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All three books I have read. The best, however, the expression of my opinions on the books would not even reviews about them, and the fact that by the time of the film, I barely could remember the names of the characters of the book. And certainly could not remember such details as "plum dress", for example.If it is short and in order...both the Picture and the book, the depth does not claim in any way. Therefore, the fore outer shell: actors, costumes, General atmosphere. And then I just happened dissonance. Dakota Johnson seems to be not so bad, but the student still does not pull. The picture, in my opinion, failed because the Director couldn't get the basic idea, namely forbidden intimacy line, so it didn't look ridiculous and absurd. Unfortunately, these scenes and moments are very, very miserable.

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My dear friends greet you. Excellent today I had a day, but how about you? I watched a film of 50 shades of gray, I was not particularly impressed, the actor handsome except that))) And that touches parodies on this film, did not hear, did not see, and I'm not going to look. Earlier, I know, it was popular to watch parodies of different films, but even then I did not like to watch them. So now I do not think that it's time to change my tastes and start watching the parody. I wish you a pleasant viewing, man, but I'll still see something from the original)))

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