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Hello everyone, friends. Christmas, time of fairy tales and miracles. The time of childhood and the friendship of the family. Whatever one may say, Christmas is still a family holiday. Traditions do not change) At least I))) I used to always try to come to my parents with my son, now I try to come to them for Christmas, but sometimes I can not get out. Celebrating with my son and close friends)) And with a nurse))) I always rely on surprises, I do not expect anything, I like to give gifts more, already bought for all the presents and hid them at work) Different things)

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I like to make presents, and

I like to make presents, and want to share the things that you need to know when choosing the present. Make a list of everyone you have to buy for with the budget you'd like to spend for each person. In order to figure out your budget, try to remember what they bought you in previous years. It would be very awkward if someone handed you a nice necklace and earrings set and you gave them a box of chocolates.

Make sure you have at least a rough idea of what you want to buy each person before hitting the shops. Nothing is worse than going to a department store and not knowing what to do! 

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 Unfortunately, to Christmas

 Unfortunately, to Christmas so much time,.but i like this holiday very much.

It is family holiday i think. I like preparation to this holiday. Father take home christmas tree, i always decorate it by myself. After that my mom.and i prepare holiday dinner. We discuss menu and dishes, which we will put on the table.

During this holiday there is always atmosphere of happiness and secure. And what traditions do you have in.your family?

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Of course, when talking about

Of course, when talking about how to celebrate Christmas, you can not fail to mention the custom of gifting your loved ones with gifts. This is better to take care beforehand. Some gifts can be prepared with your own hands, while others can be bought in the store, but only they must be chosen with love and the desire to make their relatives pleasant. Formally bought at the last moment a gift - it's not for Christmas. If Christmas Eve is a bright and quiet evening, then it is customary to celebrate Christmas with fun, with noise, laughter and carols. Think about how you will bestow the guests who have complained to you. Or you can go to caroling yourself, picking up special texts for this purpose in a book or on the Internet.

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If for you, Christmas is more

If for you, Christmas is more like one of the New Year's days than a religious holiday, and you see it as another reason to spend time with your friends, you can refer to the Slavic customs.How to celebrate Christmas in the company? Since Christmas Eve, young people in Russia have been fond of guessing and caroling. Fortunetelling, of course, mostly girls, but you can try and guys!
So, on what fortune telling to stop? The most famous are fortune-telling in ashes and wax:The idler crumples a piece of paper, puts it on a dish near the wall, sets it on fire. When the sheet completely burns, a candle is placed next to it in such a way that a shadow appears on the wall from a handful of ash.
If you look at wax, you need to melt the candle and pour the wax into the water.

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Having defined the

Having defined the interlocutor in the mass concept, let you look at the fact that this source is waiting to communicate with us, because from his point of view, we can plan any call plan, but to get the response of a positive nature can only be, if we find the response inside the person with whom we communicate. Do we need our attention, obviously, yes, pay attention to how often you pay attention to people with whom you communicate, do you notice their reaction, do you pay attention to their mood, do you evaluate them either as a physical object, standing in front of you, but as a person with his inner world?

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That's just no life on this

That's just no life on this is not enough, to learn everything, to learn everything. Therefore, you have to choose something specific. The main thing is that it's something concrete, we liked that we were interested in it.

And as for making money, friends, let's face it - really cool specialists, especially in such areas as psychology, which will live as long as people live, are always and practically everywhere needed. Therefore, in order not to remain without a piece of bread - I, and anyone else, just have to become one of the best in my field, then there will be no problems with money for a person.

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Any collective, this is a

Any collective, this is a miniature model of the entire social order in the world, where the competently constructed pyramid of power prevails. In complete tranquility, only the one who sits at the top, can feel and feel himself, but everyone who is below must necessarily be afraid of something, and first of all for their places. 

Guilty of their troubles and failures, subordinates should see not the leadership, but their colleagues, the main thing is that it does not lead to self-mutilation, but more expressed in competition and rivalry. In no case can you let a person relax, feel their importance, the correctness of all their actions, the value for their leadership.

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The sense of guilt, which

The sense of guilt, which just arises from this inconsistency with these social standards, such as how a person should not be evil, he should be kind, and therefore should feel guilty if he does not show kindness. What I am writing here for you is calculated for every person, for I, as a person who understands the essence of things, see what and how is happening in our world, I consider it obligatory to bring this to other people so that they have a complete picture of everything that is happening, and understanding that , who we really are. Thanks to this, I consider myself to be a strong person, because unlike those who hold people under their control, I do not hide information, replacing it with another, by a propagandist who shapes the personality in such a way that it meets the requirements of those in power.

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