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Сomfort zone

Hello all my friends and just acquaintances. Comfort zone is certainly good ... but if you want to live just like you are now living and have what you have, then of course you are in this zone and nothing will change. But you can not change anything in your life without leaving the comfort zone. This does not happen. Therefore, you just have to decide and leave this zone and try to do something new, not necessarily what you will get the first time ... but still worth a try, otherwise you will not learn anything new, except that you already have there is.

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I used to know one guy who

I used to know one guy who was afraid to leave his comfort zone. He had a good salary and his own appartment, but he was always unsatisfied with his life. He told me that he wanted to work in another company and earn more. He wanted to learn something new and change his character. He was always in a bad mood, and everytime I started to advise him something he told me that I shouldn't teach him. This was my ex-boyfriend. Firstly, I felt very bad because he was always in a bad mood, but then I saw that just likes living this way. Yeah, it was his comfort zone and he didn't want to change anything in his life. He just needed a guy who would sympathize him and let him ruin his life. For me, comfort zone isn't something bad, but I wouldn't rely on it much.

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You know the best way to find

You know the best way to find a solution to any problem - fully explore it. It is really good way to deal with everything! But wait -- think about the most lovable, magnetic people you've come across in your life. Odds are, they weren't the meek, agreeable people who are reliably pleasant to be around. They were the people who were crazy and charming. People who blurted out silly, maybe inappropriate things, or who made huge, slap-your-forehead mistakes, or who were over the top most of the time, but others forgave them for being less than perfect and in fact, liked them for it. So shatter your concern for what people think of you.

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