriage. But i am only 22 years old and i think it is too early for me. I can imagine myself with baby, how i play with it, but it is a big responsibility to give child education, all knowledge that i have. I am afraid to have a baby. It should go at least 2-3 years when i will be ready, i think.

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Maurizio San
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Have you thought about a baby?

Hi guys. I have a great mood to talk about children. Children are surely our future, and raising a child is very important. This is a big responsibility, and it is possible that it is much more than it may seem at first. Therefore, most likely I have no children yet. I traveled a lot around the countries because of my work, I could not give enough time to my child. Now I have stopped at one place and can think about the child seriously. I can not now imagine in what way I will use it, but I tend to use it as surrogate motherhood. I would like a child with my genes)

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Have you thought about a baby?

Greetings to you guys. At the moment I am the father of one child, he is 15 years old he has from a surrogate mother. now I do not have a permanent partner and I can not say with certainty that I will wait for my love to have another child, rather I'm inclined to the idea that I still want to adopt a second child myself. I will be able to provide my children, only I will find a life partner for me. But with my rhythm of life and constant travel I can hardly find a permanent partner, I have even stopped hoping)

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in my opinion surrogacy is

in my opinion surrogacy is better then adoption. one of the reasons is that this child will be biologically yours or your husband. i think that it is very important. as for me, i have a beautiful daughter of five years. she is biologically mine. now my man and i think about another child. but this time it will be the child of my husband. i think that it is fair. the surrogacy is the idea of my sweetheart. i thought very long time about it because at first i wanted to adopt a child. and i am happy that my husband persuade me do this. i am so thankful for my little girl and i do not imagine my life without her. of course surrogacy is very expensive, but you will be sure that it is your natural child. it is the most important.

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