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dads and kids pluses

i dont know, i havent heard about such studies but i wont ake such decisions. there lots of families which consis of mother and father and children there are very happy, it' the matter of parents and theit attitude to their children. i know some families of two dads where children look very bad, they dont care of them at all, so to compare such things is unfair, but of course if 2 people are responsible and reliable then the child will be happy and grow up a great person.

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dads and kids pluses

I think that the role of a father is absolutely important on all stages of a child's development. A father is not only a parent, it is a friend, a mentor and the model for imitation. Even Sigmund Freud claimed that after the age of 3, children began to identify themselves with their fathers, replicated their facial expressions, jestures and behavior. In this case a child takes an image of the father as a basis and follows it in the proccess of self-development. Moreover, according to the recent statistic researches, the children, who were brought up in gay families have more adequate self-esteem, are more self-confident and less subjected to stress than the children, who were brought up in heterosexual families.

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dads and kids pluses

Nice and wonderful, pretty thoughtful words I have read just right now. "the more the father involved in the upbringing process, the more successful the child will be after all". So here is the real deal... and I will explain my personal opinion so you will be able to see that I am right. i have seen so many examples in traditional heterosexual families, where the father was really strict and demanding to sons, so they managed to grow up into the intelligent and thoughtful adult persons (maybe not in all spheres, but in the case of the education and financial eagerness - completely). So the life gives a lot of similar examples and it is pretty obvious - the kid has to be raised by both parents. 

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dads and kids pluses

Friends hello, interesting topic. It is unequivocal that our behavior and mood affects our children !!! Children are our mirror and reflection. I know this not by hearsay. Of course it's not always possible to be in a good mood, joking ... everything happens in life, but you should explain to your child what is happening, why you can not have fun at the moment with him. Children learn from their parents, you need to try to make sure they learn from you something good, everything is best for you for your child.

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You know the dad effect

You know the dad effect starts as early as birth. A review of studies by the Father Involvement Research Alliance shows that babies with more involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident in new situations, and eager to explore their surroundings.

As they grow, they are more sociable. Toddlers with involved fathers are better problem-solvers and have higher IQs by age 3. They are more ready to start school and can deal with the stress of being away from home all day better than children with less involved fathers .

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Often we can hear from people

Often we can hear from people of the older generation that the children have grown up and completely wrested from their hands, pulled away, treat their parents like strangers. They say, they do not respect, they do not come to visit and even forget to call.

At such moments young moms usually think something like: "Thank God, it's not about my baby. Here I have what kind, gentle and gentle grows, and always will be like that! ". Of course, parents always want to believe only in the best. But the prerequisites for this best future for our respectful older children, we can lay down now.

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 For example, parents tell a

 For example, parents tell a child: "If you eat soup, then we'll buy you a car today." Abuse of such a method provokes the child's dependence on reward. He will continue to behave accordingly, there is no gift and I will do nothing. Also, as a reward, you can not release the child from performing the duties assigned to him earlier. For example, to say: "If you get a top five in mathematics today, you can not vacuum the carpet at home." In this case, the child perceives any work as something unpleasant and will be deprived of the desire to show diligence. For a child, in this case, getting a reward will be more important than the process of overcoming difficulties.

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Further it is necessary to

Further it is necessary to exclude as much as possible contact with the revealed allergen, as far as it will be possible, after which allergy sufferers will be uniquely easier. However, it is often impossible to completely not meet with an allergen, therefore at each contact the child will resume an allergic reaction. It is a constantly repeated allergic exacerbations and lead to weight and progression of allergies in children. Therefore, this can not be stopped.
If necessary, you need competent medication, which will help to symptomatically relieve the acute symptoms of allergies.

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Therefore, in any case, a

Therefore, in any case, a person will adhere to some beliefs, regardless of who will be their author. For we all need some kind of model of the world in our head to orient ourselves in the environment. So beliefs are strong primarily because we simply can not do without them. But what these beliefs are, this is another matter.

I repeat, people can believe in anything. Therefore, if someone convinces a person that black is white and white is black, then it should not be surprising that he starts to consider this to be true. 

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 Any person can solve it. So,

 Any person can solve it. So, dear readers, the more positive emotions will be in your life, the calmer and easier you will be to endure stressful situations. Speaking about the problem of stress, we have in mind primarily emotional stress, and not an adaptation syndrome, which is a set of nonspecific changes that arise in our body.

The second thing you need to improve your stress resistance, for a calm and adequate perception of life is the ability to satisfy your basic physiological needs - eating, sleeping, physical and intellectual activity, sex. 

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