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children and internet

Today came across the news on local news portal where talked about that parents of first-graders were outraged by the assignment of teachers to registered their children in facebook.
Interested in Your opinion, who have children and who who not yet. How do You feel about using the Internet young children? At what age, in Your opinion, possible to admit the child to the Internet? Whether it is necessary to control the child's stay in the Internet? In what age we can register children in social networks? Generally let's discuss it!

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children and internet

well... that is the question I am interested in myself and therefore I am able to tell you that it is vital to understand when it is the right time to tell your child that he is able to get into the Internet... as for the usage of the computer and various updated technologies, it is vital to see that we are able to get into details briefly... therefore, we have to be wise enough to let our kids grow up according to the time we live in... do you see what I mean?! on the other hand, we have to pay the through attention to details, like, what and where our child is surfing on the Internet... anyway, I will use the "parenting control" protective programs for the child to be safe in the Internet..

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children and internet

In children, the bar of a critical attitude towards sites, video and games is lower than in adults. Children positively evaluate the Internet, they trust him more and already therefore they are a convenient "object" for any impact. Unlike adults, children perceive the interlocutor in the Internet as a "friend" and trust the network acquaintances more. Therefore, the child is more acutely experiencing insults from the network, but at the same time he is more willing to make new and new contacts and is more actively acquainted with unknown people in the network. In relation to schoolchildren, researchers note that about 15% have a tendency to the emergence of Internet addiction. Internet-dependent schoolchildren live with a constant sense of danger, it is difficult for them to communicate in the real world with their peers.

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Children and Internet

Good day. i think children shouldn't use the Internet, there are so much unnecessary information for them. Porn, drugs, cruelty are waiting for our children there. I don't want, that my child will see it, and what about you? The same thing with social networks. Many bad expressions, also cruelty and porn. Our children deserve for better childhood.

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