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Gay couple with babies

Did anyone see this beautiful gay couple with their babies? It is soooooo cute!angelcryingangel It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I found this Instagram account of Devon and Rob after reading this article here What if you had a baby and a husband (or if you have a family), would you share your family pictures on instagram, facebooh, myspace and other social media with other? What is your opinion? To my mind pictures like this make people smile and feel happy. So if I had a family, I would show my pictures to everybody!winkwinkwink

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Gay couple

wow! I like such news. It is shock for me to see that gay couple show their love in such way. I don't know how their account got such popularity. But i am happy for them. They don't afraid to show and share their love with other people. I have read, that this couple has got YouTube channel. I am active user of Instagram,so i will follow them, and also in YouTube.

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Maurizio San
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Gay couple with babies

Hello friends. Of course I'm happy for those who are happy)) And let them continue to be all right if they want to share their lives with photos in social networks with the whole world, it's their business, maybe others will follow suit. I do not mind, but as for me, I still would not put our family photos on public display, and not because there are those who do not like it, but just want our small world to remain ours, and not common. But this is their own business. I wrote my opinion on this issue.

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Gay couple with babies

Good night everybody! Who can not sleep, except me ?!))) I consider myself a perfectly busy person and rarely appear in social networks, I go sometimes to see news of friends or to be associated with those who live far away. Therefore, I do not even personally upload photos of my own. I believe that all the same, the continuous laying out a large number of photos, it's a kind of spam and a clogging of the news feed. Glad of course for this lovely couple and their baby. But you understood my opinion on. this account.)))devilsmiley

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Taking your baby in your arms

Taking your baby in your arms, you are moved: how glorious he is! I want to stop every beautiful moment and share happiness with the whole world. Op! - and the twentieth photo for today appears on your page in sotsseti. See him not only relatives and friends, but also all subscribers. And the child grows, and every day something funny happens to him, interesting, funny. Even if something sad or frightening happened, you have a reason to share it - and get feedback, support, advice and opinions. Likes, finally. Is it worth to tell in detail about every event in the life of the child?

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Will the grown-up child be

Will the grown-up child be pleased to discover that other people know so much about him? It turns out that someone can laugh at how awkwardly he mastered the pot. Or my mother actively discussed the secrets of her son - for example, how he fell in love. In addition, the web has his photos taken when he was sleeping, ate or did not know that he was being photographed. The child can feel that the closest are intruding into his life, which, in theory, should provide him with support and protection.Before you publish something about your child, ask yourself: "And if someone posted similar information about me?" Imagine: a colleague put on the web your photo from the dining room - just when you are so ridiculously soiled with sauce.

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gay couple with babies

Of course, if those pictures can be seen only to your friends, than, perhaps, I would show several pictures, but if your photoes are seen to everyone you don't even know, than I wouldn't like to do that, because people are different and they have different thoughts about gays and I don't want some bad commentaries about my family especially those commentaries, which can be refferd to my child.

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Yeah, I would also show

Yeah, I would also show pictures, but not all. Social networks do help us stay in touch with our relatives and friends, but we should be extremely cautious with what we post there. I think I wouldn't post the photo of my baby son or daughter at first. Of course, I like to read pleasant comments under my photos, but one day my co-worker with whom I didn't even talk much told me that I should stop smoking too much... I was shocked and told him that I don't smoke, but he said that he saw some photos in my FB account... I didn't expect that he would follow my updates there, but he did this, so we need to think twice before post aything in FB, Twitter or Instagram!!!

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Some weak people tend to help

Some weak people tend to help others because they themselves need help. They are egoists, although they behave altruistically, it's just that their strategy of survival and achieving their goals is built on sacrificing one's own interests for the sake of others, counting on their reciprocal help, in which weak people are in great need. And if you do not understand what is the interest of another person who supposedly disinterestedly does something for you, then it's in your misunderstanding of his true intentions, and not his lack of selfish motives as such.

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Of course, planning and

Of course, planning and setting goals should be dealt with, life should not develop chaotically, otherwise you may get confused in it. But understand one very important thing - when planning and setting goals, you are walking along a path that has already been trampled by someone, because strive for what you already know and with the help of those methods that someone has already developed. This is good, but this may not be enough for a person to whom all the known is not interesting. Some people need a different meaning, another motivation, in order to develop themselves, and to get this sense, they need to engage in self-development for the sake of self-development, without any plan and specific goals.

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Suppose you have done

Suppose you have done something for several years, and then once and all of your projects fall overnight, how mentally you will be suppressed in this case and it will be hard for you to start all over again, because it is possible again for years of work? Undoubtedly it will be hard for you, it's hard on your soul and it's hard to decide, whatever your idea may be, it can lose meaning for you if the years of work have gone wrong.
This is understandable, since it is natural, but the firmness of the character in this case will depend on the objectivity of your view of the situation, that is, if necessary, it will still have to be done, there is no point to retreat. 

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