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Association Game

I propose to play the game of the association. I  will write a word or a phrase, and you must write the first association that comes to your  mind with this word or phrase. I know that  it's hard to describe your emotions in one word, so you must write a little story near your assotiation. What do you think about it? How do you like this idea? Lets start! Just for example: Winter-snow. As for me snow really beutiful and magical etc. 
So who will be next? laugh

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Hello, Jeffrey! It is really

Hello, Jeffrey! It is really interesting that you proposed to play this game. It can be hars to describe right assoyiation to ypur word, but I will try and so my best. Okay, my assotiation to snow is hapiness. As for me, when it is snow it is like a holliday whenever you are, even if it is not a weekend. I remember a lot of good moments when I was small. Snow remindes me Christmas day. Are you agree that it is real happiness when you are with your friends and family stay togerther at home, at cozy, warm, light room with fireplace and everything is okay because you are in the safe place. You just do not want go enywhere else, you just want to stay at this moment forever and ever. So this is my assotiation. So guys who will be next?)

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hello guys. If you may, i tell my association to winter. I like winter, it is my favourite season. especially, when it is snowing, beautiful white snow, frosty weather. and when it's sunny in winter day, i have wonderful mood! Another reason is that i have birthday in winter. winter is always presents, happiness, love. thoughts about Christmas and new year make me feel cosiness and comfort. And what about you? Can you give association to summer?

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Maurizio San
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Hello everyone, how are you? Oh, game, I like games. The game in the association perfectly develops thinking and memory))) So snow ... Of course the first thing that comes to mind is winter and holidays. And of course it's cold. I have a lot of bright memories associated with the word snow. Here's one of them. Once in my youth, so that my friends did not notice me, I had to hide in the snow from them at night. All because I told them that I would celebrate the New Year's Eve with friends, but I was alone, went out on the eve to the street, and here they go, there was frost and a lot of snow and drifts, I plopped into one of them and lay there for about half an hour, while they stood talking as if for evil. They did not notice me and I did not get sick)) This is the story and the association)laugh

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Association Game

Hi guys. Excellent topic for discussion, I wonder who is associated with the word snow)) I think everyone primarily associates snow with the winter, I also with the winter, but more with one incident that happened to me when I was 9 years old) I then lived in the north of Canada and my father, he liked to hunt in the winter, took me on a hunt. I helped him to carry equipment, we were ambushed waiting for the fox, nobody was shot then, but from the fact that I was lying on the snow in the snow for a total of 5 hours, I got sick terribly, but these memories are still the best for me, because more I did not go to the hunt with my father (wink

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thank you so much for this

thank you so much for this game. it is really hard to describe my emotions about this word. but i will try. so.... snow... snow it is a christmas holidays, new year's tree in my house. to tell the truth i do not like to be outside when snows, but in my childhood i liked to make a snowmen, many snowmen. now my children do this and sometimes i help them. it is so funny when tall, brutal man makes snowballs and play with little children. i like children very mach. so i can say that snow associates with children. many children play outside and their happy faces are red from the frost and cold snow. then their parents take them home and all together they sit near the christmas tree and talk about different things. snow it is a friendly family in a warm house.

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Very interesting... For me

Very interesting... For me snow it is frosty weather. Winter can be fierce and protracted, blizzard and cold, wicked and harsh. But agree, this time of year, too, has its charms, because the winter is mild, snowy, frosty, beautiful and long-awaited. Soon spring will come, and then summer and autumn, and you, with a touch of spiritual sadness, will remember the merry winter days, full of warmth and comfort. Nature, as is known, does not have bad weather. Love winter in winter, spring in spring, summer in summer, and fall in autumn. Relax, sit down comfortably, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and dream.

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 In general, to delve into

 In general, to delve into something to better understand this and make a more competent decision, protecting yourself from various troubles, such people do not want. Because of this, they often create problems for themselves and their loved ones.

I also do not like learning and working for infantile people. They like to have fun, have fun, relax, enjoy life in all available ways. At the same time, they dream of a beautiful, bright life in which they will have everything they want. In their opinion, such a life itself must fall on their head. This is their difference from adults. 

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Can you guess now, what is

Can you guess now, what is the power of flattery? The fact that a person lacks attention, praise, respect, recognition, love, admiration from other people. Therefore, when someone starts to flatter such a person, then for him this flattery is worth his weight in gold - he perceives it as a sip of cool water in a hot desert. We appreciate what in our life is not enough and what we need. Therefore, good flatterers simply give people what they need. But there is another side to this question - flattery is in vain and those people who have a very high opinion of themselves and like to be listened to and obeyed by all. For them, flattery is not something scarce - for them it is the norm and a manifestation of obedience from other people. 

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