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Dependence on marijuana

that sound like not the post of the role model, am I right?! do you actually think that it will be good for you to accept that everything was more of less about the drugs and everything you are taking into account was more or less about the being high! ohh, I sincerely hate this feeling and this condition and it seems to me that the society does not get the main point of the whole thing - the constant, continuous smoking of the marijuana will negatively affect the health of the person and it is important for me to see that this is about the whole thing - you become addicted and stupid and it is all very pity and awful...unfortunately..

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Dependence on marijuana

Greetings to you my dear. Wow how much you have been advised. And I'll put in my five words)) I'm a sportsman myself and have never tried to smoke this shit, but I can confidently say that what you consider as relaxation from working hours resorting to marijuana is just an illusion. It's just a habit, since marijuana is a drug, you can not throw yourself. But you, of course try. Your partner worries about you and does the right thing. After all, soon, maybe marijuana will not satisfy you or relax completely and you will want something more powerful. Thoughts sober!

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Dependence on marijuana

Many people consume marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Although marijuana has a much lower rate of addiction than other drugs such as cocaine, over time “pot” can overstimulate the your nervous system and lead to dependence on the drug. Irrespective of whether or not you are addicted, quitting marijuana use can benefit your overall well-being. Make the decision to quit. Make an honest assessment of your marijuana use by asking questions about how much and often you need to use the drug. These questions can help you to more easily make the decision to quit using the drug. See a medical professional. If you’ve decided to quit using marijuana, you may feel confused about the most effective way to do this. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or another medical professional to talk about your decision to quit marijuana and your options for treatment.

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You know drug addiction is an

You know drug addiction is an epidemic, which increasingly affects the younger generation. In most cases, the addict does not realize that gradually becomes dependent on the drug. Only after the break-up occurs, one can understand that he was in the drug network. In this regard, there may be a desire to put an end to this terrible habit. To do this, you need to know how to get rid of drug addiction on their own. Because the rehabilitation process is long enough. Today, there are various methods of treatment of drug addiction. Faced with this problem of people are willing to use a variety of recommendations in order to escape from the craving for drugs.

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you can go for psychological

you can go for psychological training, in which the patient can share their thoughts and fears. Here you can see the same people who make every effort to quit drugs. This will give even more strength and determination in the fight against this harmful habit.

Help loved ones is a fixing step, which is not less necessary than all the previous ones. Because assurances from relatives and their confidence in a positive result, to help former drug addicts to buy power in the fight against addiction. In addition, it is always much easier to deal with problems when your loved ones on your side.

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The resort-rehabilitation

The resort-rehabilitation centers in the method of ibogaine-detox is based on the use of iboga extract. This method is recommended to be performed immediately after discharge from the hospital, and drug detoxification. Rehabilitation centers must be paid by you (or your family).

The cost of the entire stay in them is available not for everyone. But the effectiveness of twelve-month rehabilitation really high. Many drug users in rehabilitation centers create a family, find friends who share common interests and a common goal.

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. That is, turning in the

. That is, turning in the athlete's drug-addicted began to smoke at least twice. Even five mild enough training to feel and to assess their impact. Psychological dependence on marijuana can not be cured medically. At least, today there are no drugs. Most of those men and women who made friends with the grass green (and not just in America) show a desire not to quit an unhealthy habit, but don't come here too often. According to statistics, about 3% of the population aged 12 years and older use marijuana more than 20 days in a month. Lower frequency of eating is considered modern American doctors, as a relatively innocent, recreational habit. When it develops into a disease — welcome to the gym.

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Yes, the meaning of wisdom is

Yes, the meaning of wisdom is precisely to convey it in a certain form to subsequent generations. Therefore, to find it, a person needs motivation in the form of a goal - to teach someone something very useful, directly related to people's lives. That is, if you want to become a wise person, then you need to decide - to whom and for what you will pass your wisdom. It can be your children, students or even all those people who will be interested in your knowledge and experience. And such always will be. One often hears that young people do not want to learn anything, that she repeats the mistakes of their fathers and grandfathers and prefers to fill the bumps themselves.

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 And vice versa, if

 And vice versa, if everything is just fine in your life, but you were convinced that it is bad, wrong, inadequate, then you will suffer, or rather, yourself will torment yourself, because of someone else's opinion about you and your life.

That's why I'm saying that you yourself must decide what is good for you and what's bad for you. You can not let other people paint for us a picture of our life. You can not let one person inspire us with a belief in our inferiority, just because we have, say, clothes are not fashionable, or the phone is old, or the car is not expensive, and so on. 

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Or he can experience negative

Or he can experience negative emotions because of such a question and begin to show aggression towards the one who asked him. And this will put a person in a bad light and people can think bad about him, including the fact that he is really a former addict with an unbalanced psyche.What people do not do for joys. When a person is overwhelmed with emotions, he begins to behave primitively, taking the most straightforward decisions. It's the easiest thing for joyful people to sell anything. When people experience a storm of positive emotions, they do not really consider money. The main thing is to awaken these emotions in people. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, look at how well different sales are provoking people to make purchases, including unnecessary ones.

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