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child's trust

To deserve your child's trust and not to lose it in future each parent should remember a very simple thing - trust and fear except one another. So if your child has some reason to be afraid of you - you judge him or her for his or her words or deeds, you laugh at him or her when he or she wants you to consider him or her seriously, you shout on him or her all the time, you punish him or her too strictly (too strictly from the point of view of the child, of course. No partent ever thought that he is too strict) - then your child will never trust you. So work on yourself and your behavior concerning your child.

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child's trust

good to see all of you here, dear people. I will inform you from the start that I am not experienced father and it does not seem like I will be the one any time soon, but... but there are things, which are compulsory and those which are basically non-discussed.... the trust is the most vital thing is all human relations! and without this feature, you will be not able to see that everything you have is next to you always, mentally or physically, but it is ours... it goes very close to the support, like the belief that this person (or a parent for our case) has the right to listen to my struggle and I know that he will appreciate this opened heart I gave into his arms.

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child's trust

Positive relationships within the family are built on trust. This means that neither side will be harmed. Trust has a hidden message in itself, that you care about each other's interests. That's why we can take criticism without being angry with people we trust. At heart we understand that they really want to help us. The trust lost once is very difficult to recover. The effectiveness of education depends on your ability to listen and appreciate the feelings and ideas of children. The ability to listen to learn means that you should not impose your opinion on your child and do not express your opinions while he speaks. Family advice is a unique way to improve relationships and solve problems in a constructive way. The councils should unite all family members and be held regularly, for example, once a week at a predetermined time.

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child's trust

Greetings to all the guys, as you are doing today. I'm great. I always tried to explain to my child that no one will love you more than your parents, our love is irreproachable. And that he learned to respect his parents, no matter what, as well as I respect his actions and love, despite how many stupid things he has done. If from an early age he understands that his parents gave him everything that he now has, not material, but spiritual, then he will always treat his parents respectfully, despite the fact that some teenagers treat their parents badly. I believed my child, sometimes asked again, but I was always interested in how his day went, and he knew that I was always interested and did not hide anything in the future.

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The unity that has been

The unity that has been established between you and the baby from the very first days of its existence will, of course, change, of course, but will still remain the unity of the mother and child, only passed into a new, meaningful quality. You will get rid of many problems if you become for him not only a mother, but a friend. The child is able to feel and understand whether he is loved, whether he is happy, whether he is treated with respect. Hence, it is not enough to tell him that he is loved, he must fully find this confirmation, so that it does not happen that you tell him about your love, but in fact he feels very lonely. Deception leads to the fact that the child gradually loses confidence in adults, because at any moment he is in danger. The constant vigilance makes him nervous, makes him shy and whiny. In no case can it be deceitful to achieve anything from it.

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You know a child has a

You know a child has a natural inclination to trust his carers, although to some degree, this trust has to be earned. A baby needs to know that you will comfort him when he cries, change him when he is soiled and feed him when he is hungry in order to be a contented baby (who will trust you later on).

On the other hand, an older child will also need to be nourished and cleansed but he will need assurance that you will give him a safe environment and respect his character too, before he can trust you completely. It’s natural to want to share things about your child with friends and family, especially if you’re seeking advice or sharing parenting experiences with them.

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An assessment of how much you

An assessment of how much you understand each other is one of the most important aspects of the hearing.

Sometimes rephrasing your own words with what another person tells you allows you to accurately assess how much you understand each other.

Listening is more important than anything you say, taken together. The manifestation of respect and understanding on your part is more important than your ability to formulate answers, which is reflected in the excerpts of Ralph Rafton's doctor of medicine:When I ask you to listen, and you start giving me advice, you just do not do what I ask of you.

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This will set a good example

This will set a good example for him to be the same and he will learn that you mean what you say! Sometimes, people avoid sharing things with others because they are scared of the reaction they will get; it’s the same for children with adults.

If you get angry with your (ten year plus) child, when he admits he did not pray that day, he may lie to you in the future to keep you happy. Try to listen to your child and do not overreact when he tells you something that displeases you. Do not become angry and furious.

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Yet the strongest force of

Yet the strongest force of conviction is attached to the fact that they can be whatever, regardless of objective reality. Beliefs can be good, that is, useful to a person and society, and can be bad, bringing people pain and suffering. However, their main quality is vitality. How not to twist, and without any beliefs we can not live. And the more durable the conviction, the more stable it is and the more people adhere to it, the stronger it is. At the same time, most of our beliefs are based on such statements, truths and facts that we ourselves can not verify. In fact, most of our beliefs are based on our belief in something. 

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In the event that the body is

In the event that the body is no longer able to mobilize, in order to find the necessary resources to fully resist stress, the third stage begins - the stage of exhaustion. The man at this stage ceases to function effectively, his physical and psychological powers are completely exhausted. In a state of exhaustion, people are most susceptible to all sorts of diseases, such as heart disease, peptic ulcer, migraines, skin rashes and many others. As for the feelings of a person, at this stage he experiences anger, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks, and may fall into a deep depression. In other words, because of the action of superstrong or super-long stimuli, inevitably causing a stressful person in a person, his health, both physical and mental, causes great harm. 

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