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Iknow that  if someone is

Iknow that  if someone is ready to accept you - well, but often or simply no one answers, or there are refusals. You have to have an alternate option, if nobody answered or suddenly changed your mind, which often happens. Under the reserve option, I mean looking around for a hotel, or at least find out the street where hotels are milled on your budget.If no one ever wants to take you, think, maybe it's better to fill out the profile, or write interesting letters, and send them in good time (for 3-7 days), not too early or too late.In search of hosts there is also a positive side: many people really try to fill their profile well. Some profiles are similar to works of art. It is interesting and useful to read them. Some hosts, when they send a refusal, in parallel write useful information / lifhaki about their city.

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it's anice option for many

it's anice option for many people-some of us can't really afford the usual ways of travelling in its entity.

So,this way is perfect for them to see the world,not to just be dreaming about it all the time.I think,all of us want to see the world at its most-sometimes we're ready for any option outthere,just to see some countries and cities,we've always wanted to see.At least,I've always used every opportunity,that was there,to travel-it doesn't matter,if its in my country,or somewhere faraway.So,all I can truly say-I totally support this way of travelling with everything I've got.

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The kauchserferov easier to

The kauchserferov easier to find a common language with people, they are more open and generous, and experienced even know each other in the streets. To understand who is the real host or surfer, you need to go no small way, the knock on not one door and open mine, too, at least a few times.

On CouchSurfing very much convinced in the truth of people, so it's best to respect the opinions of others and not impose. I've never tried this kind of travel, but I think it's fun

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To protect yourself from

To protect yourself from provocations, you need to respond to them correctly. A competent response is not an emotional reaction, but a deliberate answer. And the first thing that can be done in response to a provocation is nothing. You just need to ignore it.

Try not to contact provocateurs so as not to be exposed to them, and if they aggressively attack you, then just do not notice them. The provocateur always counts on a certain reaction from your side, he waits for you to answer him. If this reaction does not follow - his efforts will be futile.

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Why then have it, if you can

Why then have it, if you can borrow someone else's, more correct, more accurate and much more useful opinion for us? To be a person is to be a useful person, useful for yourself and for others. Even if different from other people and having charisma, you will not necessarily be a person for other people. After all, not every person is valuable, even if it is unique. A person can be quite unusual, unique, interesting, but at the same time harmful. We can accept such a person, and even partly admire him as a person, but if he harms us and not benefits, we will inevitably wish that this person does not exist in our lives. 

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For those who don't know,

For those who don't know, couchsurfing (couchsurfing, CS) is an international hospitality system. You register on the site, and then you can host guests or go to visit other participants, and it's all free. This is a very positive phenomenon, and we have met many wonderful people thanks to couchsurfing, but it is not necessary to idealize this phenomenon. In other countries, their ideas about comfort and how to receive guests.

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Do not think that if you sent

Do not think that if you sent a couple of requests (requests), all immediately want to take you. Requests need to be sent as much as possible, and it takes a long time, and it's a tedious stupid copy paste. In large tourist cities it can be 50 requests. In small towns hosts a little, but also little chance.
We usually send to those who are more or less active (that is, visited the site during the last week or month).

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In addition to the activity,

In addition to the activity, it would be nice to watch the reviews: usually in the negative and neutral written important information, and in response to these negative and neutral reviews, too. For example, if a person has a hundred positive reviews, and one negative about the fact that a person has promised to accept someone and disappeared, and he says that he had no electricity and Internet for three days, it's OK.and if of the four reviews two negative about the fact that the person promised to shelter and disappeared, and these reviews or no answers or goes in response to some inadequate, then of course there is no point in such writing.

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Another category in which you

Another category in which you should not waste time - this turgid, who expect that if they have sheltered you, then you have to buy them a tour or hike for big money. Some do not hesitate to write directly in your profile that the backpackers please do not bother, they only need those guests who are interested in their business! I knocked on such couchsurfing (Report a profile), because this site is not for such people, let not clog it with their advertising profiles.


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Everywhere are advised to

Everywhere are advised to write their personal needs, adapted to each person. But let's be realistic: you just do not have enough time to carefully study all the profiles and write a separate request for each, especially if it's not a three-day trip to one city every two months, but a great trip. A lot of work, and exhaust a little.

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