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gay dating with woman

Good evening to everyone my dear friends! How are your mood? What's new? I am okay, Thahk you! I want to ask you, have you ever been in a relationships with woman? How it was? I dont know but even if you are a gay there is always a chanse that you can find a ''right'' person and it does not matter if it boy or a girl. Am I right? Because......How do you think? If it suits his description of the ideal partner. Can gays feel sympathy for girls or just friendly feelings? After all, there are a lot of stories, like gay men were trembling and warm to such friends, but they had no love feelings. Did you see cases like this in your life? Share your experience!!!!kiss

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hello my friends! What is the beautiful topic. Love is always interesting to discuss. As for me, it doesn't matter who will be my partner, girl or boy. For me the most important thing is WHO isthe person. I used to date with girls. But we hadn't got serious relationships, we became friends. i understood, that now i feel comfortable with guys, than girls. With girls i can only have friendship, and nothing more. But if someday i will meet beautiful girl, whom i will like, with beautiful soul, interests, of course i will date with her. And it doesn't matter that my partner is SHE.

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gay dating with woman

Hello and a wonderful mood for all of you. I have a wonderful day today, and I'm back on my favorite site. I had more than one experience of relationships with women, even sex was, although it's hard to call sex what we did, but something like it was))) I can not say that I liked it, neither with this woman nor with others, rather they did not excite me because it makes me male. So I concluded that you need to tie with women and go to men))) I have a familiar woman, we communicate and are friends but no more.

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gay dating with woman

Greetings to all. I'm doing very well, thank you for asking) Hmm, let me think about it)) I had a relationship with a woman. I'm even inclined to think that I could meet with women if it were not for my preference for men)) In fact, everything is much simpler, it's just hard for me with a woman, in terms of morally. They are all too difficult, too confusing, I prefer masculinity, the beauty of the male body and a calm atmosphere without female hysteria for the whole day)))laugh

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