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Iknow that  if someone is

Iknow that  if someone is ready to accept you - well, but often or simply no one answers, or there are refusals. You have to have an alternate option, if nobody answered or suddenly changed your mind, which often happens. Under the reserve option, I mean looking around for a hotel, or at least find out the street where hotels are milled on your budget.If no one ever wants to take you, think, maybe it's better to fill out the profile, or write interesting letters, and send them in good time (for 3-7 days), not too early or too late.In search of hosts there is also a positive side: many people really try to fill their profile well. Some profiles are similar to works of art. It is interesting and useful to read them. Some hosts, when they send a refusal, in parallel write useful information / lifhaki about their city.

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