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Hey, take my greetings, dear followers...! You know, posting here my main troubles and looking for advice is my main goal here. So, today I would be glad to hear your thoughts about fitness... back to the time when I was a young student I had plenty of time to work out. But nowadays, I have a busy job, and really less free time than I expected. Do you manage to find time to work out? Is fitness of your main preference? I see i the mirror the reflection I am not satisfied with, but, more or lees, I see also that it is possible to bring back to the good shape..! Thus, I am looking forward to reading your personal thoughts....

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Oh hello there, Marcus...! Good evening to you...hope that you are doing just fine, right?!laugh anyways, I am a really very active man...I WAS at least before my little one was born... and right now, with the huge responsibility in the face of a little baby I have so many things to do..honestly can not imagine how I will cope with it i the and out school participations will take not only the time of my kid but mine too of course...! thus, I will probably work out at home, like my neighbour...he has a kid too and I see him runnig almost every evening...that is the inspiration to me.

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as a young ma I can say for sure that attending the fitness classes is a very important thing of course...and in most of cases, that it really vital for me to have the time for the usual daily work out..!!! So, generally speaking i can not even imagine my life without it at all...and definitely, back to the time I was a young student I had really more free time...but nevertheless, even right now I feel like I need to have a free hour each day and every time I have the ability - go for the short run! this outdoors activity really makes me feel better and more will feel same, I guarantee this!

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Ohhh, that is soo dificult.. and while I was a young student I really had just a lot of time to work ou, to run every other day, but now, that is just not possible at all...! and this is just furstrating, i bet you understand me..but I know fro sure that give up on that is not the option! I still have to cut out some tiem for the gym for working out and after while, I will get my bets shape back again...I am sure in it. This is just a quesation of the rational usage of the spare time and I believe that I will make it work for the best...anyway, thank you for reminding me of the necessity of attending the gym...

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i do not know what i can tell

i do not know what i can tell  you but i think that  you are doing everything right and i am sure that  you will gain great results and i hope that  you understand it and you will work even more and more. of course it is very good that you have started  going to the gym and i really respect those people who can become better and better and i think that you realise it, and that is why  i  am sure that  you have your goal and you will succeed.i hope that i would also have such a motivation and will also start going in for sports and trying my best to improve my shape but now i am not ready for hat because unfortunately i do not have enough time for it but of course maybe in the future it will happen

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Marcus thank you for such a

Marcus thank you for such a good topic for discussion!!I really like itlaughdevil I am happy to greet all of the followers here))It is a pleasure for me to communicate here with all of you)))I would like to say that fitness is really a good way how to loose weight and how to keep a good form and of course to build  muscules !!!I really like to visit gyms and I do it very very often i to be true!!After gym I am full of energy and it makes me feel very comfortable and at all i think that after gym I seemed to be more handsome as I amlaughSo I am only for gyms ,i like it and I do it for myselfyes

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Ohh, Gosh, I understand you as nobody else probably...frown sincere truth that lately it became really hard, just impossible to find the way of escaping the work and have the work out...! Ohh, what a nonsense to say, but, to be honest, I see no real reason to go and look for other opportunities... at least, I have been thinking this way until my partner told me that I have a belly and he was smiling...! I was speechless and because of the fear of being abandoned for the better body, I managed to do the home work out...thus, my partner was inspired by my example and started to do same...

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I need your advice. Decided

I need your advice. Decided to lose weight, today I go to the gym for the first time. Before this, such places have not been visited and that yes as there - I do not know. When the other day I came to know about the hall, the administrator of the complex said that the coach does not always, usually comes after dinner. The problem is, if I come today and the coach still will not, then where to start? The hall itself is small, there are exercise bikes, running tracks, vibro-massagers, elliptical trainers, steppers and some power for hands. Who is experienced in this, please advise what it is better to take with yourself other than sports form and water and most importantly with what to start, what exercises and simulators. Thank you


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hello friends! sport is one of the main thing in our lives. sport keeps us healthy, strong, slim. it helps us to feel self-confidence, to meet new friends and maybe to meet your future husband (if you are single). but the aim to go to the gym just for meeting guy i don't like. you can see such girls/boys who makes off before different people, try to show how beautiful,strong they are. i adore gym, i try to train every day (day at home, day at gym). of course there are some situations, when i can't visit it (bad mood, sickness or party with friends:) i remember my first time at gym. i was affraid of it. i thought that all will laugh at me, at my fat figure. but you know, it was gone, when i wore my new sport-costume. after first training i felt self-confidence. so i recommend you not to be affraid and you will feel how good you become. 

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Maurizio San
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Hello friends like-minded. Life is so. It is so fast and time consuming ... Therefore, I want to live my very long life healthy, and to come to old age absolutely not sick with various senile ailments, and in general live to a very old age. But in order to stay healthy and full of energy and strength, you need to take good care of your body. I am a fan of sports and a lively lifestyle, my professional stuntman, and involuntarily physical activity is present in my life, plus I eat as expected and then everything will be fine, the only thing is that the stuntmen get many injuries and this is a very big minus and a blow to health.

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Good evening, guys. Absolutely my topic for discussion. Maybe someone knows, I mentioned in my comments earlier that I am a master of sports and a repeated champion in fights without rules. And I am also a highly qualified trainer. I did not want to show off but it did not work out)))) Therefore, my life is closely related to sports and activity. I may have several workouts a day and sometimes I spend all day in the training hall. I am happy with my forms and can not imagine my life without sport. My son is also trying to teach.smileyyes

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