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fashionable hairdo

As for me, the best way to be in fashion, or as I prefer - to be nice, is to choose your own style, or to develop your taste, if you don't have it! Your hairdo can be unfashionable, but it could be so good for your, it may be suit you so much, that it will the most fashionable at all. So, be yourself, express yourself as you want, in everything around us.

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fashionable hairdo

I have my own style :P .My hairdo is poluboks - hairstyle, for the past decade, not one member of the three most popular men's hairstyles.
There is no consensus regarding the history of its origin. According to some sources, poluboks broke into the men's fashion in the early forties of the last century thanks to the soldiers of the American army, without exception wore a haircut. A number of other sources, claims that this haircut is associated with the sport, hence its name. :lol: :lol:

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fashionable hairdo

yes you are definitely right. i spend lots of time in front of the mirror becasue it is very important for me look good and to have fashionable look. concerning my hair i can say that i like to make different changes with it and i do not have particular hair cut and everything like that. i am not afraid of such changes and i like to experimentate with my hair. the first thing i regularly do is to dye my hair in brown, i like this color and it suits me much. now i am having not very short hair and i like my appearance .

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fashionable hairdo

Well,if you're a woman enough-sure,you'll spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and sh*t.But if you do consider yourself a man-sure,you'll look into it,but not spending hours in front of it.I'm not a metrosexual or something like that,never has been that way,so it all looks pretty dull to me.Sure,you have to look right,but not be that crazy fan of your looks-oh,my hair is not in the right place,oh,I'm going to faint now! :cheer: That's stupid,man,but if it fits you-be my guest.I never really do any fashionable hairdo-my partner does my hair and everybody is ok with it.

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fashionable hairdo

Personally, I do not waste a lot of the time standing in front of the mirror.... to be honest, I hate this from the childhood... I know that I am pretty cute and that I will receive the attention from all around just by putting things on ease...   but, with the time, which by the way passes so fact, I notices that it is hard for me to accept that I am getting elder and elder and that sooner or later I will receive the first wrinkles and all the beauty I have right now will be completely faded after, if you were interested I will also add that it was more about the possibility to have the better choice in terms of the ability to see that you are into the certain theme and you have about yourself a lot. 

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fashionable hairdo

Hello. Honestly, at the moment, having exactly the same hair as I have now, I do not bother with inventing a hairstyle at all. Most often, if I go to training, then I tie a tail or a bun, and if for a walk, then rather loose and not quite brushed hair, I do not like the ideal combed styling)) Ideally, woke up in the morning, washed and walked. What do I do with my hair ... but do not do anything, if that's what my hairdresser does)) Since I have long hair, I try to wash them with quality shampoo)

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 I am not focused that much

 I am not focused that much on the hairdo I wear. I have a short hair because a long hair is much harder to care about - to brush and to wash. As for dyeing and lightening, there was such kind of experiment in my life and it failed.

So that is why I prefer not to dye my hair anymore. I am for natural looking. I don't mind if people dye their hair or do any other experiments with it, but it is not for me. I don't deny that someday I can change my mind, but now I like my hair the way it is and I have no desire to change anything. But of course, I care about my hair.

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I don't think that there is a

I don't think that there is a necessity of asking some other people (even us) about their opinion. And I am telling you this not because I am too lazy to answer you :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I am telling you this because it is your hair and nobody ever can know how it should look better than you, because you will have a new hairstyle, not they.

People are free to think about your hair whatever they want and to express their opinions in all possible ways, but let's be honest, does it matter if you look in the mirror and see that you are gorgeous? No, it doesn't. Absolutely.

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Guys have told you that after

Guys have told you that after their experiment with hair lightening their hair became thin, weak, dry, fragile, impossible to brush and even blue. But now everything is alright, or will be alright soon, because if you don't like your hair and the general state of it, you always can cut it off and then let it grow again. Cut off and grow, cut off and grow, over and over again.

Life is short and if you want some changes, do it with no doubt. Even if you are mistaken, time will bring everything back (the rule works not with everything, but as for hair it works

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you should not worry about

you should not worry about whether it suits you or not just because 'blond' is not one color which can suit one and look terrible for another one. Do you know how many shades of blond are there?

Thousands! And do you think that none of these thousands will suit you? At least one probably will, so don't worry. Especially if you have a light skin and light (blue, green, grey, but not brown) eyes. I don't mean that for guys with darker skin and brown eyes hair lightening is forbidden, but it looks less naturally than for guys with light eyes and skin. Good luck in choosing your own blond

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