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children, discipline and punishment

i think that it is very important to maintain the discipline in your family. i had previously told that it is good to be strict but you have to show you strictness in the other way, not in a such. this is very bad decision. then you will make you relation with the child not so connected and very small. he wont trust you and he want like you. because how it is possible to love the parent who is constantly shouting at you. try to talk to him, and understand him. i think that punishing you child is very violent and you just grow this violence in your child from the childhood.

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children, discipline and punishment

Discipline is one of the defining elements of parenting which is really important. Through discipline, kids are taught to become responsible, honest, kind, sharing people. The matter is that discipline and punishment are not the same thing. If you punish your child instead of disciplining him, you probably wont get the desired result.
Time-out is one of the most effective disciplinary techniques available to parents of young children, aged two years through primary school years. Like any other procedure, time-out must be used correctly to be effective. It must be used unemotionally and consistently every time the child misbehaves.

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children, discipline and punishment

In my opinion discipline is an integral part in bringing up children in each family. But there must be some border between discipline and punishment, because they are quite different concepts. I don't like violent punishment for children's discipline. I don't treat them as good, and rather useful ones. Explanation, and other conversations with your children are the best way for bringing up them decent citizens, and good persons in the world. Be nice with them, and don't be angry every time they don't understand you, because they won't understand you without words. Good luck!

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children, discipline and punishment

that is really hard not to mention that the discipline is that something, the ability that you, as a parent, teach the baby from the childhood and I believe also that a lot of parents make the huge and dreadful mistake, the consequences of which they will notice a little bit later in the period of the puberty of the kid... so the basic mistake in my humble opinion is that parents allow the child to do whatever he wants to  and motivating it in the way like "oh he is the kid and it is useless to limit him in some certain things"... what?! excuse me, but even as the non-experienced guy, who really do not have the baby, I know the basic knowledge of the whole thing...

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children, discipline and punishment

Hello friends. in fact, discipline is important, otherwise it will be hard to cope with your child in the future. And if you have already insisted on your own, you need to stand up to the end, although it will not be easy at all, otherwise the child will understand that in this way you can get what he wants and will do it again and again. And if the child has increased activity and you do not you know what to do with it, then you need to write it down to some sports club. Then he will not have enough energy for vagaries. I did this to my own.

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A child whose parents beat

A child whose parents beat him for the slightest infraction threaten to give the evil uncle, make him stand for hours in the corner or arrange silent boycotts, as a rule, doomed to an unhappy childhood. Such a kid will almost certainly suffer from low self-esteem, distrust of the world, a feeling that he is superfluous and unloved. In fact, such punishment of children has nothing to do with the educational process. This is a banal cruelty.No better, and the other extreme is complete permissiveness. If the child is sure that he can do anything and nothing will happen to him, he does not distinguish between good and evil, between his own pleasure and another's pain. And strange as it may seem at first glance, this kid also often feels unnecessary, unloved by his parents.It is necessary to punish - in some cases only this method allows the child to feel the limits of what is permitted, to maintain parental authority and to cultivate responsibility in it. The question is, what should be punished for, how to do it and how to give the child to understand that you still love him.

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Sometimes there isn't a

Sometimes there isn't a logical or natural consequence for a bad behavior or you don't have time to think it through. In this case, the consequence for unacceptable behavior may be taking away a privilege.

For example, if a middle schooler doesn't complete her homework on time, you may choose to take away television privileges for the evening. This discipline technique works best if the privilege is: Related in some way to the behavior, something the child values, taken away as soon as possible after the inappropriate behavior (especially for young children).

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Think, maybe, something is

Think, maybe, something is possible, but carefully? For example, you can explain that you need to wash the handles after the baby has squeezed the dog. If the kid is interested in climbing on the couch, and you are afraid that he will fall, lay down a pillow or insure it yourself.

Or let it fall if the height is small. So the little one, "punishing" himself, will learn to recognize the danger and make his own choice, what can and can not be done. You can also give the baby to understand that the stove can burn, allowing you to touch a cold, safe temperature, but still hot.

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 discipline is extremely

 discipline is extremely important in the family because otherwise your child wont know what responsibility means. and then he wont be reliable and if he will have some difficulties in life he wont say you. discipline is not only important at home.

children have to follow it in kindergarten, then in school and then they have to be disciplined and organised at the university, otherwise he will have really very big problems. so yo my mind it is better to start right from the childhood to grow up a disciplines child. try to make timetable, it helped us a lot.

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Belief of a person is his

Belief of a person is his program of actions. And the closer this program is to the natural essence of man, the easier it is to follow it. And aggression and the desire to commit violence against other people, mostly weaker ones, is part of our nature. That is why many leaders, manipulating the masses, turned more to their animal aggressive nature than to reason and virtue. People are easier to force someone to hate than to love someone. And hating someone and especially causing someone evil, people feel strong. Most people have always needed an enemy, because they do not want to be responsible for their own problems, failures, suffering, miscalculations, stupidities. It's easier to blame someone else. 

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