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baby's bed-should it be separate or in your room?

I am preparing to be a father soon and now i try to know as much as it is possible about how to treat a little baby. So, dear guys, my question is - is it necessary to put baby's bed in your room where you sleep or it is better to make a separate room for a baby and put the bed with child there? Experienced dads, i am waiting for your advices!

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baby's bed-should it be separate or in your room?

I am not an experience dad yet, but I am quite sure, that when, your child is very small, then you should take his/her bad into your bed-room, because it won't be comfortable for you to go there every hour at night. But at the same time, when your child will be a little bit bigger, he/she should be in separate room.

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Hi everybody) this is a hot

Hi everybody) this is a hot topic for many parents and psychologists. When we became parents we firmly decided that the child should sleep separately in the other room. We bought Chicco Baby control which is like a magic wand for us. We fed the baby before sleep, she closed her eyes immediately, closed her door and did all the stuff we needed to do. Now she get used sleeping alone in her bed in the dark room and she sleeps perfectly with nobody inside and is not afraid of darkness. We are not afraid to wake her up with some noise and can watch the film , have sex blushand listen to music. The other aspect, the bed is only yours and your partner you can roll over and not be afraid of hurting the baby. You may think we are the cruel ones , but that's not true we just try to do good for everybody. Maybe our experience can help other couple to organize the sleep and the regime)

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baby's bed-should it be separate or in your room?

the serious question and even though to accept the fact that I am not the willing father who is sleeping and dreaming about the only one thing in the entire life - to have the baby.... but I know that this moment will come eventually and deep down i would like to have the child. Of course, it happened that my partner is really keen to the parenting process and he is the one who is always forcing me to the theme of the children in general. So, the latest talk was entirely about the bad for an infant and as soon as i replied that I think that the baby has to sleep in the separate room, he said back to me that it is wrong and the baby has to sleep with parents in one room! so you see now.

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baby's bed

hello my dear. i haven't got a baby, but i have got some thoughts about this topic. have a baby is so responsible step, which you should think over not for one time. you should think about baby's clothes, food, room, toys. you can;t buy just simple toy and bring it to baby. i don't know, am i ready for that. but as for bed. i think in first years of life you should put baby's bed near yours. because baby will cry during night and it will be easier for you and your partner to wake up and come to baby, it won't take long time. besides, baby wyll feel, that its parents are near, and baby won't be afraid. but in the age of 4-5 you should teach your child to sleep in the room alone. if your flat is not big, you can imitate the wall from some book-shelves, to let your child free space. 

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baby's bed-should it be separate or in your room?

I think it's better if the baby's bed is in a separate room. One of the reasons is that you and your husband will have more time together.
All this happens in different ways. Who as arranged. But it is better to accustom immediately to your crib, then it will be easier. Sofa I would put in the nursery, it is useful for anyone. The baby will grow up - you will sit with him, read books. Or if he falls ill, you can sleep with him, it's best not to leave the temperature at night. I think so. You can use a radio nurse or video nanny. So do not worry.

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baby's bed-should it be separate or in your room?

Greetings to all. From my experience, I can write what I had differently, but more often than not my child slept with me in one room. My son and I often moved from place to place, because of my work, and we lived in hotels, there was something that both lived in one room and was that different. The governess went with us and lived in a separate room, but came when necessary. When the son grew up, at the age of 5 he began to sleep in a separate room, and he was glad of it.

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One of the most controversial

One of the most controversial points is whether there should be a room where there is a cot, completely isolated from the noise. Here you can not unequivocally say that it is better. Not because there are heated scientific disputes around it, but because it's up to you and you to decide - it's you who, having trained your child to sleep in complete silence, will suffer from this and go on tiptoe for the rest of your life. If you do not isolate the child from all extraneous noise, and through the sleep he will hear quiet voices, the noise of the street - the child will get used to them, will not be frightened and will be able to sleep peacefully, and you can continue your household affairs. But, of course, we are not talking about a screaming TV or radio. The location of the baby cot should be quiet.

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Pediatricians studied the

Pediatricians studied the sleep of newborns and came to the conclusion that those crumbs that are put in a cradle or a cot just after birth, sleep badly, but the sleep of babies, who are not taken from their mother for a minute, is calm and strong. And what is especially important, the absence of the mother at the side affects first of all the heart of the newborn.According to the study, to the heart of the child was healthy, he must sleep next to his mother until three years of age. Otherwise, crumbs are threatened by anxiety, developmental delays, behavioral problems.Dr. Niels Bergman of the University of Cape Town in South Africa is confident that for a full-fledged development the newborn needs to sleep with his mother on the chest for the first few weeks.

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The initial concept is

The initial concept is obvious: there is not and can not be a clear rule on this issue. Each family itself determines the system of sleep and this system should be convenient for a particular family, and not for a pediatrician or psychologist. The opinions of these experts are deeply secondary - if you are happy, if all members of the family are satisfied with this situation - so sleep as you want. If the formulated rule is to be taken as an axiom, then it becomes clear that most of the current psychologists have nothing to do with psychology. After all, the essence of psychological assistance is quite obvious - the creation of psychological, emotional comfort in a particular family or a particular person. But it is our psychologists who are distinguished by their amazing aggressiveness - you yourself write about it. Anyone who does not agree to sleep properly, to feed, as expected, to give birth, as expected, are enemies of progress and are not worthy of being parents. What could be more strange than an aggressive psychologist?

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And now we will consider an

And now we will consider an even more interesting and important issue concerning the convictions of man. This is the question of how they are formed, our beliefs with you. We must understand where our things come from and come to us, what we consider our own.

 It is easy to understand, understanding the essence and meaning of beliefs, about which I wrote above. Therefore, knowing why beliefs are needed and what is most important in them, we can see and understand the pattern of their formation.

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