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Good time of the day, guys!  My best regards to everyone here..cheeky as for the Couchsurfing I can not vouch for my personal point of view, we all have the opportunity to decide whether it is better to spend a fortune for the luxury hotel, or to choose some cheap option, like some hostel...and the other thing which is possible too - to assign for the couch surfing program..! thus, you will have the time to sit at home and have a look at the various owner of flats or houses who is happy to give a "place o sleep" for everyone. it will not only safe your money, but also, it will connect you to other peoepel from all around the world. 

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Yes, it's a great way to meet

Yes, it's a great way to meet locals, but some-times they live quite far away from the city and/or things you want to do and see. You have to ensure that there are public transport options if you do not have a car... and be prepared to trade free accommodation for lack of convenience. Often the hosts have to work too, and some-times you feel like you are intruding in their lives, and that perhaps it's a bit of a chore for them having you there.So be prepared to spend some money and be nice to your host.. you could buy groceries and cook a meal.. and that's more than most of the hosts expect..winkwink

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Good evening, everyone.. I really know that a lot of people have been through it and managed to have positive outcome.. but, on the other hand, a lot of them was furious and scared to have the same trip for the next time in life..! surprise it was weird for me and I could not get the understanding why is it so, but as soon as I have gone through it, I get have to be really very lucky to find kind and neat family, and for the night rest that is really very important..indeed, you will save some money, a lot of them, actually, but the comfort is NOT, it is up to you only. 

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hmm let me think about it. I

hmm let me think about it. I dont know but the first question that arises in people unfamiliar with couchurfing is the issue of security. Many simply do not know how it is possible to admit unfamiliar people to their apartment, or how to stop yourself from knowing who.Of course, you should not completely trust everyone in a row, but it's obvious that vicious people usually do not use couchsurfing and do not accept guests. I'm not saying that they are not, but I maintain that there are not many of them. I personally had absolutely no unpleasant situations associated with couchsurfing. My coaches who accepted me, had the most stories with an unpleasant draft. All living people, and not everyone can please everyone. In this case, as a rule, everything goes perfectly.cheeky

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I want to share some ideas.

I want to share some ideas. On the Internet, there are many good comments about couchsurfing, but at the same time people somehow hesitate to write about its negative aspects. Therefore, beginners can have high expectations, or they may not be ready for some moments, which are usually kept quiet. Do not think that if you sent a couple of inquiries, everyone will immediately want to accept you. Requests need to be sent as much as possible, and it takes a long time, and it's a tedious stupid copy-paste. In large tourist cities, this can be 50 requests. There are not many hosts in small towns, but there are also few chances.

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Hello guys! How are you? Couchsurfing is very developed way for leaving for tourists. i enjoy this company, because if you are student, you haven't got much money, but you want to explore the world. this company can come to help. so you can not think at least about money for hotel. your task is in time connect with couchsurfer to deal with him/her about you to stay in his/her flat for one or two nights. as for me, i can participate in such program. but my boyfriend is strongly against it. he doesn't trust strangers, he think they can rob you or bring damage to your house and close people (if they live with you). i have watched some program (unfortunately, i forgot the title), but program about travelling. they show how people can travel with limited money.and they use Couchsurfin website almost in every seria. and what is you opinion about it? what is your boyfriend  attitude to Couchsurfing?

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CouchSurfing is more than a way to travel, it is rather a way of life. The kauchserferov easier to find a common language with people, they are more open and generous, and experienced even know each other in the streets. To understand who is the real host or surfer, you need to go no small way, the knock on not one door and open mine, too, at least a few times. On CouchSurfing very much convinced in the truth of people, so it's best to respect the opinions of others and not impose. I've never tried this kind of travel, but I think it's fun

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Hello my dear friends. I agree that after all a large number of people would like to travel, but not all have the opportunity, since traveling is not a cheap thing. Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of such organizations as CouchSurfing, it's great that thanks to such an organization more people will be able to visit different places around the world. Some of my friends, completely crazy, they are lovers of travel and can travel almost without anything, on the lung, so they stayed for lodging with local residents of the countries they went to. Those in turn fed them, and friends boasted that they spend an excellent time, maybe they used the services of such a company.

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Greetings my friends) The mood is to itself, tired a little today. But this did not stop me from delving into this site, it starts to please me) I have not heard of such a program for travel, if we talk about the topic that you touched on. Most likely it will not concern me, as I am already compelled to travel and all expenses are covered by the company with which I have signed a contract. Although the competitions take a lot of time and preparation for them, I still find time for rest and for my son. These trips are quite enough for now, I do not plan for the future.wink

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in my opinion it is a very

in my opinion it is a very good idea to travel this way. more impirtantly, it is cheaper than common traveling. Me and my husband also use it. We were so impressed with the first trip-free accommodation in the expensive Finnish capital, acquaintance and communication with a living Finn, a walk through non-tourist places, that we got infected with this idea, and since then it is difficult to recall at least one of our trips in which we did not take advantage of the guests networks.Couchsurfing for us is, first of all, cultural exchange. Coming somewhere on the ticket, or even independently, but not communicating with the local - it is impossible to understand how people live, what they are fond of, what they think.

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