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Dependence on marijuana

that sound like not the post of the role model, am I right?! do you actually think that it will be good for you to accept that everything was more of less about the drugs and everything you are taking into account was more or less about the being high! ohh, I sincerely hate this feeling and this condition and it seems to me that the society does not get the main point of the whole thing - the constant, continuous smoking of the marijuana will negatively affect the health of the person and it is important for me to see that this is about the whole thing - you become addicted and stupid and it is all very pity and awful...unfortunately..

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Dependence on marijuana

Greetings to you my dear. Wow how much you have been advised. And I'll put in my five words)) I'm a sportsman myself and have never tried to smoke this shit, but I can confidently say that what you consider as relaxation from working hours resorting to marijuana is just an illusion. It's just a habit, since marijuana is a drug, you can not throw yourself. But you, of course try. Your partner worries about you and does the right thing. After all, soon, maybe marijuana will not satisfy you or relax completely and you will want something more powerful. Thoughts sober!

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