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do you live in a boring town?

Now I live in Paris. And I'm in love with him. On Sundays in this city are stores in the metro living homeless, but it doesn't matter because this is Paris. Here in the morning and actually eat croissants and read Newspapers in cafes, picnics by the Seine, do not like to rush and be late for work. In Paris, I first visited when I was 12 years old, I came here with my mom. This city immediately sunk into my soul since we came every summer. I think my best memories from childhood: we walked, went to museums and shops, sitting in confectionery, ordered in a cafe is my favorite onion soup. And always went to Disneyland. Perhaps because of these trips I got to Paris very special tender and warm feeling. Every time we left, I was looking forward to returning to his beloved city.

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Maurizio San
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do you live in a boring town?

Greetings to all. I'm probably lucky that I was born in a not boring city, in the capital city and the beautiful city of Sydney. This city has everything, and opportunities and entertainment, you would have the desire and time for all this. I like my city, but nevertheless, as it turned out, I prefer quieter cities, or the very same accommodation should be outside the city in a more cozy and quiet place. I do not like the noise of the capital. Mad speed of flight time in this city, you do not have time to look at both sides, but I like expanses and mountains. My parents live in a city, they have a huge lake in the back yard, and behind it are mountains, like in a fairy tale, it's a crash!

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do you live in a boring town?

Hi guys. An excellent topic, you can see who from which cities are present on this site, thereby get to know each other closer. I was born in Athens, but I moved a lot from place to place and practically lived on all continents and in many countries. Now, I mostly travel much, but I return to my private home in New Jersey. And I do not think this city is boring or anything like that. But I live near the city further away from noise and dust. Clean air and space I need)smiley

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As for me i also live in a

As for me i also live in a boring town. but i think that it is not so big problem. and i have some advices for you. To get rid of boredom, it is necessary to do what makes the brain constantly work and be attentive. Creativity will help you develop skills that will help you in the future to move to another place. These skills will make you an interesting person and will allow you to get to know the same people as you. Try to learn how to play a musical instrument or sing. When you achieve this certain success, find other musicians and assemble a group. If you start performing, you will have the opportunity to meet new people. I hope that i could help you in your problem and you will never feel boring in your town.

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as for me i live in a big

as for me i live in a big city and sometimes i also feel boring. the truth is that no metter where you live, the thing is that your do not feel yourself comfortable at all. try to find interesting people and all will be super. when my boyfriend broke up with me i felt so bad and i think that my city is the worst place in the whole world. but i found the fun in usual places but with interesting people. so i think that it is not a problem. also you can take your friends and to country side. it can be very funny. and you know i think that the problem is not in a town but in you. start with yourself and everything will be fine. do not be so sad and start to do something.

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 I used to live in the town,

 I used to live in the town, I preferred to call by the shortest form of its real name and I always (as far as I remember) had the feeling that this particular city is not really for me at all, that I am worthy of much much more..! 

And trust me, my prayings and all forces managed to put me on the top of te list.. Well do not judge me, I am not trying to brag here at all...  but the boring city is sucking all strength from the young and freshly minded body it is the truthful fact indeed...My point here is that you have to leave what you really hate.

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Housing can cost a round sum,

Housing can cost a round sum, but there are also cheap options. In many cities there are hostels, and if you are willing to live with someone in the same room, housing will not be a problem. In addition, there are sites that allow you to book rooms in the house where the host lives (and it's cheaper than the hotel) or live with other people for free .
You can become a member of a sports team that often travels to other cities. Traveling with the team will not cost a lot of money.
Active rest with a visit to a large number of places will allow you to get rid of boredom, however you can get tired. To vacation did not disappoint you, come up with a goal. This goal should combine all your classes on vacation. You can visit all the local bars where the blues play, or see all the pictures of the local artist. You can even write a story based on what will happen to you on the road.

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The owners of many cafes,

The owners of many cafes, restaurants and bars are interested in the entertainment of their guests. If you or your friends are interested in poetry or music, ask if you can perform at a cafe. So you can get acquainted with new people and make your life more interesting.
Print out flyers advertising the event. Leave them at school, in the venue and in other places where people often come.
You can create ads on social networks that will only be shown to local people. You can even choose a certain age group. 
If you are interested in visual genres of art, you can unite with other artists and arrange an exhibition of your work.
Try to make sure that such events become regular with time. Find people who would like to meet constantly. Organize a club of interests. When deciding to conduct a similar event in the future, try to do it on a grand scale.

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This map does not reflect

This map does not reflect reality as it really is. It presents us with only a simplified model of it, which is exactly as accurate as our beliefs are. And the rationality of our beliefs largely depends on how well we understand them. Think about what your beliefs are based on? What knowledge [proven], beliefs, experiences, values, etc. lie at their basis? How often do you think about the quality of your beliefs? How well do they help you achieve your goals in life? There can be many such questions. With their help, you can understand how your model of the world is accurate and, therefore, useful to you. It is largely based on your well-informed beliefs.

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 And this can not be achieved

 And this can not be achieved if you do not learn to understand this most of the people. Well, think for yourself, what do you need in order to earn the amount of money you need? Money is paid to you by people, giving them to you as a means of exchanging your labor for your work.

Therefore, it is necessary to interest the majority of people with themselves and their services, or their goods, for which they are happy to be ready to pay you. Can you do this if you are far from understanding what people need and why they need it? I think the answer to this question is obvious to all.

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