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Age difference

This theme is very common. Age differens between people has advantages like disadvantages. I have a lot of friends who has a huge age differense with their sweethearts. So i heard many opinions about this. As for advantages, if you have a boyfreiend who is older you can learn new things with him, because he is older and gentle. He already knows the life and can help you. As for disadvantages, maybe more of your nearest and dearest will not understand you, because they think about your life more it even needed. Some people on the street can also judge you. But it is does not matter if you love each other.

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Age difference

I think that age difference doenst mean nothing in relations. if the person is yours, if you understand that you love him more than everything in the world and want to spend all your life with him then i see no logical to resons to find something that will spoil you life such as age difference. i and partner have quite a big difference, he is 10 years older than me, i have never thought that is really matters. we understand each pther so well and have so many common things that age is not important for us.

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Age difference

i do not think that it is very important and we have to bother much about it . for example i like younger guys even if i will have ten older guys i do not think that i will date them because i do not like when the guy is older than me. it is very simple. for me age actually is not very important, the person itself is more important. but still i like when the guy do not look older than me. for me it is something that plays big role. the person can be even oler but if he looks younger then he is perfect match for me.

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Age difference

All the best of the day, guys. Well, probably this is for someone like. Because I once had a relationship with a guy 13 years older than me. And to be honest, although at the beginning of our relationship everything was fine, but then he started to teach me something that I do not do everything right, or I do not know much and I began to feel a bit lower in rank than he, and after all I'm a fighter , for me it is not acceptable, I can be in the ring as well. In short, I feel comfortable in a relationship with an equal guy plus minus 3 years))) But maybe I just had a bad experience, who knows ?!

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At first I thoght that men

At first I thoght that men who are older than me should be more mature than younger ones. My first beloved was six years older than me. I thought that it would be great to date such a guy. However, I was rather frustrated after having relationships with such a men. He turned to be quite bossy and untolerant. These were the main reasons why we parted. Then I started to date men who were no more than 2 or 3 years younger or older than me and it was ok. Of course, I don't want to sound like a verity, but this is just what I had in my life... 

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You know I am talking not

You know I am talking not about those cases when age difference is invisible (10 years and less), nobody tells to count age difference by days or to look at person's passport.

I am talking about that cases when two people look strange together like one of them is a father or even a grandfather of another one.

It is not acceptable and it cannot be love. Father instinct, financial dependence, but not love.

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 it is very interesting theme

 it is very interesting theme and ialso have something to say about this. I think thatTo the couple, age gaps dont mean anything if they love each other.

Age gaps only mean something to parents because parents have invented a fantasy in their heads that AGE is what makes a male a danger.they were born in another society, but you are a new generation, you set the rules and only you decide what your life will be.But the other proplem is money, when relationship is kept only on them, then the age difference really takes place.

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Are you ready to come to

Are you ready to come to terms with the fact that your various life stages (for example, retirement age and the height of a career) can cause disparate schedules and limited time for joint rest?Whether you will consult, if the partner of the elder is seriously ill. Are you ready for compromises? Health questions can easily spoil plans for an evening or a joint trip.But age differences have positive aspects. A young partner gets an experienced person, often better arranged in the world. A "senior partner" can also have more money and lead a more interesting life. For his part, the older partner gets the full energy of a person who will most likely motivate him to stay healthy - and lead a more active sex life.

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 I certainly hope this isn't

 I certainly hope this isn't going to be viewed unfavourably!! !Anyway we've been living together for nearly 4 years and married for 2 with a baby on the way so I don't believe our relationship is in question. They really can't discrimintate but I guess if you already have some markers that make your relationship seem un-genuine then an age difference might matter.

The simple fact is that love has no age and no barriers and unfortunately it is perhaps the minority of people who abuse the system, with sham marriages, who again spoil it for the rest.

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Age difference

Different in the age it's not important if you really love each other. For example, me parents have difference in 10 years, They have much in common, but they have different views on music, books and films. They respect and support each other. And the second case is my friend, whose parents' diffence in the age is 30 years. I think that it's too much, but they somehow live with each other. As I know the parents of his wife was against their marriage, but they really love each other. So it's an individual issue of every person. Even if the difference is too much in the age, but you really love each other and support in different situation, you can live happy. So decide yourself, as it's your life.

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