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avoiding bed bugs when travelin

Hello my friends. Once, I happened to become a victim of a bite of a flock of mosquitoes in the super hot and humid climate of Africa, during my next trip to the shooting. On arrival it turned out that for the time of filming in the jungle I will have to sleep naked because of the heat in a very narrow place for sleeping, it closes, but then it becomes unbearably hot and there were two choices, to be bitten by mosquitoes or die from the heat)))) I chose mosquitoes)))laugh But for such cases and such terrain it is necessary to stock up special means against insect bites or already applied after bites.

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avoiding bed bugs when traveling

Greetings to you guys. To be honest, as for me and my child, I can say that the places we are staying are characterized by the absence of any insects. It so happened that I travel first class and live in the best hotels in the city. But a long time ago we went to rest in a tent city, then my son and I were bitten by mosquitoes, I forgot to bring a spray from mosquitoes, it was unpleasant. And all the other trips were excellent and I did not complain with my son.frownwink

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oh, i think that it is a very

oh, i think that it is a very big problem of every trip. before travelling you should know some information about how do not take these quests to your house. very often, bugs can settle in a suitcase with things in places of accommodation - hotels, motels, camp sites, trains. I here  you should show special vigilance.Planning a vacation, it is worth asking for advance friends who have already visited this place, or on Internet forums, whether such problems arose. But even if no one complained about the presence of unpleasant  "neighbors", do not should wash your clothes. If it is possible, dry it in the dryer at the highest  temperature. it will help to destroy the eggs of bugs, which you maybe do not notice.

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Before leaving the room,

Before leaving the room, collecting things in bags, you need to carefully examine them. If you are in a contaminated room for a long time, you should survey the surface for signs of infection, such as fecal dark spots (black or red dots) on the sheets, seams and joints of the mattress.Raise and inspect all possible places for sheltering bedbugs, including a mattress, a bed frame, a headboard, places of fastenings. If bedbugs have appeared recently and their level in the room is below the average, then in the daytime they can be found within a radius of no more than 1.5-2 meters from the bed or other bed that is regularly used by a person to sleep.

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