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to have a wonderful body is

to have a wonderful body is my dream and i go to gym. beautiful body is my goal. Absolutely all people can achieve this goal. The most important rule is desire, desire, work on yourself and your mistakes. If there is a possibility to go to the fitness club regularly, where qualified specialists can help, why not to take advantage of this opportunity and not take care about your appearance?Regularly attending classes in the gym, we get a huge benefit for your body. But many do not want to tear themselves away from the couch to go to the gym and perform heavy exercises for the unprepared body. Many have a lot of excuses that do not have enough time and money. i think that we should take care of our bodies.

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Fitness, aerobics, swimming,

Fitness, aerobics, swimming, pilates or cycling is certainly good, but without cardiovascular exercises you will not achieve the desired results in the fight against obesity. Imagine: an hour of work at an average pace can help you get rid of six hundred calories.Running is one of the few sports that includes not only the muscles of the legs and thighs, but also the muscles of the abdomen, arms and back. A regular move can help you find a subtle body. Regular running improves mood, helps to overcome depression and leads to normalization of sleep. The secret is simple! The fact is that during work physical activity gives the body the ability to produce serotonin, better known as the hormone of happiness.

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