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Gaining Weight

Hi, guys! I have a problem and need some help from you. Recently, I've noticed that I started to gain weight. At first, it was ok, I became a little bit chubby, then I started to notice that my clothes is too tight for me. I had to buy a new one. Finally, even new trousers and jeans seemed to be too tight. I think it's because I eat too much bread and sweets and spend too much time in front of the computer screen. I work out regularly but physical exercises don't help me to get rid of a big big belly. So what should I do to become fitter? Any recommendations are welcomed!!! 

P.S. I used to keep to low calories diet but I only spoiled my teeth. Then I took some medicine to loose weight, but it didn't help... My mum says that it might be diabetes... is she right!?!

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