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Finally I agreed with my partner that surrogacy program for 20k smells not good and it is a reason to search for something else. i regret that I spend over a month for negotiations with him, it was difficult. From the one hand I understand that he wants to become a father but from the other hand I can't understand how is it possible to be such a blind child. But thanks God with His help I managed to show him the reality.

So, now we are started to search for something else. I see that in all clinics they offer different packages, mainly it is economy package with minimal options, standard and vip. So, it is understandable that the highest price is in VIP package and the lowest one is in Economy. As I understood economy package is the one which is rarely bought and Standard is optimal option for everyone. Of course, VIP package includes maximal list of possible options such as PGD, 100% Guarantee, attempts till babybirth etc. Of course, we are willing to have maximum but it costs more. 

We can't decide what to choose, to choose Standard and save some money or to buy VIP and be sure that we will receive everything from this program.....


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such kind a difficult case. i

such kind a difficult case. i do not know what is better for you. if you have enough money better choose VIP package and do not think about details and other things. you can get best servise without any probems and will be sure that all will be alright with your future child.

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if you are looking for 100%

if you are looking for 100% service and guarantee for babybirth i reccomend to choose VIP package. but if you have not such opportunity so you can choose standart package. all depends from your money and opportunities.

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very interesting topic guys.

very interesting topic guys. we want to have children and family. so, for making this thing in life we choose different ways for becoming parents. one of them is surrogacy. about your case i can say that better use VIP programm. 

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Your case is not so difficult

Your case is not so difficult it is just about the money. If you really have the sum of money fot the VIP programme you should use it. If you really want to have a baby this is the best variant. In this question you are already ready to spend money so some extra will be normal( don't be angry with me, because i actually don't know your financial situation). this will give you the 100% result. Don't be penny wise and pound foolishangel


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i think that  i would not be

i think that  i would not be able to  tell you for sure because it is your decision. if talking about it in general then i think that it would be really much better for you take everything and then you would not worry about your surrogacy. but you know i think that you shall be sure that you can afford it because i know that vip programme costs much more, of course the standard one is also very good and i think that you understand it but still if you take vip then you would not worry about anything,  but of course   it is  your decision and any decision  you make it would be right for you and i think that  you understand me. wish you good luck my friend. thank you .

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Look here. Kavin.. I am utterly convinced that you have to do with the VIP package...! if to talk from my personal life experience, I will assure you that there is nothing better than to start the real day from the finding the suitable and best clinic from all this point, I would highly recommend you to try the best one - the very well-known for the vast majority of couple European gay surrogacy clinic, called Panax center..! maybe you have encountered the official website is has - right on here, on the official website of the clinic you will have the look at the all available portals and packages...! do not miss the given opportunity...

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I have been using the surrogacy program, it was really the best experience of the life... I can even tell you that it was the pleasure for me to have the experience there, because it si so nice to be in the arms of the good, highly qualified, attentive and polite, kind personnel, including managers who are taking care about the legal sides, documentation and preparation stage, to doctors, who are doing all the medical side of the issue.... everyone is really happy to recommend the usage of the VIP package, because it is real of the great help, guys.. you will be fully protected regarding the fertilization failure of the incident of the miscarriage..! have more information here -      

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i know Panax center. My

i know Panax center. My partner and i chose the vip package. I think it is a bit expencive but i can get more guarantess that all will  be good. When a man without children, he lives only for himself, consequently the whole life revolves around him, and others usually are of secondary importance, and all this with all the ensuing consequences. 
When the family has a child, the responsible parent begins to live for him and thus rises to a higher moral level. but to have child is my old dream

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Most worries parents called

Most worries parents called the behavior of a surrogate mother during pregnancy. They worried if she complies with the regime, as it feeds, does not resort to drinking and Smoking, etc. With almost a quarter of women have experienced a new bout of frustration that they cannot become mothers. example from own experience. my partner and i already contacted with Panax center and have already found a good surrogate mother.

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Many parents admired the

Many parents admired the altruism of the surrogate mothers. Despite the fact that all surrogate mothers receive financial reward, the parents felt "just amazing" that someone will be for them to carry the child. However, psychologists say that a surrogate mother must possess not only physical health, but also to be psychologically stable. Because the child she carries, becomes a part and parcel of her, and you need to have a certain mood or if you prefer, the courage to give it to the parents of customers.

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