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gay dating with woman

Good evening to everyone my dear friends! How are your mood? What's new? I am okay, Thahk you! I want to ask you, have you ever been in a relationships with woman? How it was? I dont know but even if you are a gay there is always a chanse that you can find a ''right'' person and it does not matter if it boy or a girl. Am I right? Because......How do you think? If it suits his description of the ideal partner. Can gays feel sympathy for girls or just friendly feelings? After all, there are a lot of stories, like gay men were trembling and warm to such friends, but they had no love feelings. Did you see cases like this in your life? Share your experience!!!!kiss

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hello my friends! What is the beautiful topic. Love is always interesting to discuss. As for me, it doesn't matter who will be my partner, girl or boy. For me the most important thing is WHO isthe person. I used to date with girls. But we hadn't got serious relationships, we became friends. i understood, that now i feel comfortable with guys, than girls. With girls i can only have friendship, and nothing more. But if someday i will meet beautiful girl, whom i will like, with beautiful soul, interests, of course i will date with her. And it doesn't matter that my partner is SHE.

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I'm 23 years old, I'm gay.

I'm 23 years old, I'm gay. And honestly, I like girls, I consider them sexy and many of them want me. But the problem is that they do not cause me an erection. About that in the institute knew that I'm gay, I do not want. Therefore, I want to have sex with girls.I'm interested in the question of how men live with women for several years and hide from them that they are gay. how gay can have sex with a girl? I met a girl 3 years without sex, she fell madly in love with me, she continued to hope even when I told her that I have a favorite guy ... when we parted it was painful and sorry that I took her 3 years, she lived without sex at all (I did not get up with all the desire and my boyfriend was afraid to offend) It's better to have sex and meet with anyone you want than that.

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Maurizio San
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gay dating with woman

Hello and a wonderful mood for all of you. I have a wonderful day today, and I'm back on my favorite site. I had more than one experience of relationships with women, even sex was, although it's hard to call sex what we did, but something like it was))) I can not say that I liked it, neither with this woman nor with others, rather they did not excite me because it makes me male. So I concluded that you need to tie with women and go to men))) I have a familiar woman, we communicate and are friends but no more.

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gay dating with woman

Greetings to all. I'm doing very well, thank you for asking) Hmm, let me think about it)) I had a relationship with a woman. I'm even inclined to think that I could meet with women if it were not for my preference for men)) In fact, everything is much simpler, it's just hard for me with a woman, in terms of morally. They are all too difficult, too confusing, I prefer masculinity, the beauty of the male body and a calm atmosphere without female hysteria for the whole day)))laugh

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gay dating with woman

If to be really honest, I had such experience in my life, but I can't tell you that it was a good experience. To tell you the truth, It was just when I was a young teenager)))))) I noticed already that I wasn't very interrested in girls, though I thought that it was very bad, I mean my interrest to men, so I desided to ask for a date one pritty girl. She was wonderful, of course, but I couldn't manage to do the first step even to kiss her. There wasn't any sexual desire towards her, so at our first date it was her, who kissed me. after that we dated for some time but we didn't have some close relationships. She wasn't suttisfied about it and tried to make the first step, I also wanted to try it, but understod, that I just couldn't do that. So, that's how our relationships end up.

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Why women want to have sex

Why women want to have sex with gays? The proximity of interests, a more subtle soul organization, the ability to empathize and ...That's why... And the barely perceptible sense of tragedy that so thoroughly permeates the life of most gays.

With a close acquaintance with a gay there is a feeling that these people live with their skin torn, shuddering from the cold wind, the scorching sun, mocking misunderstanding and outright scorn. What kind of woman's heart does not flinch, feeling this longing for warmth, tenderness, happiness?
The combination of a strong male body with a purely feminine longing for happiness is irresistible!And if the gay is also beautiful, which is often enough, then the woman rushes headlong into the whirlpool of the struggle.

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gay dating with woman

As for me, I've never been dating with a woman. I started to notice that I don't like girls early when I was at school. I've read a lot of information about it, because my parents ... Well, I didn't know how would they react, so the only person with whom I spoke, was our school psycologist, he was straight orientation, but he never told me that it was bad, he helped me to understand whom I was. We still friends.

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I used to have several good

I used to have several good female friends. We just had coffee together and talked. Once I noticed that one of them fancies me. She started to phone me. Once she even visited me in my apartment. Yeah... it was something new for me as I got used to the fact that girls doesn't fancy me (I was 15 when I told my friends that I'm a gay). However, I just talked to my friend and said that any relationships between us were impossible because I was dating a men at that moment. She got very upset and left , and I have never met her before since that time... The only thing I'm really sorry about is that she was really a very cool friendcrying

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Selfishness in a mature form

Selfishness in a mature form goes into altruism. Strong people take into account the interests of others because they can afford it. They do it selflessly. Simply, they are strong enough and smart to think not only of themselves, but of others, and to get even more benefit from this. 

As responsible, loving, caring parents, and true leaders are people whose egoism has developed so much that now they want and can not only take but also give. And when giving, they receive many times more.

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You can combine self

You can combine self-development for the sake of the goal with self-development for the sake of interest, when a person learns about everything that he wants to know about and what he needs to know, thereby maintaining an interest in working on himself. In other words, figuratively speaking, it is necessary to support the fire of passion for self-development by any methods. Because although I wrote at the very beginning of the article that you fell in love with this business, you will never cease to deal with it, but you can lose the taste for active life if initially you diligently worked on yourself not at your own will, but because of the need, or otherwise, because of the impact on you of other people.

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