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Do you feel guilty when you leave your kids home?

Perhaps psychologists will disappoint us, and explained that children under the age of seven years alone to not leave. And in some countries there is a law that prohibits leaving children at home under the age of 12 years. Otherwise, careless parents threaten serious trouble. Agree that we still were lucky. If you leave your child with someone, then I don't see the problem. You are still young and deserve a rest. Children are happiest when their parents are happy. I'm sure they will understand you perfectly, so get where you go, and don't even think to feel remorse.smiley

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Do you feel guilty when you leave your kids home?

Good evening guys. To me in this matter it is easier to say so, I have no sense of guilt for having left my children and want to stay with my loved one, simply because I have no children, at least for the time being. I hope that if someday I have children, I still will not feel guilty, because I want to be alone with my beloved person. The child is good, but do not put a cross on your life and on your relationships. I think so. I think good parents give enough time to their children, so some of the time is spent on maintaining relationships between partners, for a happy life in harmony. This is true!

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Do you feel guilty when you leave your kids home?

Hello my friends. Undoubtedly children are our happiness, our future, and my son is the best for me in the world and I will give everything if only he lived happily. But still we must understand that life for the sake of our children is no longer our life, but I want to live my life also, and for this I need my personal time and space. I love my son and he knows it, but quite often I left him with a nurse and spent time with my partner or just relaxed. My son understands me. This is important. And my conscience does not bite me.laugh

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i think that it is very

i think that it is very interesting question. should we feel quilty for leaving our kids? in my opinion we should not. everybody needs breaks. even parents. to be a father is very big responsibility. it is our second job. and as you know we need to rest after our work. by the way, you should understand that you do not leave your children forever, just for some time. they can be with their grandparents for that time. i see nothing cruel if you live your children even for week. for example if you go in vacation with your husband. believe me, your children also will be happy to rest from you. i think that they will find many interesting things to do with your mom or dad. so, do not be afraid of leaving your children. everything will be ok with them.

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i agree that everyone deserve

i agree that everyone deserve a break. so i think that it iis normal to leave your children at home. you must not feel guilty about this. it is life. i think that your children will understand you when you and your sweetheart want to go to restaurant or cinema together without them. do not worry about your children so much. your mother of father can help you with it. it will be pleasure for them to play with their grandchildren. also try to understand that one day your children will leave you and they will have their own lieves. they will not be always neat you. it is life. so you have to be accomodate for this situation. just relax and enjoy you free time with your dear man.

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Tell the kids about it. They

Tell the kids about it. They deserve to know where their parent is - you're supposed to be their role model, after all, so don't hold this back from them. It might be rough if your kids always need you by their sides, but try to tell them your reasons and soon enough, they'll be convinced.Make sure your kids are in good hands.

Leaving them alone is not a very good choice, especially if your kids are young and they won't be able to manage their lives or the house on their own. A trustworthy family member or a close friend should do the job for you - a babysitter might be too expensive for such a long trip. 

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 I think that all of us those

 I think that all of us those present at the conference, well, or almost all parents left some at home, and themselves built a bright future. I stayed at home alone from the age of 7 - my mother resorted to dinner, fed me, quickly looked at my assignments, then I did my own lessons.

At the age of 8 I was at home alone, warming up my dinner for myself, and so on. But as soon as the opportunity arose, my mother attached me to the extension (which I, by the way, could not stand). I was never met from the school, although she was far away, did not control the performance of homework

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The person, not wanting to

The person, not wanting to have problems with the card and the bank and seeing that he is already partially aware of it, will give the fraudsters the missing information, after which his money will be stolen from his card. 

This method of provocation has many forms and methods of application. The desire of people to point out other people's mistakes, delusions, lies, and at the same time emphasize their awareness, is often used in their own interests by literate provocateurs.

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And how do you find out about

And how do you find out about it? Well, well, there is biology, anatomy, medicine, anthropology and a host of other human sciences that study his body and mind. There are many of them, these sciences. But if you narrow your view on this question, you can reduce everything to those sciences that study the human body and those that study its soul and mind. And it is these things that we need to develop to make ourselves better. Here, psychology, mainly studies the soul and mind of man. And this, as you can, not even so much to know as to feel - very important elements of a human being. And since they are important, you have to work on them to develop your personality - that's what we really need, right?

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So, look what we have with

So, look what we have with you. We have a problem related to the fact that a person - you, or someone else, wants, but for some reason can not refuse to smoke. That is, the desire to eat, it's already good. While it does not matter for us what it is caused, it is important that it exists. So, now you, or someone else, smoke, thereby causing damage to your body. You are hurting yourself - that's for sure. But you thus enjoy, somehow, but no pleasure. Why is this possible, why can a person harm his health, for the sake of pleasure? And I will answer you - because there is nothing else better, he does not know. 

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