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Hello everybody! As I told you before I am really fond of fashion and celebrity life! And you know what I have just read a new article about one of my favorite actresse ever Krisen Stewart! you can see everything by your own eyes there Also Charlie's Angels is one of my favorite movies!!! Did anyone watch it or see it? To my mind Drew Berrymore in the second part of Charlie's Angels was jus HOT devil And Justin Theroux too) I like his body! So what is your opinion about this news and what is your favourite movie?))))

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Maurizio San
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Celeb News

Hello everybody. An excellent news portal, and I opened it thanks to this site for gays. I can not imagine how I did not find it before. As for the news and the question ... I am not acquainted with the news, but about the Charlie's Angels ... are there really those who have not seen this film))) I watched it several times, and if we talk about the cast, it's picked up flawless))) The actress's act is gorgeous, but most of all I like Lucy Lew, not only in the Angels, she played her role well, but also in such films as: Kill Bill or in one of my favorite films Lucky Number Slevin.

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Celeb News

Hello friends and dear readers of the forum. If we talk about the news, then I do not know. But I can say what I think about Charlie's Angels, I used to like this film very much, I watched it many times, but now for some reason it no longer pleases the eye as before, it can be revised. As for the actor, in real life I like sports men with a different type. And as for the favorite film, then it is difficult to answer unequivocally, there are many of them, of different genres. Starting with The Lord of the Rings and ending with the film Home Alone.yeswink

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This is a thriller for girls)

This is a thriller for girls)). In addition to the detective line, the heroines are also trying to arrange their personal lives, which is not very easy if at work you jump with a parachute, trying to get to the villain, and the guy thinks that you work as a wax depilation master. The film was filmed by the director, who was mainly involved in video clips, so Charlie's Angels turned out to be so .. bright and clip-like. Caricature villains, dizzying fights, pop songs - scenes are somewhat sketchy, but all together they represent an uncluttered action. i can say that in general i like this moovie but there are many films which are better than this one.

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As for me i watched the

As for me i watched the second part of the film. I liked the first part and therefore watch the second village with anticipation. Well ... This is better to write on the items. I liked that the tradition of the film was preserved. At least they did not destroy the spirit of the first part, so there is no feeling that these are two different films. It's good that they saved the acre composition. There have been cases that the Hollywood projects of the "second series" could surprise us by the fact that the main character is played by a completely different actor ... The calculation for "and suddenly they will not notice .."  A daring moment. Pleased with their relationship and comedy couple Alex  and Justin. Good soundtracks, you want to dry not only in the movie, but you can throw in your playlist. But the computer graphics disappointed ... You can only just smile at some moments, writing off all the gaps on just a beautiful light film for a family viewing. Then there are no problems.

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