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the decor of garbage

hi, gentlemen! On the Internet sometimes i come across to the workshops like as "how to make a Swan out of old tires", "flowers from plastic bottles" etc. also, i saw in courtyards and on summer residences something similar to this decorations. Dudes, maybe i am bastard, or something like that but it seems ugly and non-functional for me. And what do you think about those "decorations"? :woohoo:

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The decor if garbage

Good evening. I don't like such decorations. I know, that some people try to be economy, but they shouldn't use such things. I know people, who can find in garbage some furniture, paint it and put in their flat. I don't understand, how people can put it in their clean, cozy house? I would better save some money for decoration, than take garbage to my home.

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the decor of garbage

Hello everyone, guys. I do not watch the same programs, and even more so do not do it. Perhaps this is more suitable for mothers in dicreta)))) When I bought my house, I wanted it to look inside not like Ikea's shops, but something special, and certainly not all of was made from plastic bottles)))) I discussed in vain every moment of the interior. I now have a home exactly as I wanted. and I do not want to change anything, for a long time. But when I want to change, I'll invite an experienced designer again))

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Some of these decorations

Some of these decorations seem to be quite cool, and I like when people use their garbage for some useful purpose. It's really cool, because most of us choose to throw away empty plastic bottles or the stuff like that. I'm not much into making a home decore out of garbage, but if I have an opportunity, I often buy such things on the market or in DIY stores.

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Designer laconic things for

Designer laconic things for the interior of post-industrial garbage - it sounds unreal! But the young designers Matteo Fogal and Letizia de Allegri denied the seemingly unshakable truth and proved to everyone that from recycled jeans and paper can turn out great things!The ISH collection, presented this September at the London Design Festival, is entirely made from recycled post-industrial waste, no matter how eerily it sounds. If to say in plain language, interesting things in design that masquerade as a stone actually contain paper and coarse cotton fabric that survived the second birth. "Quarterbog" decided to figure out what kind of new materials are involved in the production, and what can be done from old jeans. About this and much more, we asked the young designers Matteo Fogal and Letizia de Allegri.

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If you have small children in

If you have small children in your home, you can bring something interesting to them in the manufacturing process. For children, crafts made of waste can become part of a game presentation. Unnecessary plastic containers from chocolate egg-surprises can be used for making human beings and animals.

Armed with a marker, plasticine and self-adhesive eyes, you can make a lot of all kinds of little animals. And even if later the kid will not play with them, the process of making it will be very pleasant to him, and you will spend your free time

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Eco-lifestyle is now becoming

Eco-lifestyle is now becoming one of the leading trends. Even if it has not reached the all-planetary scale, however, I want to believe that this is only a matter of time. After all, if you take into account the deplorable state of the ecology of our planet as a whole, and in each country separately, you understand that this is not just a fashionable trend, but an urgent necessity. But we will not go into sad discussions about how merciless a man is towards nature, and what this all threatens us in the future, but rather we turn our gaze to the trend that was born precisely by our time (which is quite natural) called apseiling. And he is called not only to save the world from the musorapocalypse, but also to give the citizens of the planet Earth the opportunity to show their creative abilities. Well, plus everything, this is a great way to save, which is inherent not only to those who, as they say, make ends meet, but also to well-off segments of the population.

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To trust you, or not to trust

To trust you, or not to trust other people, such a question is not actual in itself, because if you are a realist and know the nature of a person, then the answer to this question is also known to you. And it would not make sense for me to write this article about mistrust of people, if the problem of this mistrust itself would not be too bloated for some people, up to the size of the same social phobia. I do not really like all these phobias at all, because you can arbitrarily divide the unconscious form of fear and disassemble each of its parts, relieving a person from one phobia, then another. That's just why to engage in such a hemorrhoids, if you can fully understand all the fear, and then once and for all with him to understand?

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I had to work with people who

I had to work with people who reduced their whole lives to fairly primitive and often bad habits. For example, this is gambling, including dependence on gambling, it's a terrible job, on which a person simply burns his life, this is the lack of communication with people and, as a consequence, isolation and limitation, and so on and so forth. A person accustomed to these things immerses his mind in a prison in which he slowly dies. Such people have to be pulled out step by step from their very limited and gloomy world. And in this work great importance is played by their agreement with the fact that they need to give up their habits. 

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Unfortunately, the herd

Unfortunately, the herd instinct has its negative sides. In some cases, it causes people to panic, which only hurts them. But here it should already be noted that for the literate following of this instinct we need to use our mind.

As for the social factors that influence the person's propensity to trust people around him, education, learning and life experience play an important role here. If a person was taught from childhood that he needed to be trusted by others, he would become too gullible. Provided, of course, that his life experience does not refute this attitude. 

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What you are ready to

What you are ready to sacrifice for the sake of happiness, you can put this question in such a way, answer yourself to it and in principle you will understand what it is for you. For if all your happiness in a bottle, in junk, in expensive toys, in the variety of sexual partners, in something else that makes you truly happy, then do not start a family, do not condemn yourself or your wife or husband, or, in particular, children. A bad family, an unhappy family, becomes a source of suffering for many generations, because children in such families are often as irresponsible and careless as their parents, and their children are also from generation to generation, respectively.


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