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Acquaintance with his parents

Guys, who have long-lasting relations, i have a question for you. Have you already being acquainted with the parents of your beloved partner? Is it important for you to meet with them or you don't care? And what do you think - his relations with parents have influence on your family life or not?

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Acquaintance with his parents

I can't talk about this topic now, because I am a single at this period of my life. But I can say some words about it, judging from my previous serious relationships. I think that acquaintance with parents of our partners is important, and needed, if your relationships are really serious ones, with future prospects.

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Acquaintance with his parents

All greetings. Getting to know your parents is always exciting and surprising. Now I'm not familiar with my boyfriend's parents, but he hints me that it's time to introduce us. Our parents are aware that we are gay. Although I do not really care what his parents think about me and how they'll take it, I'm still a little nervous about it. Moreover, his family does not know that I have an adult son. How they will take this information, I do not know))) I try not to think about it.

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I think your partner's

I think your partner's relationships with his pa and ma do influence greatly on your relationships. We all have parents and we all love them, so we have to take it as granted that our beloved will phone or visit his parents from time to time and will take into consideration the things they will tell him. As for meeting the parents of the sweatheart, I wouldn't hurry with it. Yes, it should be done, but you don't need to hurry with this. Firstly, you need to ask your beloved to share some information about his ma and pa like what they like doing or what they can't stand. Such things will certainly help you to get ready for meeting them. But ther main thing you shouldn't be afraid that they don't like you.  

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In the life of every person,

In the life of every person, that meeting happens that predetermines the course of his fate. He finally meets his mate. This is the most joyful event that can happen, however, certain inconveniences are associated with it, without which, unfortunately, it is indispensable. One of these events can be attributed to acquaintance with the parents of his chosen one. In fact, it would seem, well, what's terrible here? Come, introduce yourself and talk on a neutral topic. Only we always take such events too seriously, because if you already see yourself in the role of the future wife of this person, then you should also consider his parents as future relatives. And this already imposes on you some obligations. That's why we are so eager to please at the first meeting.

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Stop being afraid. Excitement

Stop being afraid. Excitement is peculiar to everyone. But do not bring it to the point of absurdity. Such experiences threaten to go into the category of nightmares, and when you meet will not be a sweet miss, but a nervous and twitchy hysterical.
Collection of information. Do not be lazy to find out from your boyfriend important information about his parents: education, habits, interests, family structure, the history of the family tree, etc. Such knowledge will make up a psychological portrait of the mother and father of a loved one. By the way, this is useful in the case if you love cats, and his mother dogs. Koshatnitsa and the doggie can shlestnutsya in the dispute "Who is the best animal, and this is the first acquaintance will play a bad joke. Learn forbidden topics - topics that are best left untouched

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Pay attention to how the

Pay attention to how the parents of the young man behave with each other. It may well be that in the future your chosen one will copy his father's behavior model. Look how your boyfriend interacts with his parents, with other relatives. After all, at home a person relaxes and feels more confident and free. And from this one can draw the appropriate conclusions.My relationship ended immediately after getting to know his parents. I looked at their family and was amazed. Licked clean a large room, but then - a stained mirror and a bunch of dirty laundry in the bathroom. A change in the behavior of a young man after he crossed the threshold of his own house, his attitude towards his mother and sister made such an impression that I no longer wanted to have anything to do with it. I left him.

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In order not to suffer from

In order not to suffer from excessive suspicion, remember your negative experience of the past, remember the moment when your faith in other people collapsed. It was the moment of your growing up, only now you have swallowed this lesson, but have not learned it, it remained in you as an experienced emotion, but not comprehended and not realized, that's the whole problem. Remembering this moment is necessary in order to experience it not emotionally, but rationally accept the pattern of what happened. Understand dear readers, very many events in our life, can be very predictably predicted, cause and effect, understand this, see the future.

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If a person is not very

If a person is not very dependent on alcohol, then in his value system, in addition to alcohol itself, there can be things like gambling, women, cigarettes and some others, for which he essentially lives. And that's all. From this he enjoys, by this he lives. All the other things he just does not notice. He locked himself up in his small world, his mind is in prison, although his body can be completely free. The highest values ​​in his inner world do not exist, he simply does not understand them. He does not understand the value of cognition, the value of self-realization, the value of success in any meaningful deeds, does not realize the value of the family and the like. 

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Of course, on the one hand it

Of course, on the one hand it is necessary to generalize one's own and another's experience, I wrote about it above, to protect myself from mistakes in the future. But on the other hand, the generalization should not be comprehensive and extremely critical. We still need to find differences between people and rely on them, assessing the capabilities of this or that person.
All men or all women can not be bad or good, all sellers can not be liars who think only of profit, all the bosses can not be scoundrels, ruthlessly exploiting their employees and so on. 

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There is such a thing as

There is such a thing as "Loch", this is a person who persecutes and indulges others' interests, not his own. We were taught to care for the neighbor, morality, morality of behavior, those qualities that make us weak. We have always cultivated the notion that good conquers evil. However, this is not so, and the world in which we have to live today is a world of disguised evil. But I would not call it evil, everything is quite just and corresponds to the laws of nature which has nothing to do with our beliefs. Therefore, in order to occupy a worthy place in this world, it is necessary to have a strong psyche, not bound by any restrictions and prohibitions.

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