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Are children important?

but you are talking about children only as about the continuation of the generation, of the human species, and nothing else, and frankly speaking, I do not agree with such kind of the position at all...! nevertheless, if to add something here too, I would like to mention that we are all here thinking a lot about the tricks of the upbringing process, but this knowledge does not give the real parenting feeling... so, what I have been thinking about... children are important because giving the birth and raising the child is the huge responsibility. will you be able to deal with this??!  Objectively thinking, I am still not fully prepared for this step..

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Are children important?

Why do we need children? As a rule, we never ask ourselves this question. The question "do I want a child or do not want?" Is more common. Sometimes it happens that the child takes the decision to be and is born without asking for our consent. When the child is already there, we do not ask why we need it, we just live and try to fulfill all our parental responsibilities to the best of our ability and in accordance with our picture of the world. I wanted to answer because at some point I felt that I had caught this "why?". Moreover, it seems to me that in many parents this is (and maybe even in everyone), it's just that no one talks about it. Nobody talks about what is the most important reason, why it is worth giving birth and raising a child. After all, we were born and brought up in order to solve some parental problems. And now it is difficult for us to live our lives, and we saturate it with the problems and tasks of our child, losing our lives and not letting our children decide in their own way.

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Are children important?

Hi guys. What a stupid question about whether children are important in our lives ?! I agree that there are different types of people and how many people, so many opinions. But is it really possible not to want a child categorically? And not because to leave a trace in life or for someone to give you a glass of water in old age. I very much sympathize with your partner, that he can not find complete happiness and have a child. Children, this is our everything. Maybe you just do not have enough responsibility. This is the problem.

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