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It is very serious situation.

It is very serious situation. i think that every gay man was afraid to become the reason for blackmail threat. but the most awful is that everybody will see the sexual video with the participation of this poor guy. in my opinion, your friend should be foxier then his blackmailer and try to do something, because it is not an option to live and be in relationship with such a reptilian person. i can only imagin how it is difficult for your friend to understand that his nearest person did this.

your friend can find a person who will try to forge a bond with blackmailer and also catch on video their sex. i think that after this he will forget about your friend. I hope so.

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i hate such situations. think

i hate such situations. think maybe he plays with your friend and he will never show this video to somebody. it can be. i was in such situation and my blackmailer never show my sex photos. sometimes i think that he does not have them. because he said that he has my photos which i have never seen. he explain that he took photos when i did not see this. i said to him that he can do all what he wants with it. he was so angry but continued blackmail me. i just ignored him and you know nobody have never seen my sex photos. so i decided that he has nothing. and i keep calm. of course you can go to police and they can help you. but in most cases such blackmailers are fools and they can four flush.

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Of course, to make a right decision in such a situation is very difficult, but it is possible. If I were on your friend's place, than I would tell the truth to my parents and friends before that guy could tell. I think that it is always better to hear the truth from you but not from the other, unknown person. Tell him not to affraid. I think that he'll manage to do it. Of course, the reaction og the family members and friends can be very different, but if they really love him, than they would understand.

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I think only truth will stop

I think only truth will stop this situationю Firstly, your friend has to talk to his parents. They have the right to know the truth. Maybe, they would understand everything and support him in this hard time. As for this guy, he has to show him that рe doesn't care whether he'll show these videos to anyone or not. If he convinces him that the fact that he's gay doesn't bother him any more, he would leave him. And, finally, I'm 100% that he should split with him forever. 

P.S. If I were your friend, I would also call a police and tell them that someone is balcmailing me. 

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 i think that it is really

 i think that it is really strange and i do not even know what to tell you about it because i have never  faced such situation and i  do not know how i will solve this problem. i think that you friend has to  talk with him and then  maybe he will be sure what he can do. of course i understand  that it does not help in all the cases but i think that he may  just  try to improve the situation and i really hope that it will help you.  

but of course  your friend may be violent  and cruel and try to get this  video and delete but i do not think that that  guy is really stupid . it is very hard and i do not know what i will do.  he may accept his offer and then delete the video.  that is what i can tell you about it.

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.and in my point of view, we

.and in my point of view, we are not able to take care of such things, because, we can only discuss it, but without judgement and give some piece of advice, nothing I right?! I guess so...

but if your friend is really looking for the help and opinion from the side, I will tell you next - he will not be able to hide his real personality all the time, till the end of his days..! That is not possible and it is not as it has to point is clear - he has to talk to close people and tell the truth. In addition, doing this, he will be able to get rid of that awful lover, who is trying to blackmail! 

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 Sometimes, however, it can

 Sometimes, however, it can be done with deception and manipulation, but then it must be a deception that will not open for a long time and from which many, not just the deceiver, will benefit. So we need to mask our own selfishness and dress it in human form, so as not to evoke in people's resistance to their desire to achieve something. No intelligent egoist acts alone, betraying and substituting everyone. Even if he is not going to take into account the interests of all people, wishing to achieve something, which for obvious reasons is impossible to do, he would like to have allies and friends with whom he is to some extent considered and whose interests are taken into account not less than his own, because he understands that without this he can not count on their help, support and devotion.

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 We always have to grow.

 We always have to grow. There is something to strive for. There is something to achieve success.

I believe that one of the important goals of self-development should be the desire of man to make his internal picture of the world as possible corresponding to reality. After all, the better we understand the world around us - its structure, functions, laws, the more opportunities we will have to make it more perfect. For example, an engineer, understanding the laws of nature, can use them to create various devices that will make people's lives better, easier, more interesting, more fun, more comfortable.

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Think about it, because there

Think about it, because there must be something for a long time to change in your life. However, as soon as this situation occurs, when something in your life starts to change, at best you will make decisions yourself, controlling the situation in this way, and at worst, it will all happen without your participation. And if you can not control the changes in your life, then how will you feel? Probably not very good, not very calm. Uncontrolled changes in our lives - deprive us of peace, which in turn does not allow us to make the right, adequate decisions. And only having turned to the ingrained plan of their actions, or having read them in their pre-prepared records, you can clearly and without panic, do what you must. 

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From other people do not need

From other people do not need anything to wait in this life, count always and in everything only for yourself. All these our unofficial rules of conduct, by which we burden ourselves to make our life better and easier, they are not always respected. Man - this is quite an aggressive being, prone to parasitism, with him you always need to keep an eye out. Anyone, even a very educated, cultured and educated person, has predatory tendencies, and he can punish you for your offense, and not repay, as you would like. Therefore, our good deeds, they, you know, can hurt us on our own, and we will be offended only by ourselves because we do not understand life and people well enough. So take offense less, and it's better not to be offended at all, and learn to achieve your goals in more effective ways. 

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