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avoiding bed bugs when travelin

Hello my friends. Once, I happened to become a victim of a bite of a flock of mosquitoes in the super hot and humid climate of Africa, during my next trip to the shooting. On arrival it turned out that for the time of filming in the jungle I will have to sleep naked because of the heat in a very narrow place for sleeping, it closes, but then it becomes unbearably hot and there were two choices, to be bitten by mosquitoes or die from the heat)))) I chose mosquitoes)))laugh But for such cases and such terrain it is necessary to stock up special means against insect bites or already applied after bites.

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avoiding bed bugs when traveling

Greetings to you guys. To be honest, as for me and my child, I can say that the places we are staying are characterized by the absence of any insects. It so happened that I travel first class and live in the best hotels in the city. But a long time ago we went to rest in a tent city, then my son and I were bitten by mosquitoes, I forgot to bring a spray from mosquitoes, it was unpleasant. And all the other trips were excellent and I did not complain with my son.frownwink

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oh, i think that it is a very

oh, i think that it is a very big problem of every trip. before travelling you should know some information about how do not take these quests to your house. very often, bugs can settle in a suitcase with things in places of accommodation - hotels, motels, camp sites, trains. I here  you should show special vigilance.Planning a vacation, it is worth asking for advance friends who have already visited this place, or on Internet forums, whether such problems arose. But even if no one complained about the presence of unpleasant  "neighbors", do not should wash your clothes. If it is possible, dry it in the dryer at the highest  temperature. it will help to destroy the eggs of bugs, which you maybe do not notice.

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Before leaving the room,

Before leaving the room, collecting things in bags, you need to carefully examine them. If you are in a contaminated room for a long time, you should survey the surface for signs of infection, such as fecal dark spots (black or red dots) on the sheets, seams and joints of the mattress.Raise and inspect all possible places for sheltering bedbugs, including a mattress, a bed frame, a headboard, places of fastenings. If bedbugs have appeared recently and their level in the room is below the average, then in the daytime they can be found within a radius of no more than 1.5-2 meters from the bed or other bed that is regularly used by a person to sleep.

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 Investigate hotels. Prior to

 Investigate hotels. Prior to booking a hotel, research multiple options and read reviews/customer comments. There are dozens of sites that offer hotel feedback so take advantage of these resources.

Keep in mind that negative comments may simply be an unhappy guest who just wants to ruin the hotel’s reputation. However, if you see several comments around the same topic like bed bugs, consider it a legitimate concern.Call the hotel directly. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have ever had any issues in the past and what preventative measures they take to prevent bed bugs. If they can’t answer your questions, scratch them from your list of hotel options.They should work on you and your comfort!

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Pretend until you actually

Pretend until you actually become popular. Even if you do not feel confident, just a confident view will be the first step to your well-being.
Confidence has much to do with body language. Go with your head held high and straightened shoulders, keep your hands on your sides, and do not cross them on your chest. Do not slouch.
Build your confidence by honing your skills and gaining new interests. If you find something that you really like, it is more likely that you will be satisfied with yourself.

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Well, and most importantly -

Well, and most importantly - do not be afraid of provocation. Fear deprives you of immunity before them. It is better to work out various options for responding to these or other provocations in order to prepare themselves for them. Provocation is one way of manipulating you. But not always provocation is manipulation. Often this is an unguarded aggression. You are challenged, provoking you. Do not be afraid of it. From provocations and the conflicts connected with them all the same to not hide, as they everywhere. Therefore, you need to respond to them, do not react, namely, to respond, deliberately and calmly.

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So if you want to be a good

So if you want to be a good car mechanic or a good economist, you can study the device of the car and the economy, then you will find application in the society, having shut up the niche necessary to other people.

But if you want to live a full life, a happy life in which you decide who you will be and how you will, study the psychology of man as the most important thing in life. Having studied properly the human psychology, you are guaranteed to control most aspects of your life, and possibly not only your own.

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So, we have found out above

So, we have found out above that the feeling of dissatisfaction, discontent, discomfort is all the stimuli that push us to change, to improve our life, which motivate the nast to strive for greater and better. However, there are such things in the life of each person, these are, better to say, values ​​that you do not need to change, or in any case it is undesirable, but you must receive pleasure from them to be happy with your life and feel happy.

For example, family, children, favorite business, other people dear to people, places, things, values ​​that are for him a kind of life support that determine the meaning of his life - all this can be loved throughout his life.

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I also want to note that

I also want to note that child sensitivity is a natural age. Children are forced to act from a position of weakness, crushing the pity and guilt of adults, for them this is one of the few opportunities to achieve the necessary attention to themselves and certain concessions. Another thing is adults, for them, touchiness is rather a disadvantage rather than a virtue. It's unpleasant to see how an adult person, rather than agreeing with others about something, prefers to take offense at them and waits for him to make concessions. It is ugly and in some cases naive. At the same time, touchiness can be pathological, when a person not only does not know how to react to other people in a different way, if their behavior does not suit him, but even looks for reasons for resentment to make a sacrifice to cry, to show how life is unfair to him and what other people who offended him may be bad. 

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