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threesome sex?

Hello there everyone! How are you today? Are you feel comfortable on this website? How do you feel about threesome sex? Do you consider people who are engaged in this dissolute? Or are you against it? )))))))))My opinion is that all people are different, they all have their own tastes and preferences. I've tried sex with two men and twice with a man and a woman and this is a positive experience, nothing more, it was people I trust. It's just that you can try, but not always, of course, but as an experiment - in my opinion. And I do not see anything reprehensible in this. So what do you think? Do you wanna to try it?)))))

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hi everyone! So hot topic;) i think people, whom will you propose it, should be reliable. It shouldn't be unknown strangers. I think this situation is uncomfortable and before all begin, you should discuss all nuances of this deal. I don't know, what i think exactly about this situation. I make shy because of such topics. I can only speak about it with my boyfriend. And what situations make you shy?

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Some couples, to spice up sex life, invited into his bed the third person. I do not presume to judge at what point there is enough confidence for a Threesome, but many talked about this, wanted this, and did it.First, is it fair to stay out of bed with another couple, but their relationship is not to let go of the reins? I agree, each person is the architect of his own fortune, and in this case pleasure, but we should ponder why more couples go for this. I do not stop to think about it. I think it's crazy and weird.

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Maurizio San
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Threesome sex?

Good evening friends. I'm all right and I feel comfortable on this website. I feel comfortable everywhere. I'm in my 37 years already have tried a lot in sexual terms, and threesome and more))) And with women, sex was also ... I do not think it's depraved, at least that's in my understanding. I was young and I wanted to try something else besides sex with a single partner. But I can see that I made a conclusion after the experiments that I still like sexual intimacy with only one partner, I feel relaxed and peaceful.heartangelblush

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threesome sex?

winkHello everyone, my dear colleagues. If we talk about the issue on the topic, I can answer so. I'm now at the age when I already know for sure that I'm more likely and aware of all preferences. I'm always for experimenting with sexuality, but only with my partner. But after all, I was a young and energetic guy who could not wait to diversify his relationship and sex life))) Therefore everything was in life, I would not say that I'm proud of it, but as you correctly noticed the experience is experience, thanks to experience, I understood what kind of relationship for me in priority)


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threesome sex?

If to be honest, I am not a fan of such things. I think that it isn't very good to have sex with two people. For me, sex is a ritual with the help of which you can become clother to a person whom yu love. And I can't love two people at the same time. I think that it is a bad thing and I don't even want to think about such experience in sex. I love my husband and I also think that he thinks the same way. I think that I would askl his opinion about such sex. I think that I would like to know his opinion about it.

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A threesome is an experiment

A threesome is an experiment that every human being imagines once in a lifetime. At least on the subject of how this happens technically and whether "I can cope with two at once". Many couples decide on this out of pure curiosity or boredom. In a word, you can push anything with a boyfriend, but there are general issues that are better solved before inviting a third person to your bed. First and foremost, this is not a perversion, it's normal to experiment. If this thought in your mind has already settled, then there is another extreme - "all this is done, than we are worse." Make sure that this is exactly your desire, and not just the desire to look advanced.

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If your guy suddenly made you

If your guy suddenly made you such an indecent proposal, do not immediately cut from the shoulder. Maybe he dreamed of an erotic dream of a similar nature, so he did not think that it could offend you, but simply told his thoughts. Do not look for a hidden meaning! It is probably time to pay special attention to your intimate relationships. Variety and extravaganza in sex is always good, but to agree to a threesome is not necessary. You can always start with erotic dance, handcuffs, in extreme cases, a belt. Study each other's passions.Sometimes to have sex threesome for a man is really very important

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threesome sex?

If to be honest, I've never even thught about it. Of course, I like sex and I like to try something new in it, but I like to try it only with my partner and that's all. I consider sex to be the act of love, when two souls can become closer to each other, so the third person is unnecessary. I think that people do not love each other, when they want to have sex with one more person. 

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I have never had threesome

I have never had threesome sex, but I'm really very eager to try it one day. I'm sure that it's an exciting experience. Actually I would try it with two guys or even with a woman and guy as I don't have any experience in having sex with a lady. I would also choose guys who are keen on BDSM as I want to experience some BDSM games while having  a treesome sex. As fro the idea of such kind of sex, I think we shouldn't be afraid of our desires. We are who we are, so let us just have fun!

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According to her, the

According to her, the initiator of such proposals in a couple does not necessarily become a man - usually the most powerful and corrupted partner. Sex with a guest speaks about sexual promiscuity, and about the desire for experiments. But often these experiments do not end well for both partners.
If you are very young and not burdened with a serious relationship, then as an experiment, a threesome may be tolerable. But for a couple of conservative views, which have been together for a long time, the participation of a third person in a love game can lead to consequences that put an end to the relationship.The psychologist warns that before deciding on an unusual experiment, both the man and the woman should honestly ask themselves: "Am I willing to share my partner with anyone?". After all, the participation of a third person awakens both jealousy and a sense of ownership, and affects deep complexes.

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