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Chilled my ear

Good night, guys. How are you doing? You can inflate your ear at any time as well as just chill it. One of my friends constantly chills the ear, she has a predisposition to this disease, to otitis, and just where it will blow and already it hurts the ear. Even when she takes a bath, and a little water gets into the ear, then surely it will hurt. And in general with such business do not joke, an otitis it very seriously, it is impossible to launch this illness or disease and it is necessary to address to the help of the doctor.

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Chilled my ear

Use heat to sooth the earache. Heat can bring quick pain relief. Apply a warm compress over the painful ear. You can make a warm compress from a washcloth dipped in hot water and wrung out, or from a hot water bottle or heat pack purchased at a pharmacy. Do not make it hot enough to scald the skin. You can keep the compress on your ear as long as you like. You can also try icing it first. Put a bag of ice on the area for 15 minutes. Then place a warm compress on for another 15 minutes. Repeat two to three times.
Hold a blow dryer an arm's length from your ear and blow air set to the "warm" or "low" setting into the ear. Do not use the hot or high setting. Administer over-the-counter pain medications. Good choices include ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Follow all instruction on analgesic packaging.

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It's really unpleasant

It's really unpleasant feeling! I know it by my own. I often chill my ears when it is very hot outside but i sit under air conditioning and this difference in temperature causes very bad influence on my poor ears :( Also it can happen when it is very windy outside and i don't take a hat. I am sure you understand me. But i have a way to solve my problem, i know treatment that is fully natural, without any pill. My mother taught me this. When you chill your ear and have a terrible pain inside, just take a little piece of onion, put it into little piece of medical bandage and swirl it. Then put it into your ear for the whole night, and do this procedure every night untill you feel better. Have a speedy recovery!

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As for me I heard about some

As for me I heard about some recipes that can help deal with such problems. But it does not always work. In any case, I think that first of all you have to limit your outdoor exercise with a similar problem.

You must create favorable conditions for your ear to cope with this problem. In addition, you should also use some special ointment that you can find in almost any drugstore. I think that this is not a very serious problem. And you need not worry about it too much. In any case, each of us can get a similar problem at any time. But I advise you to use something that will help to warm your ear right now.

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I understand that sometimes

I understand that sometimes it's hot outside or in your car, and your car air conditioning may be broken, but you shouldn't open all of your windows for a long time to get fresh air. One window for some seconds will be enough to get fresh moment and to clear your mind.

As you already faced this terrible problem, you have definitely to visit a doctor (otolaryngologist) who will be able to help you in dealing this problem. You should not joke with it, because it can lead you to much more serious disease.

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 there are very a variety of

 there are very a variety of their number, help much to improve the condition of the patient, and prolonged use and even cure the disease. :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: from the purulent discharge should be used, a bay leaf, it is the most effective tool in the treatment of suppurative otitis media folk remedies. :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

The leaves should be crushed!!!Baked onions should be rolled up in linen fabric to give the bag to gain a greater amount of temperature and attach to the patient's ear B) B) B)the patient should be immediately hospitalized

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Of course, there are people,

Of course, there are people, they always are, who are so used to living in their virtual prison, that they can not be pulled out of it - their brains are stiffened and they do not want to perceive anything new. They are accustomed to their values, are accustomed to their dependence and agree to be its hostages until the end of their days. They are not interested in real life - they are interested in the small world in which they live. What can be said here is that every person has the right to dispose of his life in the way he wants. But this does not mean that you should not work with these people in the way I proposed. 

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In most cases, a person is a

In most cases, a person is a product of his environment. We also depend on ourselves, but without other people, without their support, attention, understanding, help and love, it is difficult for us to become a fully developed and developed personality. Therefore, we should be treated with all seriousness to the one who surrounds us. No matter how wonderful a person you are, if you are constantly surrounded not by the best people, you will not only become better yourself and do not change your life for the better, but on the contrary - you will start to slide down to their level, and consequently your life will also become worse with time. 

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The main thing is that

The main thing is that knowing about the hatred towards yourself, you can, if necessary, first strike your potential offender with a blow. Here everything depends on your prudence, which you need, but which does not and will not exist if you do not control your emotions.More think and reason, and less react to the behavior of other people. Look for variants like in chess, there are always workarounds everywhere if you are not allowed in the front door. And be prepared for defeats, if you always and everywhere want to win, then you must be able to lose. A Japanese samurai is unlikely to be called cold-blooded, if he makes himself a hara-kiri after the first failure, his honor and dignity in fact are not needed by anyone else. 

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The next way to manipulate

The next way to manipulate the mass consciousness is mythologization. Mythologization is the creation of mostly fictional stories, in which there may be a part of the truth, and maybe not be it. But in general, these stories look beautiful, interesting, sometimes even useful to society and therefore people believe in them. The most interesting thing in this method of manipulation is that it is about the past, so you can invent a story of any kind, you will not be able to verify its truth anyway. You can think of a myth that will rely on alleged scientific facts. For example, one can refer to archival documents, including secret archival documents of special services, in which allegedly hidden truth. 

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