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I do not trust people

Hello, dear readers... happy to have any possible comment under the post I am making here, because the personal problem I have here is rough, I want to deal with it in some way..! Well, if to speak generally - I have some trust issues... and that is a real problem for me, guys! After the constant betrayal from partner and friends and even relatives, I lost the true belief in the people's honesty...! And that is a big problem for me to build some strong and reliable relations with anyone...what can you tell me about it?! I sit possible to get rid of the particular problem?! What is your personal point of view on it?! I am looking for the good piece of advice...

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I do not trust people

Good evening, Romio.. I honestly understand your disappointment and hesitation...your concern is familiar to me, because I have been thinking about for so many times, that this is huts has sucked all the belief out of for the possibility to get rid of this awful feeling, I will tell you at least one thing for sure - you have to pay attention to the details..for starters, it is not really clear for me what caused the disbelief in your heart?? and the second thing - have you already met the right person in your life, that you are willing to let that all negativity away and have the real good relations here?! Hope you will cope with it. 

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I do not trust people

I understand you..that is definitely not that easy at all, to break that limit which you have for all people. and, it goes without saying, that the much massive damage it causes to relations you are trying to have or term of this point, real and long-lasting relations are not possible at all without the trust and loyalty or faithfulness (call it whatever you want), it does not change the meaning..! so, speaking about it, I would highly recommend you to make the most deep analysis of everything which was hurting you ,therefore, you will see exactly those thing, which has to be avoided in the future..!

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I do not trust people

My dear friend, for starters, I would like to emphasize on the strong necessity to trust have to understand, that you will not be able to live a normal confident life without the trust..anyway, even if there was someone who betrayed you once or let's say multiple times, it does  not have to affect you this may, it doe snot have the right to kill the human being, the loving and carrying person inside of you hear me?! Please, believe me, I had same situation but thanks to one good and the clever person I managed to cope with these fears inside of me and forget about it fortunately. 

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I do not trust people

Nice to see you here..and you know why?! as a matter of fact, I am looking at this as at the opportunity to show masses that it is not that scary to share your personal troubles and fears here on the website and in addition to this, how nice it is actually to feel the support even if it goes from stranger you have never seen in your life and probably will not see at all...speaking about the so-called "trust issue" I will tell you at least one thing surely - that is not the biggest mistake you can ever make here and in addition, you have to release the pain you are holding inside of your solid not let that grow!

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Maybe I really do not want to

Maybe I really do not want to trust people. always there are a lot of trouble with them. i just want to relax with my new potential friends but sometimes it goes wrong. Or I do not understand people well, or I just try to see only the good in everyone, but my friends get so-so. I recently met a girl, I liked it very much, sociable, very open, but there were also bad qualities. In the second meeting they were even more They opened and I barely managed to finish the graduation. It has a lot of pathos, it is ready to discuss just everyone, even if I can talk about the bad taste of a friend (which is always always change) then it is completely tactless to people and discusses loud enough everyone. 

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I do not trust people

Some people tend to trust others until they have received solid evidence of their unreliability and insincerity. Others from the very beginning prefer to keep wary. Both are perfectly normal: distrustfulness is able to protect the human psyche from violent upheavals related to disappointment and deception. You need to divide the reason
Unwillingness to trust people is often associated with our painful experience.
Remember the positive experience
In the life of each of us were real friends, allies, like-minded people. Remembering the good, you will see the relativity of any evaluation: not everyone is necessarily an envious or a villain, and you are not doomed to the role of a victim.

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Don't trust people

I am sorry that you have got such feellings. It is horrible that you can't trust people. But you need to do it. Without trust how you will have a family, friends. It's impossible. Trust is important not only for relations, but also for work. How your boss can give you some serious task if he won't trust you. You need to step about yourself and begin to trust.

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Maurizio San
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I do not trust people

Good evening guys, excellent mood, how about you? Theme, how I look serious ... in my experience I'll write a little about loyalty and trust. Now I think what I was naive and gullible before even now sometimes I'm so ... and I still got everything from this, I myself suffered. Maybe I did not meet those people, I was also betrayed and after that it was hard to trust again people ... Glory to God was betrayed not by relatives, only friends and partners. It's a shame every time ... But I'm getting stiffer and now I'm more careful in the relationship, I try not to bother much and if something does not suit me, then the door is open.

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I do not trust people

Hi guys. How are you doing, how is your mood? What can I advise you, here you have already been advised a lot and maybe I will repeat, but I believe that without trust it is difficult to imagine a reliable and happy relationship. I understand that it can be difficult to start trusting people after repeated betrayals on their part, I was also betrayed, but I concluded for myself that all people are different and it is not worth all of them to be regarded as one. You need to try to learn to trust, especially a person close to you.

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I think that you should try

I think that you should try to understand why you are afraid and do not want to trust people. As a rule, such "closeness" is most often associated with the painful experience in the past, or a special character storehouse. If you restore in memory that forgotten case, you will understand that unpleasant emotions came from one particular person who behaved incorrectly, and not from all your acquaintances. Therefore, do not continue to wait for a dirty trick from all people in principle. You can read some information about it on internet or in books because it is very serious question and many articles was written on this theme. It is very interesting for me to talk about this.

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