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the decor of garbage

hi, gentlemen! On the Internet sometimes i come across to the workshops like as "how to make a Swan out of old tires", "flowers from plastic bottles" etc. also, i saw in courtyards and on summer residences something similar to this decorations. Dudes, maybe i am bastard, or something like that but it seems ugly and non-functional for me. And what do you think about those "decorations"? :woohoo:

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The decor if garbage

Good evening. I don't like such decorations. I know, that some people try to be economy, but they shouldn't use such things. I know people, who can find in garbage some furniture, paint it and put in their flat. I don't understand, how people can put it in their clean, cozy house? I would better save some money for decoration, than take garbage to my home.

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the decor of garbage

Hello everyone, guys. I do not watch the same programs, and even more so do not do it. Perhaps this is more suitable for mothers in dicreta)))) When I bought my house, I wanted it to look inside not like Ikea's shops, but something special, and certainly not all of was made from plastic bottles)))) I discussed in vain every moment of the interior. I now have a home exactly as I wanted. and I do not want to change anything, for a long time. But when I want to change, I'll invite an experienced designer again))

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