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Do you show love in public?

Is it normal for you to show your love and affection to your partner in public? For example, when you are walking in the park or sitting in cafe or going shopping in the mall? Is it normal for you to kiss and hug your boyfriend or you would better prefer not to show your feelings outside your house?

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Do you show love in public?

I am a little bit shy, that's why I prefer avoid kissing, touching, and embracing in public places, such as parks, cafes, restaurants, malls. But the only one exception is gay bars, or gay clubs. There I can do everything I want, and everything I feel in this or that moment towards my partner, except sex. It occurs at home :P

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Do you show love in public?

I'm against love for show. Perhaps this sounds ridiculous and superstitious, but I still hold the view that an excessive demonstration of one's love and happiness to unfamiliar and not always happy people can bring disaster. Someone secretly envied, someone got angry because everything does not meet his soul mate, and in the end all these negative emotions arise because of you and are directed at you. Love seems to me a mystery of two people, something magical and special that should only happen between them, and no stranger in this secret should be dedicated.

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Do you show love in public

no. I don't like when some people do it. I think, that it is not so cultural. Whu other people should see how you kiss each other. I think you should show your love at home, where are two persons. Only you and your partner. Only you two should share it with each other. Other people shouldn't see it. Don't you agree with me? Some people find it disgust to see other people kissing

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Do you show love in public?

Hello, my darlings. Thank you for asking. I will answer him that way. I always believed that putting your feelings to the show, this disregard for others. Honestly, I always tried to restrain myself in public places, and not because I did not show everyone that I'm with a gay partner, simply because I think it's indecent, the children are watching, the grandmothers and grandfathers are watching. I have a home, there please, all the feelings and the heat of passion.

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Actually, I would like to

Actually, I would like to show love in public, but I often feel too shy to do this. I'm always afraid that someone would say that my beloved and I are doing something wrong. However, I think it isn't fair because there are quite a lot of heterosexual couples who like to kiss and hug each other in public. When people see them, they mostly ignore them, but when they see two men who hold hands, some of them start to laugh and say bad things...

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It is only necessary to

It is only necessary to change the status and confirm that you are in a relationship (and also accompany it all with a monstrously romantic photograph!), And you will be sprinkled with huskies and congratulations from people you have not met for at least a year (and maybe all five years!), and it will definitely be your day on Facebook in the rays of minute glory and emotions in the form of hearts.What changed? Your close friends and acquaintances have long been in the know, but for everyone else your new status (like any other photo, repost, chekin) will become a bait for discussion and a reason for evaluation.And what will happen, say, in 12 months, when you unexpectedly parted? The status will have to be changed again, and this time there will not be so many happy and happy smiles in the comments, but the public will have a "peppery" reason to discuss you and draw their own interesting conclusions.

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In addition, if people are

In addition, if people are constantly engaged in the same thing, they get bored. It would seem, well, how can this get bored, because this is a great feeling? Nevertheless, it gets boring, and the more people spend each other in the company, the more likely they are to bore each other. It will be a couple of months and they will understand that I do not want to kiss anymore, I do not want to see each day because there are not any emotions that were in the beginning. All their emotions they spent when they exposed their love for show. They tried to work for the public, but left nothing for themselves

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I was told that I am an

I was told that I am an introvert in its last stage, that I have old-fashioned ideas that I should not be afraid to express myself and my feelings, that such direct and daring behavior in public acts on relations only positively - such a shake-up and even adrenaline ... May be.

And it's still much nicer for me when my loved one meets me on the street and does not want to kiss me from head to foot, but to quickly take my bag from my hands (even if it's not heavy).

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Therefore, he wants only one

Therefore, he wants only one thing - that you forgive him. He does not expect from you a human relationship, which he did not deserve, he does not count on anything except forgiveness, for he realizes that he hurt you, that he acted very, very badly, betraying you. He understands that now you will cease to see in him the one you saw before. And you just think, he will bear all this life in himself this heavy moral burden. He really will carry it in himself, friends, believe me. He, or she, will remember his treacherous act throughout his life, and these memories will cause this person as much pain as you feel when you are betrayed. And I believe that we should not burden the lives of such people, no matter how hard they betray us, and torment their soul with their offense against them. Therefore, I suggest that you forgive, forgive and release them if you no longer want to deal with such people.

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The second reason is

The second reason is especially serious, it is much more difficult to understand. Some people can start their life so much that they do not care how it will develop. They are ready to put up with everything. As I wrote above - habits make our psyche weak, and thinking is stagnant. This is because they relax the person. A person must constantly overcome some resistance, make efforts to achieve some goals, adapt to something new, in order to maintain life energy, vitality. And if he lives in habits due to habits, then many functions of his body, both physical and mental, simply atrophy. So that some people can not make any cakes to give up on what they are used simply because they no longer have the ability, through which they can become addicted to something new - the ability to fall asleep in them.

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