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How to be strong after a breakup

Hello, guys. I have a friend and he's very upset now, because his partner broke up with him. He's so sad and doesn't go anywhere. He just sits at home and does nothing. The break-up is raw, and a jumble of emotions are still raging. Being strong will be difficult initially, and that's when you should allow yourself to feel the grief. But soon you'll start to feel time healing the wounds, and you'll be better than ever, and stronger than ever, too. But I don't know how to explane it to my friend. I don't know how to help him, what to tell him((((((((((( Can you help, guys? Do you know the way how to be strong after a breakup?Please, share it with me, because I don't know how to help my friend, but I believe, that I would find the support and good ways to solve such a great problem.

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You know it is very serious

You know it is very serious theme and i want to say somthing. believe...Tips "work", "distracted" and "forget about this idiot" you now do not help - any relationship you need to mourn. You will not demand an instant recovery from a patient with the flu? Here and allow yourself to "cheer up" in plenty: lock yourself at home alone with a chocolate cake, sink under the tearful ballad Adel, sob at your friend's shoulder. To the pain subsided, it must first be accepted and felt. With one important condition: set a hard time, after which Adele's album will replace something more cheerful, and you will pass from tears and reflection to active action.

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In any case, this is a period

In any case, this is a period when you should seriously take up your own fortune. At least to feed the body with vitamins, to organize classes in the sports club, to follow what you eat and drink. It is during this period that you should adopt any spiritual practice that is acceptable for you: weekly attendance at church services and evening prayer, meditation, group yoga classes, and other energy practices.The physical and the spiritual must at this moment be directed to one goal - tranquility, which it would be senseless to achieve earlier. This is exactly the stage when "otbshevav", you must begin to accustom yourself to discipline - it is she who will allow you to overcome the next, most insidious stage - depression.

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How to be strong after the breakup

I think that the first thing you should do is to accept that the pain is normal. As the old song says, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Scientists have even shown that romantic rejection activates the same pathways in the brain that physical pain does. It hurts when you break up with someone, and it’s completely natural to feel upset about it. Some psychologists estimate that about 98% of us have experienced some form of unrequited love, whether it’s an unreturned crush or a nasty breakup. Knowing that you’re not alone probably won’t heal your broken heart, but it could make the pain easier to bear. Let it out. Don’t pretend you’re fine. Denying or minimizing your emotions -- like telling yourself “I’m really fine” or “It’s no big deal” -- will actually make them worse in the long run. You have to process how you’re feeling so you can move past it.

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I think the best way to help

I think the best way to help your friend is to leave him alone. Yeah, it's really the best you can do in such situation. I used to have one close female friend. She was always complaining that boys often splitted with her after a 6-month or a year dating. However, soon I understood that she liked this. She liked when someone was leaving her, because she had a chance to phone someone and talk about this. winkI don't say that your friend is like my female friend, but if I were you, I wouldn't intrude into his life at all. Just let him pass through this... He'll be ok, believe me!!! You can be close to him and every time when he asks you for help, you can just support him. Offer him to go out with you or visit a gym, for example.

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To survive the parting, it is

To survive the parting, it is very important to find a support in yourself. Treat yourself as carefully as possible, please rejoice at every opportunity. Do what works well, give faith to yourself, raise your spirits, help you feel strong. "Remember yourself in childhood and one of your relatives, the one who is now causing a smile and a warm feeling," advises Lucy Mikaelyan. - What will mother, grandmother, that close person, about whom you thought, seeing you so upset / upset? Probably, it will help to rise, will put on his knees, blow to the place where it hurts, tell something interesting, will cheer you up? The love that we received as a child from reliable and not indifferent adults, we can give ourselves when we grow older. "

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Repeat positive self

Repeat positive self-affirmations. Parting can really do much for your self-confidence. Daily showing yourself a little kindness, you remind yourself that you are amazing, and you can offer a lot to a suitable person. Next time, if there are negative thoughts about your separation, and probably they will arise - at least temporarily - challenge them with these useful statements: 
I am worthy of love and care, and there are people who recognize this
I'm upset at the moment, but it will not last forever
Part of my pain is caused by chemical reactions in the brain, which I can not control
My thoughts and feelings are not facts
I love and respect myself

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So living in such a world, in

So living in such a world, in such conditions, to count on the fact that people will think of you more than about themselves, then absolutely do not understand life and people.I'm sure that to care for others, a person can only come through taking care of themselves. This is apart from the cases when it makes sense to sacrifice yourself and your interests, for the sake of the future of your dear people or of humanity as a whole. And in everyday life, when a person does not have such a responsible choice, he should think first and foremost about himself and, through pursuing his interests, learn to take into account the interests of other people.

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Just a man, so to speak, you

Just a man, so to speak, you need to be able to cook, and for this you need to know, well, you know what.

That's how you think, dear friends, that one percent of people who manage the remaining ninety-nine percent of the population on our planet know best? Do you think these people are first-class car mechanics, or, perhaps, they are excellent engineers, lawyers, accountants, economists, musicians, or great mathematicians? Maybe they are good financiers, economists? After all, they say that it is very profitable to be a financier, it is always said that money will be used when money is being used, and money is supposed to rule the world. 

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That is, do not focus on the

That is, do not focus on the paranoiac's paranoia, imagine his fears, suspicions and other manifestations - natural, do not complicate the situation.
You need to give the paranoiac answers to his fear, and do not deny it - "if you are afraid of the dark, then what will we do, how will we fight the monster in this darkness, if it is there, it must be defeated." Something in this spirit, the situation of course can be very different, but personally I managed to rid some of the people who were obsessed with fear in this way, I just did not make a problem out of their problem, which means a lot, as the very denial of what the paranoid believes real. 

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But we can carry our insults

But we can carry our insults inside ourselves, that is, take offense - imperceptibly, and we can take offense so that everyone will be able to see it, and we do it mostly when our resentment allows us to manipulate other people. So on the one hand - we are looking for a reason to regret and justify ourselves, and on the other, we want to achieve something from other people with the help of resentment.All this comes from childhood, when the ability to take offense at adults, mainly on their parents - allows the child to achieve certain concessions on their part. With the help of offense, children attract the attention of adults, vividly showing them their weakness and crushing their feelings of guilt. 

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