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Blame you for all his failures

Well,dude,that's a real weak sh*t to do,when everything is down and bad for somebody-find a victim near you and just blame it all on him,right?I know that he's your partner and everything,but you have to tell him to stop it once and for all-stop looking for somebody's guilt in all of his lows in life.It's totally unfair to you-I'm sure you do wish him the best.And he just has to understand it and do not take it for granted.Tell him,if he won't stop,you'll just disappear-maybe,that'll help.If not-disappear for real then.I'm sure,a bunch of better guys outthere,not whining about nothing-fin yourself a real man. ;)

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Blame you for all his failures

All welcome, my friends. Of course you excuse me, but it's only losers that do it. I myself have always got used to be responsible for my actions and their consequences. I do not understand how you can be so irresponsible. That is, everything that happens in the world, everything depends on you, man !? It did not rain during the time, your fault, there is no hot water, you are also to blame, problems at work, again you))) This is nonsense. It has long been time to answer for their actions, because not children, it's simply a shift of responsibility. So tell him!

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