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Maurizio San
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Not well-groomed fingernails

Greetings to you my dear like-minded people. How is your mood? I visited the nail care salon today. And so I decided to ask you if you visit such salons. Or how do you care for your fingernails and do you care. Then, for me, the question of well-groomed nails is very relevant. I can even polish my nails, I just can not stand untucked nails from guys. I can even leave a date if my partner has untidy nails, how do you think that's too much ?!))) Do you pay attention to such trifles? But I'm a perfectionist in everything.

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Not well-groomed fingernails

Greetings to you Maurizio, cool name, you're not from Italy by the hour? I have relatives there))) But as for your topic. And here I completely agree with you. Although we are men, I think that we should have well-groomed nails, unless you are a miner and not a fireman))))) I follow my fingernails, primarily because my activity requires it. Short-cropped nails are a mandatory rule in battles without rules. And secondly, I love well-groomed fingernails, I just look at them with pleasure, and I accustom my son.

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I hope that it's not a secret

I hope that it's not a secret for anyone that the hands of a man are not just a visiting card, but an entire resume. None of the ironed shirt and patent leather shoes will tell the man more than his hands, and mostly the nails.Do you want to make a good impression? Forget about the pendants on the key ring! Your hands need care, so you need to know how to care for your nails to a man.In the home arsenal, men must be present not only with a drill and a hammer. Personal manicure set - these are the same individual hygiene means, as a toothbrush, comb and razor. Therefore, in this article I will give the minimum composition of the manicure manicure set. An important feature of owning data data is its mandatory disinfection, before and after the procedure.

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