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Gaining Weight

Hi, guys! I have a problem and need some help from you. Recently, I've noticed that I started to gain weight. At first, it was ok, I became a little bit chubby, then I started to notice that my clothes is too tight for me. I had to buy a new one. Finally, even new trousers and jeans seemed to be too tight. I think it's because I eat too much bread and sweets and spend too much time in front of the computer screen. I work out regularly but physical exercises don't help me to get rid of a big big belly. So what should I do to become fitter? Any recommendations are welcomed!!! 

P.S. I used to keep to low calories diet but I only spoiled my teeth. Then I took some medicine to loose weight, but it didn't help... My mum says that it might be diabetes... is she right!?!

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If your goal of training is

If your goal of training is mass recruitment, in addition to drawing up a correct training program, you should first of all give a lot of time for acquiring knowledge about proper nutrition, as well as about the usefulness and effectiveness of using sports nutrition for weight gain. Being engaged in an exercise room, people first of all want to improve external of the muscles, to increase its volume, and to make it as much as possible. In order to achieve and master the above listed qualities, you need to make a correct diet for your body, and no matter what level of preparation you are now, proper nutrition is the key to success!

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Do not limit yourself in

Do not limit yourself in anything. A nice feature of the set of mass is complete freedom in choosing food, so long as it is healthy. Do not listen to crazy people talking about the dangers of animal fat. We are omnivores, we need all fats - both animals and plants. And complex carbohydrates. Many complex carbohydrates.Try to bring the diet to 4 grams of complex carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight per day. Difficult, but real. In addition, the delicious cooked porridge - it's very cool.
And here, too, is a sportspin-hack - geyners. About them a lot is written on specialized sites.With meals it's very simple. The more often, the better. At least three full-fledged meals a day with high-calorie snacks between them.

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A set of weight is a set of

A set of weight is a set of fat and muscle tissue. To get more fat tissue, you need to create a surplus of calories, that is, consume more than burn. It's not as simple as it seems at first glance. There is everything in a row - not an option. High-calorie foods like sweet soda, fast food and baking will add to you not only a couple of kilograms, but, perhaps, health problems. The high concentration of simple carbohydrates in such products can lead to fatigue and apathy, problems with the teeth and even osteoporosis. Saturated fats, contained in fast food, increase the level of cholesterol and can increase the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.To type "healthy fat", you need to competently eat for a long time. A surplus of 300-500 kcal per day is enough. Organize yourself a regular meal: three main meals and a couple of snacks.

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